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This is Kyo, our protagonist. At this moment, our blond friend hides behind a dumpster in a dingy graffiti decorated alley with a brand new camera in his hands. Now, what was our protagonist up to? Well, he was being a stalker. He was snapping shots of the crimson eyed male selling drugs to a shabby looking teen whose countenance portrayed the futures of one who seemed to always be higher than Heaven.

No, this was not his job. He was not even being paid to do this. He worked as a journalist for Pets Weekly. But that animal abuser a few feet away from him deserved justice called upon his sorry backside, and this was proof enough. Smiling to himself smugly, Kyo got up from his crouching position as soon as the teenager entered a rusty red door at the other end of the deserted alley.

"Ha! You`re so screwed, Ren! Or should I call you dick instead? Your parents should have named you dick!" Kyo shouted at the crimson eyed man that he was stalking, who was now striding towards him. A normal(or at least sane) person would have went home quietly, but Kyo was not one who broke promises easily. Especially old ones made by two friends many years ago.

"See this camera? Has your illegal crud all in it! You`re over, dude. So screwed!" Kyo continued, now taking small steps back. Ren smirked as he picked up a trash can lid from the floor. Kyo`s sun coloured eyes widened.

"Careful with that! It might explode!" Our antagonist warned before turning around and making a full sprint through the alleys that formed quite a complicated brain aching maze. Kyo turned his head around to see the lid flying at his direction. It hit him directly behind his head, exploding into many tiny pieces that disintegrated before even hitting the ground, barely affecting the blond`s hair. Kyo fell face flat on the asphalt, flinging his camera in the air as he did. The camera made a full flying arc before landing on a rooftop of one of the six story apartments with a ear-aching thud. Kyo got up and stared at the cloudless sky in disbelief.

"How is that... I barely threw... no force in throw..." He stuttered, searching for the appropriate words to phrase what had just encountered. "What the chocolate fudge?!" He then exclaimed after failing with words, flailing his arms around.

"Ren! Oi, Ren! Did you see that?!" Kyo turned around and asked. "It flew! It literally spread wings and took off!"

He pointed at the ground accusingly. "Gravity, you cruel beast! Choosing your allies now! Bastard!" Then he faced the dark haired Ren. "By the way,that`s five hundred and twenty two cameras you owe me, dude."

"Glad to confirm that you still keep your end of a child's promise."

"No. I simply enjoy announcing my could-have-been accomplishments to the world." Kyo retorted, rolling his eyes as he dusted his pants. "I`ll get you back for this."

"Glad to know. You still have five hundred and twenty two get-backs waiting in line." Ren replied, ruffling Kyo`s messy hair as he passed the journalist, causing Kyo to grind his teeth. "I`ll be on my way then." Kyo headed in the opposite direction,furious. Curse that stupid promise! Why did we make it, anyway? Ridiculous! Children are ridiculous! Ridiculous necessities! At this rate, he`ll keep winning and my cat`s disappearance will go un-avenged! Such crime must not go unpunished! Especially ones to do with furry friends! I will get him for this!

"Told you to keep your pie hole shut, you blond freak!" Kyo scolded himself aloud once he was out of earshot. He navigated through the labyrinth back to his own apartment block with the ease of one who spent their entire life living in a maze of concrete and bricks.

"That would be breaking a promise. Then i`d be stooping to his level." Kyo proceeded to lecturing himself.

"His crimes are just gonna keep escalating then!" Kyo countered in a mocking tone. "Why not just let him go around killing puppies and kittens and baby turtles and fishes and sloths! We have plenty animals here, don`t we?"

Sometimes Kyo finds it almost impossible to believe that he used to be friends- no, best friends- with that jerk. Ren was never the model child, but the way he lived everyday recklessly was appealing to Kyo when he was younger. Both were born on the same year(but thankfully not the same month) and had grown up in the same town. Both ended up being in every class and every club together, which only made them bump into each other often. Not that I hated him then. I was too blind to see his evil!

Ren was frequently `borrowing` Kyo`s stationary(they were never returned. Not even one!) and bullying him and picking on him for being short. When their parents arranged sleep overs, Kyo would always, without fail, find something missing the next day. But he was so young and weak, and having Ren there was also a sort of protection. You know the saying, befriend a bully? Yes, I do not either. But it made sense to him to have a bully around as protection.

