If you are confused at all to the story behind Addie and Jude, go read the one titled "Lend a Helping Hand". At this point, it is not finished because I just finished writing the second part of it and realized it needs to be three parts...at least. As to Lane, I don't even know. They met during freshman year. That's it. I don't really know. Lane is also Kamryn's roommate.

This story takes place during their sophomore year, like right before winter break. I don't really know what else to say. Any questions just ask!

"Ah, man! What is that smell?" Macen exclaimed as he walked into the room, making sure to be heard over the singing coming from inside the bathroom.

"Dying my hair!" Riker replied before he started to sing again. Kamryn giggled and stuck her head out the bathroom door.

"Don't worry, it's not his whole head. Just strips!" she added.

"I wasn't really worried," Macen laughed as he walked over to look into the bathroom to see Riker dancing around in his underwear with foil covering pieces of his hair.

"Hi, Macen!" Riker exclaimed as he waved enthusiastically.

"There is something wrong with you," Macen laughed as she shook his head. Riker shrugged and collapsed down onto the floor next to the bath tub to rinse his hair out. "What is the reason for this anyway?"

"Musical!" Riker replied over the sound of the water. "Addie wants me to have streaks in my hair!"

"Yep! Purple and blue!" Kamryn giggled, grabbing the dyes off of the sink and holding them out for Macen to see. Riker chuckled and pushed his wet hair away from his forehead as he turned the water off and then leaning against the wall.

"And you enlisted Kamryn to help you?" Macen asked, raising one eyebrow at Riker. Riker snorted with laughter and Kamryn shot him an offended glance.

"Hell no. I know how to dye hair. I dyed my hair in middle school on my own," Riker said. "I once had to help Jeff in high school to dye his hair. It was a mess."

"That is was," Jeff agreed as he walked in, a little girl perched on his hip.

"Jude!" Riker exclaimed, holding his arms out. Jude let out a squeal and practically jumped into Riker's arms as the others laughed.

"Sometimes I think little miss Jude likes Riker more than her own mommy," Kamryn giggled as she sat down with Riker and tapped Jude's nose, causing her to giggle.

"Nah, she loved Addie plenty. Don't you, Judey girl?" Riker crooned as he nuzzled Jude's cheek as she giggled. "Now, c'mon. Let's go into the bedroom so Jude isn't breathing in bleach smell. Addie might kill me if I destroy her baby girl."

"Yeah, she would," Macen agreed as he grabbed the little girl out of Riker's arms and walked into the bedroom. Jeff smiled and pulled Riker up from the floor. Riker smiled and kissed Jeff lightly in thanks.

"C'mon. No going at it in the bathroom when we're watching a one year old," Kamryn called out.

"Shut up, Kamryn. No one asked you," Riker said as he walked into the room to see Jude sitting on top of Macen's chest and singing to herself in gibberish.

"Too bad," Kamryn breathed as she slumped down against the wall with her legs thrown over Macen's.

"So how long are you gonna wait until you put the color in?" Macen asked as he looked over at Riker as Riker and Jeff collpased onto Riker's bed.

"Probably about a half hour," Riker breathed out. "Wait for my hair to dry a little."

"Yeah. It's a process," Jeff said as he curled into Riker's side. Riker nodded in agreement as he stretched his arms over his head. Jude looked over then and pointed as she started to giggle and babble.

"Oh yeah, Jude? You see Riker's ribs?" Macen asked. Jude giggled and continued to babble excitedly as Kamryn snorted and shook her head.

"You know what, Mac? At least Riker has a body worth looking at," Kamryn said. "Even Justine has said it and she's a lesbian."

"Mine," Jeff said, curling around Riker protectively. Riker snorted and shoved Jeff off of himself. Jeff chuckled and then stretched out on his back on Riker's bed.

"Remind me why I agreed to room with you again this year," Macen breathed as he shook his head. Kamryn giggled and allowed Jude to crawl into her lap.

"Because he entertains you," Kamryn added as she started to run her fingers through Jude's thin, dark curls as Jude curled up in her lap.

"Yeah, this is true," Macen said with a nod. Riker and Jeff both chuckled and Riker rolled onto the floor from his bed.

"Was there a reason for that?" Kamryn asked.

"Yep," Riker replied as he pushed himself up into a bridge. Jeff rolled over onto his stomach to watch Riker, a small smirk on his face.

"This just means it is stretching time," Jeff said as he watched Riker carefully.

"Yeah. This happens most days," Macen agreed as he draped his arms over his eyes and yawned. "I'm surprised this is the first time you're here for it. Addie has even been here a few times for it."

