Storm Winds

Without time to miss you,
and not worry to care.
All becomes grey in light,
devastation and beauty to share.

Yet, calm they fall around you,
caressing not your face.
Collecting each passing sorrow,
until relief or end takes place.

Finding neither as you shake,
bending to counter such weight.
Knowing peace or pleasure not,
in the winds that court harsh fate.

For it's the Lord's Army we Resist,

who ventures as death's thief.

Raping his countries worth,

of all but horror and grief.

Compassion is a passing dream,

as we march by row in fright.

Powder cracking as smoke fades,

with hearts grasped in fingers tight.

By violence and greed they obey,

in freedom and slavery they fall.

Haunting eyes replace lost ones,

as children enter their ancestral hall.

Capturing our youth you betray us,

stealing our nation's future and glory.

Using children as shields for your agenda,

where has your honor gone Kony?

You have not shame or pride in your heart,

scavenging for meager remains of a former life.

As victims rebuild their lives once more,

your ranks dwindle in shadowed strife.

Families may never forget their sacrifice,

and the children will remember all.

In brutality and fear you ruled and ran,

and in the same fate you will fall.