I slowly walk along a path in the forest, enjoying some time alone. The full moon rests high in the dark heavens, casting its dim, silvery light on the land beneath it. Faintly glittering stars accompany the moon in the motionless majesty that is the night. The forest is alive with nocturnal animals, the sound of their calls mingling with the rest of the background noise. A slight breeze rustles the trees' dark green leaves overhead and swirls my hair a little. All in all, the dark night is peaceful, relaxing.

Suddenly, everything falls silent. Even the wind stops. The world seems to be holding its breath, afraid to be heard. I hesitate on the trail, instinct telling me that something is horrifyingly wrong. I swiftly look around at my surroundings, realizing that the forest doesn't seem so welcoming after all, that the dark switched from comfortable to menacing. I gaze apprehensively into one spot among the trees, feeling as if someone is watching me. I stand there for one minute, doing nothing but staring, trying to figure out what is out there. Then I decide that I don't care, that I can't take it anymore, and that I wish that I didn't come here in the first place. Fear gets its icy grip on me, and I run blindly in a random direction.

As I run, I realize that I can hear a noise, something that isn't me crashing through the forest. I listen harder, trying to figure out what exactly it is. Now I know what it is: feet softly hitting the forest floor. I keep listening, wishing without hope that it will just fade away, that it isn't after me. After a moment, I know three things: It isn't going away. It's gaining on me. I am going to die.

I'm growing tired and slowing down. After a while, my speed has diminished to a slow trod. I stop, trying to catch my breath. As I do that, I glance around for something to use as a weapon against the monster. My eyes fall upon a stick. I quickly snatch it from the ground. It appears sharp, but it also looks like it won't last for long. I guess it will have to do, I think to myself. It may be inevitable that I'm gonna die, but I'm not giving up without a fight.

I spin around quickly, now facing the direction from which I came. Adrenaline makes my brain work faster, drawing the next few seconds out into an eternity. I hold up the branch, ready to strike whatever it is when it makes its appearance. I can't hear its footsteps anymore; my heart is pounding so hard and loudly in my chest that I'm afraid it will burst through my shirt.

The bushes in front of me shake wildly, and suddenly something large and dark flies out of them right at me. Ivory white teeth and jet black claws glint in the eerie moonlight. In a last futile effort to protect myself, I thrust the sick out in front of me. It leaps on top of me, smothering me. After this, everything goes black. The last thing I feel before I'm entirely gone is excruciating pain. It first erupts in my neck, which quickly spreads to envelope the rest of my body, and then I don't feel anything at all, and I know I am dead.