"Addie practically lived with you guys for a month, of course she saw all the weird stuff you did," Kamryn snorted as she shifted Jude in her lap carefully since Jude had fallen asleep.

"This is a valid point," Riker agreed as he kicked up his legs to go into a hand stand. "Doesn't explain how you haven't seen it though. You're always here too."

"Not as much this semester. I've been super busy," Kamryn breathed.

"We all have," Jeff said as he let his arms hang over the edge of the bed.

"Mhm," Riker agreed as he dropped his feet back to the ground and then stood up to stretch out his arms over his head. Jeff smirked again, eyes roaming up and down Riker's chest. Riker looked down at Jeff with one eyebrow raised and then reached out to flick Jeff's nose.

"Hey!" Jeff exclaimed as he tried to swat at Riker's hand.

"You know you're not allowed to make eyes at me like that when we can't do anything about it," Riker replied. Jeff shrugged and rolled onto his back to hang his head upside down over the side of the bed.

"I forgot how good your hair looked dyed," Jeff added with another shrug.

"Aw, come on, guys," Macen hissed, throwing a pillow over at Jeff, who giggled and dodged it.

"Whatever, Mac. You should be used to it by now," Jeff added as Kamryn rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, he's got you there," Riker agreed as he walked into the bathroom to put the color in the bleached part of his hair.

"True," Macen said. Kamryn snorted with laughter and then cleared her throat.

"You need any help in there, Rike? I can always shove Jude off on Macen or Jeff," Kamryn said.

"Nope! I'm good! Thanks though," Riker chuckled.

"Seriously. He's had this skill perfected for a while. Don't worry about it," Jeff said. Riker smiled and rolled his eyes as he finished putting the color in his hair and then covered it in foil.

"Good thing too. Or else you would have been in so much trouble our senior year," Riker laughed as he walked back into the room and walked over to kiss Jeff's forehead.

"Right you are, my boo," Jeff agreed as the other two laughed.

"You both have issues," Macen said.

"As do you, my friend," Riker replied.

"Yeah. You do," Kamryn said, lifting her arms slightly as Jude shifted in her lap. Then, Riker's phone started going off and he picked it up.

"Yo," he said.

"Sup, Riker," Lane's voice replied.

"Ah, hey, chica. What's up?" Riker asked.

"Addie wants to know where you at. She said she wants to rehearse some," Lane replied.

"I am in my room in the process of dying strips into my hair like she wanted," Riker told her. "And before Addie even asks, Jude is here and safe and asleep in Kamryn's lap."

"Wow, you know Adds so well," Lane giggled. "Aaaaaand, she said she is on her way. I hope you still have foil head when she gets there."

"Wow, Lane. Love you too," Riker said sarcastically. Lane giggled again and then released a little snort.

"You know you love me. Now, I have to go. Carson and I are going out since Addie cancelled rehearsal," Lane told him.

"Alright. You and Carson have fun. I will probably see you tomorrow," Riker said.

"Yep! Have fun dying your hair! Bye!" Lane giggled before hanging up.

"Addie on her way?" Macen asked. Riker nodded and walked into the bathroom to wash his hair out.

"Apparently she wanted to have a rehearsal, but me dying my hair got in the way," Riker chuckled as he walked back out of the bathroom. "I think Addie is getting way too stressed though. We've had rehearsal at least twice a day the past week."

"I mean, it is her musical," Kamryn said with a shrug.

"Mhm," Jeff agreed as he dropped to the floor and hit his elbow. "Ow!"

"Dumbass," Macen snorted as he shook his head.

"Shut up, jerk face," Jeff hissed as he reached out to slap Macen's arm. Macen chuckled and moved away from Jeff's hand. Kamryn let out a squeal and wrapped her arms around Jude carefully.

"Watch it, dudes!" she added as they heard a knock on the door. Riker smiled and shook his head as he walked over to the door to open it. When he did, he revealed a frazzled looking Addie. She was wearing a pair of sweatpants and one of her usual cut shirts, the tattoo on her side exposed. Her dark, wavy hair was pulled into a messy bun, strips breaking free.

"Whoa, Adds," Riker said. Addie just sighed and ran a hand over her face. "You need to take a breather. You look like poop."

"Thanks, Riker," Addie said sarcastically as she strode into the room. Jeff sat up and scooted over on Riker's bed so that Addie could sit down next to him.

"Seriously though. You're gonna run yourself into the ground soon," Riker said as he walked over to their mini-fridge and pulled out a bottle of water for Addie.

"I don't have time to take a breather," Addie replied as she accepted the water.

"You do. They don't need to rehearse more than once a day," Macen said. "You don't wanna get sick and then have Jude get sick."

"I know, but this is big for me, okay?" Addie asked as she slumped down against the wall.

