True Friends

I have no friend,

Ones who love care protect,

The kind who are favorite to you,

Ones who make you feel your emotions,

Who are these friends who we call,

They are not the ones who are true to you.

Why must I feel emotions,

Is this what it feels like to let them rush to you,

I feel nothing that makes me feel like I need to go through,

Time, through time I feel regret,

You think I'm playing, it's true,

I have no friends to go through,

The ones who are are fake to the bone.

Can't feel anything but nothing,

Comes to me like an ocean flowing under the moon,

Not how I feel, you shouldn't either,

My family my friends are one together,

But my friends are the ones who make me get up,

From this nightmare I'm in,

All about death coming to get me how do I feel is me

But the ones I hate are the fake things, my friends.

But can I really call them True Friends?