Fight for Life

"But Death, if you take me now what will become of my son? You don't want to leave him without a father do you?" says an aged man as he drops onto his frail knees, places his hands down on the cold, park cement, and begs before a skeleton in a black cloak.

The skeleton looks displeased. When he speaks he is calm, "You cannot escape death forever. Everyone must die sometime."

"But why now?" the man demands his voice firm, but shaky, "Why can't I die when I want to?"

"You are only human. Take it from me; living forever is not as glamorous as you may think," the skeleton extends a long, boney hand toward the man, "Take my hand and you shall pass away peacefully."

The man scowls. He stands, extending his hand, but before their fingers touch the man jerks his body forward, rams into the skeleton, and uses his weight to knock Death over.

"I'm not ready to die yet," the man scoffs. Death tries to pick himself off the ground, but before he can, the man is already running away at full speed.

The man carries his legs down the dark, empty, streets. He is drenched in sweat. His breath feels dry and heavy, but he keeps running until he comes to a small alleyway. He stops and crouches down to sit. He cannot see Death anymore so he is safe; but for how long? He knows from folklore that Death is not one to leave without his prey.

The reaction is nearly subconscious as the man puts his hands into his pocket and pulls out his wallet. Right when he opens it he spots an old photo of his son's high-school graduation. The photo was taken over thirty years ago. The man never bothered to replace the photo. It shows how his son is unaffected by time. As long as he has the picture, his son is eighteen forever and that is too old for the man to accept.

"I've never been very good with accepting change, have I?" the man mutters to himself.

"Change is never easy to come by, but if you try to embrace it, you will make the transition a little easier," a voice says. The man cannot see the speaker, but there is a feeling in his gut telling him Death is talking to him telepathically.

"How?" the man asks out loud.

"It is not hard. Just let go of your fears and trust in the unknown."

~ phantom130 5 (March 2013)