"Yeah, we know. But you need to calm down too," Kamryn said as she shifted on Macen's bed, making sure not to wake up Jude.

"If you don't take a break we're gonna force you too," Jeff said, poking Addie's side and causing her to giggle.

"You don't want him to force you, either," Riker chuckled as he dried his hair with a towel.

"No you do not. He did it to me at midterms and he literally threw me over his shoulder and then threw me into Riker's car. I gained a few bruises," Macen said.

"Yep. He's done it to me too. Threw me into a pool," Kamryn added as Addie snorted. Then, Addie looked over at Riker and froze, eyes wide. Riker stopped in the middle of the room and looked at the others, confused.

"Did I do something wrong?" Riker asked.

"Yeah. You're too attractive," Jeff snorted with a wink.

"Well, I'm obviously vacating the room later," Macen breathed.

"Awesome," Jeff giggled, punching the air.

"No, but really. Addie, why are you looking at me like that?" Riker asked, sounding slightly scared. Addie just smiled widely and jumped up from the bed to walk over to Riker. He eyed her warily and she giggled.

"Your hair!" Addie exclaimed.

"Yes. You told me to dye it and I did so," Riker replied with a small nod.

"It looks perfect!" Addie squealed as she reached out excitedly to play with Riker's bangs.

"Good," Riker chuckled as he let his shoulders relax and Addie continued to play with his hair.

"This makes me so happy! Ah!" Addie giggled as she began dancing around the room.

"Ay yo, Adds. Chill. You're waking Jude up," Kamryn said as Jude shifted in her arms and snuffled.

"Oh well! She will sleep later! I'm so excited! His hair looks perfect!" Addie giggled as she pulled out her phone to take a picture of Riker's hair. Riker just snorted and then pressed a firm kiss to Addie's forehead before collapsing onto his bed.

"All I know is that Jackson may not be so pleased with this," Riker said as Jeff started to play with his hair.

"Probably not," Jeff agreed as he thread his fingers through Riker's hair.

"I don't give a poop if your director likes it or not because I love it!" Addie squealed before she completely collapsed onto the floor.

"And this right here is why Addison Malarie Chase should get sleep," Macen snorted as he pointed to Addie giggling on the floor. Addie suddenly stopped giggling and looked over at Macen.

"Dude, I haven't gotten adequate sleep since Jude was born. I am used to it," Addie said as she pointed.

"Yeah man, this is probably because she is freaking out on top of being overtired," Kamryn said as she ran her fingers through Jude's hair again.

"Yep," Addie giggled in response before shoving up from the floor and then teetering on her feet. Riker immediately jumped up and shoved her onto his bed.

"Alright, tipsy girl. Lay down," Riker chuckled.

"I am not tipsy," Addie protested even though she fell back onto the bed easily.

"Being overtired is sometimes worse than being drunk, boo," Jeff breathed as he started to braid the hair that had fallen out of Addie's messy bun.

"True," Kamryn agreed as Jude shifted in her arms. Jude sat up then and rubbed her eyes with her small fist before looking around the room, blinking slowly. Then, she noticed Addie lying on Riker's bed and her blue eyes brightened.

"Omma!" Jude squealed, reaching out her small fists toward her mother.

"Hi, baby girl," Addie giggled, holding her arms out to Jude as Kamryn carried Jude over. Jude squealed happily as she cuddled up to Addie's chest. Jeff smiled and rolled his eyes as he continued to play with Addie's hair. Riker chuckled and sat on top of his desk.

"You are so cute with your daughter," Macen said as Addie giggled and curled around her daughter. Jude giggled also, curling up to Addie's chest and getting comfortable.

"I love my baby girl," Addie breathed out as she and Jude cuddled together.

"We know you do," Jeff said as he ran his fingers through Addie's hair. Addie let out a breath and they all smiled as her breath evened out.

"She finally asleep?" Riker asked quietly a few minutes later, trying to look at Addie's face from where he was sitting.

"Yep," Jeff replied as he carefully climbed off of the bed. "Jude is sleeping again too."

"Good. Addie needs sleep," Riker said as he walked around to look at Addie and Jude.

"Yeah, she does," Macen agreed as Riker grabbed his phone to take a picture. Kamryn giggled and slapped Riker's shoulder lightly.

"C'mon. Put some clothes on, naked boy. Then we can go outside and let them sleep for a while," Kamryn said.

"Nope!" Riker laughed before running out the door.

"Hey! No! Mine!" Jeff squealed as he grabbed clothes for Riker and ran after him. Macen and Kamryn both snorted and followed the sound of laughter down the hallway.


