In life, nothing is done alone.

Lyn was not one to tolerate lack of discipline. She was a captain, after all. And captains(for Commanding Pilots were equivalent to captains) held true to the need and importance of time-keeping. They prided themselves in efficiency; to be excellent and on time in everything they did. For if they did not, then how would they make the destinations they were assigned to with punctuality and pride?

At nine o`clock sharp, Lyn had entered Cherry Chocolate. There was only three other customers in the shop; two school students having breakfast as they exchanged gossips and, two tables away from them, an office lady sat reading the papers while sipping tea. Not that it mattered to Lyn. What did matter was that none of them was our protagonist.

Eva spotted Lyn the moment the little bell above the door rang. The Commanding Pilot wore a light green top and dark jeans, the top half of her hair tied up to form a ponytail as the bottom half was left alone. He has a date and he`s late! Can`t even hear his own phone ring! I swear, if he doesn`t get a bloody louder ringtone soon... She sighed and was about to give Kyo another ring before Lyn walked up to her.

"Good morning, Eva the waiter." Lyn greeted cheerfully, looking around. "Did Kyo not tag along?"

"Morning Lyn." The pink head shook her head. "I get to work by seven, too early for him. I did remind him to set his phone alarm but its pretty obvious the genius forgot. Can I get you anything while you wait?"

Lyn took a seat on a table by the window of the diner, Eva following behind. The brunette pressed a button at the center of the table, bringing up a holographic menu. Flipping through the set meals and al-carte's using the movement of her hand, her eyes watched as Eva was busily staring below the table, at her crotch. Before Eva could attempt her sixth phone call to Kyo, Lyn asked, an eyebrow raised at Eva`s action: "What would you suggest I have for breakfast?"

"Um, well." Looking down under the counter at her phone regretfully, she put it in her pocket took a look at the menu. She flipped the hologram sets to set two and pointed at a set meal that consisted of two French-toasts, honey topping, scrambled eggs, two strips of bacon, baked beans and a cup of tea. "This one`s my favourite."

Lyn flashed Eva a smile. "I`ll give that a try, then!"

Eva yelled the order to no one Lyn could see in particular, and a scream in reply was heard from behind the door to where the kitchen was.

"Wow. With all our modern technology and gadgets, nothing beats yelling, right?"

Eva shrugged. "Voted best communication method by Mothers." The clock beside the entrance door read fifteen minutes past nine. "Could you excuse me for a moment?"

Lyn nodded as Eva went into the kitchen and took out her phone, dialing Kyo. This time, it went straight to voice mail. Glaring at her phone, she imagined her hands around her brothers neck, him gasping for air. Before she could end his life in her imagination, her shoulder was tapped as the Chef, a skinny ginger haired fellow with freckles covering his face, handed her the set two meal. Frustrated, she thanked him and went out of the kitchen. Two new customers had entered and was being entertained by another waiter. Great. This means I`d have to keep her company until my jerky half arrives.

"So, I haven`t seen you around here before." Eva said as she brought the meal to Lyn, who was biting her nail as she played some game on her phone.

"That`s cause I`m not from around here." The brunette put away her phone, receiving the plate of food.

Eva took a seat opposite of Lyn. "But what brings you, Commanding pilot of the Incadecent, here? To Xitek, of all places?"

Lyn shrugged as she stabbed the slimy red beans with her fork. "Me and my team are here on official business."

"What type of official business?"

"Something to do with gathering information bout some bogus bracelet." She chewed on one of the French-toasts.

Eva practically head banged the table when she heard that. "YOU TOO?"

Lyn narrowed her eyes in suspicion as she ate a bacon."Me too what?"

"Oh, it`s nothing. It`s just that it`s like the bracelet is all anyone ever talks about since the news about it was released."

"They say its magical, I say they`re mad." Lyn bit into the egg. "I thought you meant I`m mad too! Personally, I feel that this is a wild goose chase. My other crew members are going around asking info about it, but I don`t see why a Mecha piloting team would get assigned to such shitty tasks."

"Too many people, too little work." Eva replies as she glances at the clock. 9:40AM. That boy will be the death of me. I hope he`s at least fed the hobo.

The brunette took a sip of tea before placing it back on the counter. "It`s said that tea is the best drink for your brain, ya know?"

"Funny. I learned that from episode 28 of TEASE." Eva answered absentmindedly.

"You watch TEASE too?!"


At a quarter past eleven, our protagonist entered Cherry Chocolate. His eyes scanned the diner. Most of the seats were taken yet no one spared him even a second glance. He spotted a pink head in the diners uniform chatting with a brunette who was seated at the right corner of the room.

Oh Bless! At least Eva`s entertaining her! As he headed towards the table, orange eyes met his yellow ones, before the owner of those eyes scowled. Lyn looked up at him as well, a hit-me-with-your-best-explanation smile on her countenance.

"Erm, s-so today all my technology died an-" Kyo started, staring at his shoes, before Eva interjected by digging her nails into his right arm and pulling him away, signaling Lyn to give them a moment.

"You look like shit!" She growled in a whisper.

His eyes widened, surprised. "I do?"

"You have eye bags under your eyes and messy hair and oh God no one pulls up their pants all the way to their rib cage with their shirt tucked in!"

"I wouldn`t know! I`ve never wore pants as long as me before!" He whispered back, adjusting it.

"I tried calling you a shit ton of times!"

"Yeah, about that." He scratched the back of his head, eyes averted from hers. "I need to get a new ringtone and alarm tone, I know."

Eva sighed, rubbing her temple. "Do you know what the bloody time is?"

