Melee in Miami - Chapter Two

Modern Day at a pier in Miami there is a 180 foot yacht in white and blue gleaming in the bright mid morning sun. The magnificent boat awaits the brothers to board. The boys have bags, guitars, drums, cellos, violins and all of them are wearing sunglasses.
"Yeah! That's what I' m talking about! Now this is a boat!" Garth said smiling.

The brothers are amazed at the boat and it's features. It has a swimming pool, a hot tub, bar, sunning deck, diving gear, deep sea fishing gear on the outside decks. Inside they find a full kitchen equipped with a cook staff. There was a long white dining table. Sitting around the table were six men with long red and raven hair.
" I suppose we should rejoice that our Mothers have brought us back together again. We will have to try and get along. You guys were raised by the Elven Realm and Mother Nourise so you should know why we are here and what we are supposed to do right?" Quinn said looking at the Raven haired brothers.

The brothers started talking among themselves and it escalated into an argument.

"Pipe down boys! There is a box on the table that may explain everything!" Hugh says opening the silver box. A tattered old book with Akashic Records emblazoned on it.

"There is a letter from our Mothers that needs to be read" Quinn said unfolding the letter on parchment with a purple wax seal.

-My dear sons, if you are reading this our mortal bodies have died and we are now just energy and spirit. You are old enough to reunite and embark on a great journey. You will be working together in on common cause - to find the greatest treasures not yet found and to discover new sources of energy to your kind. You are Energy Vampires. You need to feed on the auras and life forces of people and objects. You now receive all the energy that you need in a healthy ways. Energy comes to you easily from the Earth, from the Air, and from Divine Intelligence. It is everywhere, and if you willingly accept it healthy places and positive ways. You will always have all the energy that you need. If you do not, then you will have to be fed by Humans with bright auras and unbounding energy. Children are great sources of energy as well as animals. You must decide for yourself whether you are a â Giverâ or a â Takerâ . Givers help others by brightening their auras. giving energy and helping to heal. Takers feed on the energies of others, dim their auras and can make Humans ill or even take away their life force if they wish. They crave large crowds and need to be around others and do not like to be alone. The Givers will age normally and their body will die when they are 100. The Takers will retain their youth and live to be 150. The Younglings Jory and Flynn will grow into their Psionic powers. You must protect them at all costs. They can see the Present/Future in visions. The rest of you must make the decision of your lifestyle. If our visions are correct, half of you will be Givers and half Takers and two will be Magi. Givers - Elven and Takers - Fairy. Takers do not sleep or need to eat. Givers must sleep and eat. Magis exist with little sleep and little food. Your brother Mordred has decided to go on another journey and will join you later. There will be those who want your blood. They will try to get close to you so beware of who you let into your life. They just may be Sanguines and want your blood. They are sneaky and will wound you. There are Medical Sanguines that disquise them selves as healers to get access to blood If they drink your blood this gives them your life force and you will be weak and could even die. Beware of Vampiresses who can be a Succubus taking all of your blood and energy. Do not under any reason let anybody cut your hair. It is your source of energy and power. Sometimes there will be evil spirits that will try to change you. Not all is what it seems. The Vampires have access to magic and will try to trick you with their glamour stare. Do not look a Vampire in the eyes under any circumstances. Good luck our sons, do your best to live life to the fullest, help others when you can and fulfill these quests we have set upon you. If you find the treasure that you seek, be sure and share it with the poor and help to make technology of your time better. There is a copy of the book in each one of your quarters so you can learn at your own pace. All our love and blessings, Mothers Nourise, Nimue and Morgan.- Brandon read folding the letter and putting it back in the front of the book.

"Well then, there you have it brothers. We are Energy Vamps. Decide whether you are a Giver or a Taker. Elven brothers, Jory and Flynn and our Magi brother! Let' s eat!" Quinn says as the kitchen staff sets out a bountiful feast in front of the boys.

Flynn opens the old book as he eats and reads Psionics may lead normal lives until the age of eighteen when they will become Psionic Givers. They must not ever drink alcohol as it deadens their senses.
" That sucks, never being able to drink in our entire lives. Not even wine. Well, I was born a Psionic. Here I am sixteen and a long way from eighteen and can' t party with our brothers." Jory said shaking his head.

The five with the black hair take their bags to their rooms and explore the rest of the ship. Hugh and Quinn walked the deck reading the copy of the book that was on the table in their quarters.
-You will learn to recognize physical sensations that go along with someone connecting to you. You may feel dizzy or lightheaded - this means that you Takers have to feed. You need to go up to a person with a bright aura and who has a lot of energy. Seek places with gatherings of many. Music is another way to bring energy to yourself. The sounds of synthetic happiness from instruments is a good feed. Seek out bright light and stay out of the shadows. If outside, you must protect your skin and eyes. A Takers fair skin can burn easily.- Quinn reads.
"This might be harder than we thought" Hugh says shaking his head.
-A word of caution - if a Taker is intimate with another Taker a complete energy drain can happen. A Taker and a Giver are more balanced. If a Sanguine takes a Takers blood then they are completely drained and will be ill until a Giver heals them- Quinn reads on sitting down at a table on the deck. Two more brothers join him.

"Ok. I have a question, what if the relationship takes on a more Paranormal nature. Are we allowed to be with Astral spirits?" Wynn asks.

"That is a hard one bro, you see an Astral Spirit you can not hold because they are in the Ethereal plane. The best you can do is get them to meld with your pillow and then you can kiss them." Quinn gives him a perplexed look.
I guess we will just have to cross that bridge if we get to it" Wynn says smiling.

The captain calls over the intercom that the ship is embarking for the Bahamas. Welcome to The Essence.