"Oh my god, baby, you were so good!" Miri squealed as she pulled Riker into a bone-crushing hug as he met her after he met her after the first show of Addie's musical. Riker chuckled and allowed his mother to hug him tightly.

"Thanks, Mom," Riker added as Miri peppered his faces with kisses.

"I am so proud of you, sweetie," Miri breathed as she squeezed his shoulders one last time before releasing him.

"Mmh, well you should thank the one who made it all happen," Riker chuckled.

"Ah yes. This girl I have been hearing about for months," Miri breathed as she ran her fingers through the hair at the nape of Riker's neck. Riker just smiled and looked around the room to try and find Addie. He found her sitting on the stairs, a small, sad smile on her face as she watched everyone being embraced by their families. Riker smiled slightly and then grabbed onto Miri's hand to drag her over towards Addie. As Riker approached, Addie looked up and a wide smile spread across her face and she reached her arms out.

"I'd say I did good?" Riker asked as he dropped to the stairs next to Addie and allowed her to envelop him in a tight hug.

"You did perfect, boo," Addie giggled as she pressed a kiss to Riker's cheek. He laughed and kissed her cheek in return.

"Addie, I have someone I want you to meet," Riker said as he looked up at Miri. Addie looked up too and gave Miri a cautious smile. "Mom, this is Addie. Adds, this is my mom, Miri."

"I've heard a lot about you," Miri said, extending a hand to Addie.

"Same here," Addie replied, nodding politely as she shook Miri's hand. "I hope all good."

"Oh, definitely. From both Riker and Jeff," Miri assured Addie, who looked relieved.

"Rikey!" a voice suddenly squealed before someone jumped into Riker's lap.

"Ah! Hey, Dar!" Riker exclaimed, hugging Darren tightly to his chest.

"You did fancy dancing, Riker," Darren giggled as he tucked into Riker's chest.

"Yep. Lots of fancy dancing," Riker chuckled. Darren smiled widely and then looked up at Addie and waved.

"Hi! You're pretty! Your hair is really wavy like Selena's!" Darren said. Riker laughed and Addie smiled slightly and nodded as she tucked some of her hair behind her ear.

"Thanks," Addie added. Riker chuckled and nuzzled Darren's cheek with his nose.

"Darren, this is Addie. Addie, this is my little brother, Darren," Riker said.

"I'm six now!" Darren exclaimed excitedly as he held up six fingers. Miri and Riker both laughed and Riker kissed Darren's cheek.

"Yeah. You're a big boy now, huh?" Riker asked. Darren nodded excitedly as he bounced on Riker's hip as Riker stood up.

"Where's Jeffy?" Darren asked.

"I think he's still with Macen and Kamryn right now," Riker replied.

"I miss Jeffy too. He should come see us," Darren said.

"I'm sure we will see him soon, Dar. You need to be patient, sweetie," Miri laughed as she pulled Darren into her arms. Darren huffed a breath and settled into Miri's arms. Then, Riker heard a giggle and then small hands pulling on his hair. A wide smile broke across Addie's face and Riker chuckled.

"Uh oh. Have I been caught by the Judey-monster?" Riker asked before turning around and pulling Jude to his chest, causing her to giggle hysterically. Jeff snorted and rolled his eyes as Addie watched them fondly.

"Addie, you never should have let Riker near Jude," Jeff said as he walked over to her side.

"Too late," Addie giggled as Jeff pulled her into a hug.

"And the musical was amazing. I'm so proud of you," Jeff said as he pressed a kiss to Addie's temple.

"Thanks, boo," Addie replied as she squeezed Jeff's sides once more before releasing him.

"Jeff!" Darren squealed then, throwing his hands into the air.

"Darren!" Jeff replied as he pulled Darren into his arms and pressed multiple kisses to Darren's cheek as Darren giggled. Jude clapped her hands and giggled as she watched them and bounced on Riker's hip. Miri watched them all with a small smile on her face and Riker looked over at her and smiled. Then, Jude looked over and reached towards Addie.

"Ommy," Jude giggled, making grabby hands at Addie, who smiled widely and pulled Jude into her arms. Jude giggled happily as Addie nuzzled into her cheek and then kissed it. Riker chuckled and reached over to kiss Jude's cheek. Jude giggled again and held herself closer to Addie's chest. Riker turned to Miri then and smiled.

"Mom, this little one is Jude," Riker said. Then, he turned to Jude and nuzzled into her cheek, causing her to giggle. "And that, Judey Bear, is my mommy."

"Ommy!" Jude exclaimed, clapping her hands together once before slapping them lightly to Addie's cheeks.

"Yeah! Riker's mommy!" Addie gasped, bouncing Jude on her hip.

