My family and I were new in town. It was a pleasant new place, although small compared to the city we just left. It even sounded upscale, Crescent Palms . There were big houses in every neighborhood.

Our new house was big, bigger than our last place. We were all in the awe for a while, until we drove by the mansion that belonged to one of the millionaires of this town. It made our new home look like...well, utter shit.

My two brothers and I were all in high school and all a year apart. We were close and they were extremely protective of me. I was the middle child. Wade was the oldest and never failed to remind us and Jared, although younger than me, believed he overpowered me.

Our first day in our new school was...interesting. Wade drove. He always did whenever we all went out. It was rare for him let Jared, or even me, take the wheel, considering it was his car in the first place. He was protective of it, more so than he was of me and that was saying a lot.

Crescent Palms was a small town so when we pulled up to the parking lot of Crescent Palms high school, a lot of eyes turned on us.

I was a bit nervous to be starting a new school in a new town but I was glad I had my brothers along to transition with me.

"So are we getting out or not?" Wade asked us. I was in the backseat with my hands on my lap, palms sweating. Jared was dozing off in the passenger seat but his eyes popped open at Wade's question.

"The driver gets out first, it's the rule." Jared said before letting out a long yawn. Knowing him, he probably stayed up late playing video games in his room.

"Whoever made that rule's an idiot." Wade finally opened the door and stepped out. A second later, Jared and I followed suit. Jared stretched out his Lima and yawned again while Wade grabbed our backpacks from the trunk.

I looked around for a bit feeling self-conscious at all the curious, wondering faces staring at us. My brothers were unaware.


I glanced up at Wade and he handed me my backpack before frowning at me.

"What's wrong?" He asked, reading my face.

Jared finally stopped stretching and looked at me as well.

"It's nothing,"I quickly shook my head. "Just-,"

"You need to move this car."

The three of us turned our heads to an unfamiliar guy standing a few feet away from us.

He was tall with short blonde hair. His hands were resting inside his pants' pockets, which I could tell were expensive. Everything about him just screamed money.

"Excuse me?" Wade asked him.

"It's a reserved spot." He replied calmly.

I turned to search for a reserved sign where we parked that we had missed but nothing was there.

"There's no sign." Wade added after checking as well.

"It's reserved." The guy simply stated.

I saw Jared scowl. Wade's jaw tightened a bit and I knew something bad was about to happen.

Jared stepped around glaring at the guy. "And we see no sign. So how about you run along now."

The guy continued to calmly observe us, his eyes running over each of us as if he was trying to read us. I wondered what he must have been thinking but before I could make out more of his expression he spoke again.

"You have until the bell." And then he suddenly turned around and slowly walked away. We were still being stared at and now I could hear some whispers too.

Who are they?

I've never seen them before. They must be new.

Do they have any idea what they just did?

Whoa, I can't believe he just let it go like that.

He's a Reserver, they never let things go.

"Who the hell was that?" Jared asked, making me snap out of my eavesdropping of the conversations going around us. "Reserved spot my ass." He shook his head and started walking toward the entrance.

I looked at Wade. He looked thoughtful. He was a reasonable guy.

"You should just move the car, maybe it is reserved." I said to him. Something about that guy had a warning bell going off in my head. Jared was too stubborn to acknowledge it but I knew Wade must have pick up on it too.

"What makes you say that?" He asked me.

"I mean, isn't it a little weird that we easily found one of the closest parking to the school?" I tried to reason. This was one of the only parking spot close to the entrance that wasn't occupied.

"True." Wade said and then shrugged after a moment. "But I don't care." With that he tossed the keys in his pocket and also started walking toward the school doors. So much for being reasonable.

I sighed and followed him, wondering why I even bothered. Stubbornness was a trait that ran in the Robinson's blood line but I still couldn't shake the bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Lockers were easy to find in that maze of a school seeing as they lined up in each hallway. Classrooms, not so easy. It took a while but I found my first period class right before the bell.

I quickly walked inside the room and took an open seat in the back, not realizing that several eyes were following my movements. I was too busy digging inside my bag and pulling out a notebook and pen to notice. It was when I was setting my notebook down on the desk that I saw who was seating next to me and that a lot of the students were looking to the back of the classroom in my direction and whispering.

Great. This was what I wanted to avoid but it seemed like I couldn't shake the attention of being the new kid.

If that wasn't even enough, the guy from the parking lot was the one staring at me. He had the seat to my left. We locked eyes for moment and I was the first one to break contact. I quickly straightened and looked at the board.

His eyes were a light shade of blue and they were intimidating.

Someone cleared their throat so I looked to my right.

A girl with straight black hair and blue eyes similar to guy on the other side was glaring at me too.

I frowned, slowly becoming irritated. "Is there a problem?" I quietly asked her, trying not bring any attention to us.

She raised a perfectly arched eyebrow. "Yes. This seat is reserved." She on the other hand, was very loud about it. Everyone was staring again.

"You've got be kidding me," I muttered to myself.

"Excuse me?" She asked.

"Who is it reserved for?" I asked.

She looked shock, is if my question was the unthinkable . "What do you-,"

"She doesn't know who we are." The guy on my left said.

He was right. I had no idea who they were. I had no idea who anyone was but I was starting to see that there was a hierarchy that we hadn't been clued in on yet.

The girl looked miffed. She even scoffed.

I tried not to roll my eyes. I was used to bitchy girls from my old school. Seeing as this wasn't my old school, I should have been more careful but like I said, stubbornness was a trait that ran in my veins.

