Test after test

to see who is best.

Why is it your mission

to make everything a competition?

Math is for the geniuses

Physics is too

Computers is for the brainiacs

so none of them I can do.

English for the smart kids

Literature the same

is there no one subject

where I can have a good name?

History for those of good memory

which clearly is not me

of Chemistry I'm frightened

or to that class I'd go with glee.

Forever I can go

on and on and on

but by then everyone will have graduated

and they will all be gone.

So I will sit here and study

no matter what is takes

I will get good grades, I promise

no matter how it aches.

And by the end I will become

one more for your collection

one to speak of, full of praise

about her dear perfection.

Right before I finish

beg of you I must

Please do listen carefully

in you I put my trust:

Please don't forget what I once was-

a living, thinking, creature

an individual as they say

who's only fault was to listen to their teacher.

Take this story on with you

let it be a lesson

don't let the system break you

don't be one of they're long succession.

Goodbye my friend

for I am gone

long have been replaced

I am now a robot

one of their new and improved race.