"Ike!" Jude squealed, pointing to Riker. Then she giggled and pointed to Jeff. "Eff!"

"Yeah, good job!" Jeff laughed, reaching out to ruffle Jude's hair. Darren watched and then looked between Addie and Jude.

"She your baby?" Darren asked, pointing to Jude who had dropped her head onto Addie's shoulder and was babbling to herself.

"Mhm. Jude is my baby girl," Addie replied with a smile, pressing her cheek to the top of Jude's head.

"But you are young!" Darren exclaimed.

"Aw, baby, sometimes things happen," Miri crooned as she pulled Darren back into her arms. Darren just shrugged and settled into Miri's arms. Addie just stared at Miri, slightly perplexed. Riker smiled and wrapped an arm around Jeff's shoulders as Jeff leaned against his side. Miri looked at Addie and then looked at Riker with a confused expression.

"Addie here doesn't get treated very well by a lot of people once they learn Jude is her daughter," Riker told Miri. Addie shook her head, holding Jude to her chest protectively. Miri smiled over at Addie.

"Oh, sweetie. You are obviously not meeting very many good people," Miri crooned.

"Obviously," Jeff snorted.

"Jeffry, sass check," Miri said, looking over at Jeff with one eyebrow raised. Jeff smiled innocently and Miri rolled her eyes. Addie snorted slightly and smiled.

"At least someone keeps your sass in check," Addie said.

"She's known me since I was three and is practically my second mom. I don't just defy her," Jeff replied with a shrug.

"Nope," Riker chuckled in agreement as he kissed Jeff's temple. Addie smiled and rolled her eyes as she swayed back and forth as Jude fell asleep.

"Well, I should probably get Judey girl here to bed," Addie breathed as she looked down at Jude.

"Kam or Justine?" Riker asked.

"Kamryn's got her for tonight while I go to work. I'll probably get back to her room around one," Addie replied.

"Mkay. Don't let your boss be a jerk," Riker said as he reached over to kiss Addie's forehead.

"Like I ever do," Addie snorted.

"Mhm," Jeff hummed sarcastically as he kissed Addie's cheek. "Feel free to go to my room too, if you want your own bed. Joey will let you in."

"I'm not gonna burst in there. Selena's probably there," Addie protested.

"Selena went home this weekend. You're fine," Jeff assured her. "Just go talk to Joey if you want a bed to yourself when you get off work, okay?"

"Okay," Addie breathed. "I love you guys."

"Love you too," Riker and Jeff replied before Addie walked off with a simple wave over her shoulder. Miri watched her carefully, head tilted to the side slightly. Riker and Jeff both looked at her and Darren looked between Miri and the other two, confused.

"She still doesn't have anywhere to go, does she?" Miri asked.

"Nope," Riker breathed out. Miri nodded once and Darren shrugged before dropping his head onto her shoulder.

"I see those gears working, Miri," Jeff snorted. Miri smiled and nodded in agreement.

"Well, let's go out to eat before we have to go home," Miri breathed out.

"Yay!" Darren exclaimed, immediately perking back up. Riker chuckled and kissed Darren's forehead.

"Alright, let's go," Riker said, grabbing onto Jeff's hand and following Miri outside.


"She is finally asleep," Addie breathed as she crawled onto Riker's bed with Riker and Jeff the next day. Riker smiled and looked over where Jude was asleep in the pack-and-play crib Miri had dropped off earlier.

"It was a busy day," Jeff said from where he as curled into Riker's side, absentmindedly scrolling through Riker's twitter feed. Addie nodded in agreement as she curled into Riker's other side.

"That it was," Macen agreed from his spot on his bed with textbooks spread out around him.

"Yeah. And now it is break time. I think I might delve into the world of tumblr. I haven't in a while," Riker breathed.

"Mmh. Good luck with that," Macen grunted. "Kam said that it has been interesting the past few days circulating around you."

"Fun," Riker snorted as he opened up tumblr.

"I don't understand what is going on…" Addie breathed.

"Oh, we have quite the fan-base on tumblr from our show," Jeff said. "The fans enjoy that Riker, Lily, Carter, Curt, Dylan, and Kamryn have tumblrs sometimes."

"Other times I wish they would remember that I do have one. Sometimes it is disturbing," Riker said as he scrolled through his dashboard.

"Agreed," Jeff and Macen breathed out in unison. Addie just giggled as she looked at Riker's computer.

"Hey! That's my picture!" Addie giggled, pointing to the picture of Riker's hair she had taken the other night when he had dyed it. Attached to the picture of his hair was her tweet of rikersamuel's hair looks *perfect*! I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS WEEKEND!

"Yeah, the fans find anything I am tagged in," Riker said as they started looking at the comments.