The bell suddenly rang and the teacher called the class to attention.

I kept receiving glares from the girl for the first couple of minutes. What was her problem? What was their problem? How can a seat be reserved? Did they mean it was assigned?

Before I could raise my hand and ask the teacher, the front door suddenly burst open, interrupting my thoughts and a tall guy with dark hair strolled in, all eyes suddenly focused on him, the girls especially.

"Mr. Davenport, late again I see." The teacher said at the sudden interruption.

The guy was scowling. He was obviously angry but there was something enticing about it.

"Sorry, Mrs. Walsh. There was a problem in the parking lot I had to take care of."

I froze as the bad feeling swept over me again.

Something told me that problem he was talking about had to do with what happened this morning. The smirk on the guy on my left was another tell sign.

"Well, I hope everything was resolved." Mrs. Walsh said.

"Oh, it's definitely been taken care of." He then started walking down the aisle, my aisle. The scowl on his face deepened when his emerald eyes rested on me. It was then that I figured this was who the seat was "reserved" for.

I stared up at him and wondered what he was going to do.

"I'm in a bad mood already so I suggest you collect your things and move. Now."

Well. He was straight to the point. Something told me I shouldn't test this guy but still, I hesitated.

He was about to open his mouth again when I spoke.

"OK," I picked up my notebook, pen and bag and stood up, stepping aside . He started at me strangely for a moment and then took the seat while the girl and the guy from the parking lot both smirked at me.

Every one was staring.

"Take a seat, please, Miss..,?" Mrs. Walsh was looking at me.

"Robinson," I replied looking forward.

"Yes, Leah Robinson. Welcome to Palms High, please have a seat." She pointed to the empty seat in front her and I made my way to it, feeling three pairs of eyes burning into my back.

I dropped down in my new seat and put my stuff down and didn't bother looking back. The lesson went on and I couldn't help but think that it was definitely an interesting start to first period.

When I walked into my second period class, I was cautious. Before setting my stuff down, I turned to a random girl.

"Are there any reserved seats in this classroom I should know about?" I asked her.

The curly hair brunette curiously looked up at me, a glint in her eyes. "So you're the girl that sat on Jensen Davenport's seat."

I blinked. Davenport. That's the name Mrs. Walsh called the dark haired guy with the death glare. "I guess news travels fast around here." I said.

She nodded. "Small town, small school. Not to mention the guy is basically royalty among my peers."

"Royalty?" I raised an eyebrow.

"He's hot, popular, and got the cold and rich thing going on." She rolled her eyes. "They call him The Top Reserver."

"What?" I blinked.

She suddenly laughed. "Oh, I'm sorry, I guess you probably don't know the pyramid yet. You can sit down there, Duke won't mind. " she pointed to the seat next to her. "The Reservers are always in the back. I'm Jacqueline, by the way but call me Jacky." She extended her hand out.

I shook her hand and sat down next to her. "Leah-,"

"Robinson, yeah I know. Your name's already been through the grapevine."

What kind of school did I step into?

"What else have you heard?" I curiously asked her. "Anything about a car in the parking lot?"

Her eyes widened. "Oh, now that makes sense. "

"What?" I was suddenly nervous, the feeling in my pit intensifying.

"I'm guessing it was your car on Davenport' spot. He had it towed."

"He what?!" I must have been loud because people looked at me. I was quickly getting used to it.

Jacky gave me a sympathetic look. I stood up and walked toward the window on the other side of the room. I had a view of the parking lot and looking down I could see that Wade's car had been replaced by a shiny sport looking one.

With a frustrated sigh, I went back to my seat and sent a quick text to my brothers. Wade was going to flip. Jared was going to want to fight this guy.

I turned to Jacky. "How can he do that?"

"He can do anything he wants. They all can." She answered.


"You called them...The Reservers?" I questioned.

"Yeah, that's what they're called around here."

"Why?" I wanted to know.

Jacky had a slight smirk on her face. "You know how it goes. The in-crowds, the A listers. The haves. Different names but all meaning the same thing." She explained. There was something in her tone...almost like bitterness. "They're popular, rich and spoiled. They have it all."

"How many of them?" I wanted to know.

"Five. I'm guessing since you met Jensen in Mrs. Walsh's class then you probably saw the Calloway, Rachel and Samuel."

The parking lot guy and the girl with the long black hair.

"Then there's Ethan Donelli and Beverly Dwyer. They're together and should be walking in at any moment."

I looked toward the door, expecting the couple to walk in holding hands. Only a random tall lanky guy walked in.

"Hey Duke," Jacky said as the guy approached us. "I told Leah she could take your seat,"

Duke then looked at me and smiled. "Not a problem, I'll just take Juan's seat. He probably won't show anyway." He sat down in front of Jacky.

"Duke's a gentleman." Jacky said to me. "He has the biggest crush on Rachel Calloway."

"Jacky!" Duke glared at her, his cheeks flushing.

I smiled as my eyes suddenly traveled toward the doors. I stared in awe as two people walked in and immediately I knew they were the couple Jacky had just told me about. Ethan and Beverly. They were holding hands and they were both beautiful. I watched as they walked toward the reserved seats Jacky had pointed out and sat down, talking to each other.

"I told you...royalty." Jacky rolled her eyes again. Obviously she didn't share the same sentiment as the rest of the school seemed to have for these Reservers. I wondered why that was.

My phone suddenly vibrated and I read the texts my brothers both sent me. A lot of expletives from Jared and a furious response from Wade. One thing was definitely clear. The Robinson and these so called Reservers would not get along.