But being friends with a bully, especially one like Ren, was not a piece of cake. So Kyo often had to make pinky-promises with him to make sure he kept his end of the bargain. One of the many dumb promises was to shout out loud to each other what they were doing when what was being done was illegal.(such as stalking.) Our protagonist finds such a promise ludicrous now, and remembers not why they made an unbelievably dumb promise. Ren shrugged off the promise as if it was a butterfly on his shoulder, stating that it was unbelievably childish, especially since it was done by children. But Kyo simply had to keep it, for it was a promise. A pinky-promise! And a man always keeps his promise! For that`s what makes him a man!

What had ended their friendship was when Kyo learned that Ren was into animal abusing. He went all out to convince Ren to put an end to his dark fetishes. But Ren did not listen. He never listened. Instead, he continued it. And when Kyo moved out with his sister and got Mae, Kyo took a liking to setting fur on fire. But when he abused Mae, that was the last straw. Kyo put his foot down and told Ren off. He yelled at Ren and stated angrily that their friendship was over and he never wanted to see that criminal ever again.

What irritated Kyo was how, even after reporting Ren`s criminal activities to the police, he never got caught. Evidence simply had a way of playing at Ren`s favor. Either there was no evidence at all, or the evidence could not pin-point the exact criminal. It`s him! It`s all him! From the illegal animal trading to the endangered animals stealing and even being involved in the trading of animal furs and pelts! Kyo fumed. And he sells drugs and items illegally yet he`s never caught! This system is so screwed!

A few blocks away from home, Kyo let out a loud scream of frustration, pretty sure that it was heard all the way from outer space. No! We`ve got to stop him before it`s too late! The animals need a hero! And i`m gonna be there for them!

"What are one of the many problems people face? Having a purpose in life. Mae gave you a purpose. Your purpose is to put Ren behind bars, get it?" Kyo told himself, before taking a deep breath, counting to ten, nodding to no one in particular, and entering his apartment building.

He greeted the small old man sitting by the porch. He was always sitting by the porch. Did he ever sleep or eat? Kyo did not know. Maybe at his age, the body adepts to deriving nutrition from the air? The man had been there since he had moved in, and that was many years back. Does he even have a family or own a room in this building? Kyo made a face similar to a confused monkey as he stopped to contemplate, unconsciously staring at the old man.

"Catching a criminal in action is like watching the birth of a baby lion. So rare it happens to us, yet you have observed its occurrence countless times. Smile." The old man often spoke random sentences to Kyo, never directly looking at the blond to direct the message specially at him. Everyone needs a mad old man in their lives. Everyone. Today Kyo was told that he would soon find her and to not worry. He also mumbled on about singing and safety as Kyo waved goodbye and took the stairs up.

Kyo did not take the stairs up to the fourth floor of the six story apartment block because he liked stairs. Quite the contrary, actually. He often felt anxious when using stairs, never quite sure when he might suddenly fall backwards, toppling and injuring himself on the many sharp edges. Maybe even dying in the process. Or worse, ending up as a vegetable. He shuddered at the thought. Stairs, a.k.a an accident waiting to happen. But he fancied lifts. He loved the way lifts made him feel lighter as it went downwards, reducing his weight for a few seconds. Upwards was not as much fun, but elevator music was also a thing in his life list to look forward to. The issue was, the lift was perpetually out of order.

`d4` said the golden letters hanging on his door. He shook his head at it, fixing the d back into position. For, you see, it was not originally a `d` but an upside down `P`, which had lost an nail on its top, causing it to hang by its tail. His effort was futile as it fell back down and formed a `d` again. He sighed. I`m too busy for this stuff.

Kyo entered his apartment block. There was the main hall, where the television was left running. A commercial promoting a pimple cream showed a teenager with no pimples using a pimple cream to remove invisible pimples. To his right was his room; the door shut. He nodded in approval. Just as I had left it.


His eyes widened as he headed to the kitchen with haste, where he had heard the sounds of life loud at play. (And the shattering of a ceramic on cement.) Is she at it again? He wondered. What innocent inanimate object did she kill today?

I`m using `100 Rules of Anime` as a guideline to write this story! (And by guidelines, I mean as in try to add every law in there into the story for fun!) What do you think of their names? I`m trying to keep the names at 3 letters for every character. Do you think Kya or Kyo would be a better name?(Kya sounds like `kaya` but kyo sounds like some fighting move :/ ) Do leave name suggestions for further characters! Thanks again for reading! *Gives you a bear hug!* Do leave comments please, so that I can appreciate your presence even more!

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