Omg dyed hair yes 2) Who is this person who tweeted this picture? 3) WHAT IS SHE SO EXCITED ABOUT?

Why doesn't he have his hair dyed all the time? Beautiful

Omgyes. Purple and blue, though. Interesting choice.

OHEY, I WAS IN THE ROOM WHEN ADDIE TOOK THIS PICTURE! She was so excited. The purple and blue was Addie's choice, guys. Riker was in the musical she wrote and directed. The character he played was supposed to have dyed hair and Riker is a good friend and actually dyed his hair.

Yeeaaah. Jackson wasn't too happy when Riker showed up to set. But then he went to the musical and told me it was totally worth Eli having colored hair for a while.

This is why I love Jackson. And so jealous you got to go, Dylan! I wanted to meet Addie and Jude! I HEAR SO MUCH ABOUT THEM AND I HAVE YET TO MEET THEM!

Maybe because Riker and Jeff fear you will scare the child, Lilleth. Calm.

Nahway, Carter. Addie has expose Judey girl to me. We're good. Jude loves me. But she has a fascination with Riker for some reason.

I noticed that too when I was there, Kamryn! It was adorable. I'm honestly think it might be because Riker is like a father-ish figure to her. From what I've heard he is, like, the first male in her life to show her attention in a positive way.

Right you are, Dylan.


Seriously. Why have we not heard of them before?

Hold up. A musical was mentioned. I want videos.

Oooooo. Videos anyone?

Omg. I love stalking Riker's tag. Fangirls are crazy. So, Rike, when you see this, sup baby bro?

"Curt has no life," Jeff laughed as he read the last comment. Riker chuckled and nodded in agreement as he clicked on the post to add onto it.

Curtis, get a life. You're married and have children. Stop stalking my tag on tumblr. INSTEAD DO BETTER THINGS WITH YOUR TIME LIKE COMING TO SEE THE MUSICAL, DUH. SOYEAH, that's what's up, Curt. Also, Kam, Dyl, I am not Jude's father. We know this already.

"God, you're just as bad as Curtis," Jeff snorted as he rolled his eyes. Riker chuckled and kissed Jeff's forehead.

"Dedicated and crazy fan-base, huh?" Addie asked as Riker started scrolling down his dashboard again.

"Yeah, pretty much. It gets crazy," Riker said as he came to a stop at a picture of himself and Addie that Dylan had posted. In the picture, Riker had his arms wrapped around Addie's shoulders tightly as she giggled with her arms curled to her chest.

Two years of college haven't changed this boy a bit, but that doesn't mean he doesn't change other peoples' lives. He was great in Addie's musical tonight. Proud of you, Biker 3

Omg. Here's the mention of the musical again. And Addie. Is that girl Addie?

Look at his hair though. Perf.

Are we just going to ignore the fact that he is wearing skin tight jeans with a leather vest and no shirt? Because I don't want to.

Oooooogurl, I don't want to either. Combined with the hair. Dayum.

Ahman, the fangirls ruined my post, guys!

You knew it would happen, Dylan. You. Knew. It. Would.

Yeah. Yeah, I did.

Seriously? I want to know if this girl is Addie. She is gorgeous. Like dayum

She really is. And by Dylan's original caption, I would say that Riker has had an effect on this girl's life.

Aw, that would be cute! But, like, I really want to know if it is Addie because we keep seeing her name but we haven't seen her! I checked that twitter that has the name Addie but the icon is of a baby. An adorable baby, but a baby none-the-less.

Ohmygod. I'm putting my fellow fangirls to rest. Yes, that is Addie. We've known her since mid-October when Riker finally was able to get through to her. She just put on this amazing musical that Riker was in, which is why he is in that ridiculous (yet sexy….awshit now Jeff is gonna kick my ass!) outfit.

Hodamn, Jeff is gonna be out for your pelt now, Kamryn. Or Macen. I THOUGHT YOU AND MACEN WERE DATING.


"Welp, now they know who you are, Adds," Jeff chuckled as he looked over at Addie, who huffed out a breath.

"I can see that," she added.

"Calm down. It's not bad. You might gain some twitter followers. Big whoop," Riker told her as he kissed her forehead and then added his comment onto the post.

Dylan. I thank thee for this picture. It kinda sums up the lovely friendship I have with Addison. And Kamryn, you didn't finish your statement. You and Macen aren't dating…YET.

"Ooo, nice one," Jeff laughed as he gave Riker a high-five. Addie giggled and shook her head.

"You both have issues," she added.

"Yeah. We all know," Macen snorted.

"Hey. You see the meds I take every day," Riker said with a slightly smirk. Jeff tutted and slapped Riker.

