Glass Slipper
this is your last dance before
the lights go out at midnight.

every moment dies in you, your heart
counting down to the end when

the universe explodes, the cosmos fractured
into a kaleidoscope as everything

unbecomes. light was only the absence
of darkness and as the moon blows out

the emptiness cold as the corners of
the world floods back into your veins

and arteries. music box magic reaches
the end of its reel and all that glittering gold

is thread again falling out
of the seams of your shooting star

dreams that you would get to wake up before
your snow globe world settled

into white ash and a frozen eternity, leaving
less than a ghost, surrendered and alone.

every fairytale is stuck in your head and
if you are the princess, this is how it has to end:

one fate hung on the first
star you see tonight and a kiss

before tomorrow and tomorrow burns
your heart hollow of promises—

this is your last chance before
love's light wanes with dawn.