"Is that a rhetorical question or-"

"Nine! Was when you were supposed to be here! Past eleven! That`s when you`re here!"

"I`m sorry okay it was a horrible night and an even horribler morning!"

"I do not believe that the word horribler exists in the dictionary."

Kyo let out a small yelp of shock as the speaker of the last sentence did not belong to either him or his sister. Turning around, the both of them were greeted by the hobo, who stood there with a smile plastered across his face.

"Bloody cats! I thought you`d ran away!" Kyo exclaimed.

"What are you doing here?" Eva questioned, her furious gaze averted to the hobo. "You`re supposed to be at home."

"Good morning, I wish to the two of you spectacular souls! I was lost- well, not literally lost for I was there, where ever there was. Yes, I was not lost, I simply did not know where my location was. I was in search of consumables when I spotted Kyo pushing through the crowd. I decided to tag along."

Lyn had now gotten up and joined them. "Interesting story. Cool hat." She turned to Eva, pointing at the hobo. "He`s with you?"

"Yup! He`s a hobo!" Kyo replied with excitement.

"I was given a name at birth, and I can assure you that it was definitely not `the hobo`."

"His story`s pretty epic, right sis?"

The annoyance on Eva`s face was as easy to notice as a McDonalds logo anywhere around the world. Trying to contain her anger at everyone speaking nonsense all at once, she said through gritted teeth: "Okay. Everyone. Shut the heck up and sit your asses down."

Startled, the four of them did as they were told. They sat on the table Eva was previously occupying with Lyn.

"Say, don`t you have work to do?"

"She told the chef that she was going for the afternoon shift today when you were late." Lyn answered Kyo before asking Eva:

"Eva, you okay?"

"Yeah. What are you getting so frustrated about, sis? Not like this is your date or anything."

"I dare say, does one become a cannibal if they are starved long enough?"

Eva banged her fists on the table, commanding silence. "You blabbermouths are giving me a headache! Everyone take turns speaking!"

Kyo raised his hand in hopes of being the first to speak. She shook her head and faced the hobo.

"As you said before, we don`t even know your name and we can`t keep referring to you as the hobo."

"Call me Jan."

"Nyan?" Kyo blurted out, compressing giggles. "As in Nyan cat? What`s the reason behind that?"

"Oh my God, Kyo! You can`t just ask go around asking people why their names sound like Nyan!" Lyn scolded, genuinely offended.

"My mother is German. our pronunciation of similar words and alphabets are able to differ very much."

"Jan as in Janice? Isn`t that a femal-"

"This is going no where." Eva interjected, pointing at her brother. "Kyo, you shut up."

"Oh! Gorgeous and caring Eva, I have not had anything to eat since six." Jan said as his stomach grumbled. "Do you think you could be a dear and prepare a meal for me?"

She sighed. "This was supposed to be a date between Kyo and Lyn anyways." Standing up, she signaled for Jan to follow her.

As Jan followed Lyn into the kitchen, an awkward silence surrounded the table. It was going so well when Eva and Jan was with them, but now that they had left, Kyo could feel his palms beginning to sweat again. Couldn`t Jan simply eat here with us? Damn it! Why do I suck so bad at one-one-one conversations?! Lyn was watching him intensely, as if waiting for him to begin conversation.

"Hey, um, Lyn?"


"I`m super sorry for being this late..." He stared at the diner`s clock. 11:46A.M. When she remained silent, he continued: "Are we still cool?"

She sighed. "You should know that captains hate late people."

"Owh..." He hung his head, sighing. Yet he felt not much sorrow, as though he was simply waiting for the rejection to come all along all this time. He was only so used to it. Rejection. Guess I should apologize and leave before I make a fool of myself...

"But I guess you could be an exception."

"I`m really sorr- wait, huh?" surprised, he looked up at her. She was smiling at him. Did she mean she forgives me?

"Does that mean you forgi-"

~*We are young by FUN starts playing and the doorbell rings simultaneously*~

"Ah, my bad!" Lyn took out her phone as she held her index finger at Kyo before checking the caller ID. "Crap! Gotta take this! Hold on a sec!"

Lyn got up and headed towards the washroom. Females. As easy to comprehend as the Universe. He watched her as she pushed the washroom door open, her attention buried deep in conversation. She gave him a small smile before entering when she noticed him watching, causing his cheeks to redden. But such lovely beings. Letting out a breath he did not know he was holding, he slumped into his seat.

That was before he knew who had been the cause of the doorbell ringing. His muscles tensed again as he caught sight of the dark haired individual making his way to where Kyo sat, immediately halting as Lyn returned back from the washroom.

"Hi. God, I`m really sorry for doing this, Kyo. But my second in command called." She apologized as she slipped her phone into her pocket. "Our team has been assigned to a minor mission, or side mission if you prefer to call it, which seems ten times more exciting than our major one! Long story short, I`m actually on working hours now and I`ve really gotta fly! Sorry, okay hon?"

OMG did she just call me hon? "Um, so... when can I see you again?" As in short form for honey? Eeeeeehehehehe!

He fiddled nervously with the strap of his bag, blushing, as he internally fanboy-ed. She bent down and kissed him lightly on his cheeks, causing him to go three shades darker. "My number is with Eva, we had an interesting conversation earlier." She turned to leave.

"Toodles!" She said as she waved at him, the door bell going `cling-a-ling` as she went through it.

"Did that just happen or was I dreaming?" he whispered to himself as he beamed a smile he had no control over, to no one in particular.

"That just happened so who was that bitch?" Came a cold reply, taking the seat Lyn had just been using.

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