"Don't even," Jeff added. Riker smiled innocently at Jeff, who just gave Riker a serious look in return.

"I love you," Riker said.

"Yeah, I love you too, dick wad. Now go back to your crazy dash," Jeff huffed out, slapping Riker's cheek slightly. Riker chuckled and kissed Jeff lightly before obeying. Though, he didn't go far before he came across a picture of himself from the other night during intermission when Jeff had snuck backstage. In the picture, Riker was staring right at the camera with his mouth curled into a slight smirk with one eyebrow raised. Along with the picture was Jeff's tweet of rikersamuel brings the smolder 24/7 baybeh. Even as some punk-ass kid in a musical.

"Nice tweet," Addie giggled.

"Thanks," Jeff replied as they started looking over the comments.

Well, uhm. I don't even know how to respond to this right now. So…yeah.

I never thought I'd like guy-liner.

I've always loved guy-liner. This just made me love it more.

Can we talk about his eyes? Holy shit.

They're like an angry ocean. Poseidon must be in control of them.

I guess we're ignoring the fact that he's shirtless…?

Guess we're ignoring the fact that he is practically eye-fucking the camera…?

Guess the fans are ignoring the fact that Jeff was holding the camera….?

I guess I am the only one who really understands what was going on here. We were all just messing around during intermission. Technically Jeff and I should not have been in the wings, but we were. We're just lucky Addie loves us. Butyeah. We were all just messing around. Riker purposely over-did the eye-fucking of the camera. The guy-liner is for his part in the musical. As is the lack of shirt. He lacks clothes during this musical, guys. Just to let you know. NO FULL ON NUDITY, BEFORE YOU FLOOD MY ASK. RIKER WAS NOT NUDE ON STAGE. HE ONLY DOES THAT IN HIS DORM ROOM AND I HAVE NOT WITNESSED IT.

I have. Awyeah \o/

Because you walk in on him and Jeffry, Lilleth. THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU.

Your girlfriend, Carter. And this is actually a really good picture of Riker, so I'm just going to ignore the fangirl comments and revel in the fact that this picture is really flattering for Riker.

I think the fans realize this is a flattering picture of him, Dylan.

Yeah, but they are just focusing on their built up sexual frustrations, Carter.

Valid. Completely valid. This is why I keep you around, Dylan.

Shanks, Kamreen :D

"Okay. I understand why you would want them to remember you have a tumblr now," Addie snorted.

"Yeah. I've seen worse, to be honest," Riker sighed.

"Definitely. They get fancy and in detail with fan art," Jeff said with a shrug. Riker nodded in agreement and added his comment onto the post.

So, that was a pretty good intermission that night. Needless to say, my smolder works. Woohoo! Andyeah, guy-liner. I can werk that. Werk it good. And thanks, Dylan…I guess. But can we please not talk about me naked on the internet? That has happened enough already. And Carter, you really might want to get Lily checked because I think she is way too proud of having seen me naked….

"That last comment to Carter is completely valid," Jeff breathed as Addie giggled.

"I am so looking forward to meeting your high school friends," Addie added as Riker started to scroll through his dashboard again. "They seem so interesting."

"To put it lightly," Riker replied with a snort.

"Yep," Macen and Jeff agreed in unison.

"Lily and Kamryn are awful together, so be careful what you wish for, Adds," Macen breathed out as he continued to work.

"Valid point," Jeff agreed with a nod. Addie just shrugged as she turned back to look at Riker's computer as he came to a stop at another picture, which was one he had posted on his twitter. The picture consisted mostly of Jude, who was smiling widely, exposing two, small top front teeth, and trying to grab at Riker's phone as Riker laughed behind her. Above the picture was a screenshot of his tweet that read Judey Bear has got her first little teefers!

"So, that is a really cute picture," Addie giggled as she looked at it. Riker smiled and nodded in agreement as he looked at the comments.




He used the word teefers, that is precious but oMG NOT AS PRECIOUS AS THAT LITTLE BABY FACE

I really appreciate the fact that he seems to be losing it himself while taking this picture simply because she is trying to grab his phone. That is just adorable.

This whole picture is adorable for so many reasons.

I want to know whose baby this is, because omg she is the cutest little thing ever!


Ohgod. I am dying from that comment. Help my soul. I just fell out of my chair. My roommate ran out of the bathroom asking if I was okay and the people below me screamed up to make sure I was okay. Holy shit. Soooo, no. Riker and Jeff do not have a kid, guys. That is Jude. She is about a year old and is our friend, Addie's, daughter. We all take turns watching Jude because Addie can be super busy between her classes and her job. And Riker does crack himself up sometimes while taking pictures with Jude because she just babbles and tries to grab his phone. You'd think it would take more to make a twenty-one year old giggle like a little girl, but it really doesn't.

OHMYGOD, KAMRYN. I FELL OUT OF MY CHAIR LAUGHING TOO. Carter looked at me like I was insane BUT THEN HE FELL ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING TOO HOLY SHIT. But I am so jealous bECAUSE I JUST WANNA MEET ADDIE AND JUDE *huffs sigh* But this is adorable. Just imagine the pictures Riker is gonna take when he has his first kid…and he will probably giggle for days too.

Valid point. We probably won't see him or Jeff for a while because they will just be giggling and cooing over their child. I will just ninja sneak into their house/apartment and take stalker pictures for the internet.

And I will be right by your side. This is why we're friends, Kam. I love you 3


Ohmygod, why am I dating one of you and friends with the other? You two need help.

"I find it hilarious that both Kamryn and Lily fell out of their chairs," Jeff snorted.

"Yeah. They really are kindred spirits," Riker chuckled.

"And you're just going to ignore the comments about them sneaking into your future apartment to take pictures of you and your children?" Addie asked, one eyebrow raised.

"Oh, we already knew about those plans," Jeff said as Riker clicked on the post to add on his own comment.

Kamryn. Lily. Jeff and I enjoy the fact that you two fell. I think Lane mentioning that to me though, yesterday. She said something about Kam having a bruised ass…But omg why do people think we have a child? JUDE DOESN'T LOOK LIKE EITHER OF US *sigh* And Carter, you need just as much help as both of them. Don't deny it. Peace.

"And you have just as many issues. I hope you know that," Addie snorted as she sat up to pull her hair into a ponytail.

"Yeah, I do know that," Riker chuckled as he poked Addie's side. She yelped and then slapped his arm as he laughed. Jeff smiled and rolled his eyes as he got up off the bed and stretched his arms over his head.

"Man, I am so ready for Christmas break," Jeff huffed out.

"Yep," Riker agreed as Riker's phone started to go off somewhere within the room.

"Your bag," Macen said, pointing towards Riker's bag.

"Thanks, Mac," Riker chuckled as he dropped to the floor and then crawled over to his bag to pull his phone out. He saw it was home and picked up. "Hi, Momma."

"Hello, sweetie," Miri laughed into the phone. "What have you been up to?"

"Did some homework and then we just went on tumblr. Pictures have been circulating," Riker told her with a shrug. He heard her laugh.

"I'm sure they have," she added. "Is Addie in your room, by any chance?"

"Yep. You wanna talk to her?" Riker asked, looking over at Addie with one eyebrow raised. Addie pointed to herself with a shocked expression. Riker snorted and nodded, which caused Addie's eyebrows to shoot up.

"If she doesn't mind," Miri replied.

"Alright. Here you go. Love you, Momma," Riker said.

"Love you too, honey," Miri said before Riker handed the phone to Addie, knowing exactly what Miri wanted to talk to Addie about. Addie cautiously took the phone and Riker snorted as he climbed back onto the bed with Jeff. Macen looked over at Riker with one eyebrow raised and Riker shrugged as Jeff curled into his side.

"Hi, Miri," Addie said quietly into the phone. Then, she looked over at Riker with slightly creased brows before walking off into the hallway, one finger to her free ear.

"What the hell?" Macen asked.

"Oh, Miri is asking Addie if she wants to live with them. Miri can't stand knowing Addie doesn't have a permanent place to live," Jeff breathed, nuzzling into Riker's touch as Riker thread his fingers through Jeff's hair.

"Yeah, pretty much," Riker added as he slumped down against the wall. "And I know Mom won't take no for an answer."

"Nope," Jeff agreed. Macen just snorted and shook his head as he turned back to his textbooks.

"Your mom is so weird," Macen breathed.

"Yeah, I know," Riker laughed as he looked over to make sure Jude was still asleep when she made a small noise. Then, Addie walked back into the room, one hand clapped over her mouth. She looked over at Riker with wide eyes and tears running down her cheeks. Riker smiled to the side of his mouth and held his hand out to her. She immediately ran over and curled into his side, dropping his phone onto the bed next to her.

"You realize Miri's gonna make you live with them no matter what, right?" Jeff asked with a slight chuckle. Addie just nodded into Riker's side, one hand still over her face. Riker chuckled and kissed the top of Addie's head.

"Welcome to the family, Adds," Riker added. Addie just released a small giggle and then burrowed further into Riker's side.

"I love you," she mumbled into Riker's side.

"Love you too," Riker replied as he hugged her close as she continued to cry. Jeff smiled and kissed Riker lightly, both of them happy knowing that Addie and Jude finally had a place to go.