The Secret to Immortality:

Remember me with Dignity; Remember me with pride.

Remember me, and in you memory I shall always abide.

Remember all of those childish games we use to play –

Recall how I could make you smile.

If you ever get the chance, just sit and Remember me for a while.

Reminisce on the heat of those long summer days and picture the color of the sky.

Just remember me as Time continues to pass us by.

Remember our years in school and the trouble caused by our friends.

Do you remember that one history class where we swore the notes never seemed to end?

Remember our days as children and the solid month of endless rain.

Remember how the flowers of spring would grow along that plot we tried to maintain.

Recall our flights with Peter Pan, who lived on the second star to the right?

Perhaps you can explain to me why I was always the villain and you the warrior of light?

I Remember how we would go our own ways come dinner time – but always with a sigh.

I still feel a twinge of sadness if I ever happen upon that Bush under which we would lie.

Do you long for weeks of bike rides and our mishaps in the Park?

How about that good old Oak Tree from which all adventures were sure to embark?

I Remember that boundless energy of Childhood and the Promises we though would last.

Whenever I see those silly old pictures, I cannot help but laugh –

For oh, what splendid Memories they bring back!

I Remember you and our trusty, but invisible, dog called Blue.

I Remember the spicy smells of autumn in that era of endless joy.

I can even remember that winter filled with quests to the Island of Misfit Toys.

So, Remember me with Dignity – and, perhaps, a bit of Pride.

Be sure to hold on to those Memories despite the passage of Time.

Remember us, we two – the mismatched Pair!

And Recall those years in which we Lived without a care.

Remember our Triumphs and our Victories.

Remember our Goals and our Dreams.

Remember us as Children and just how Happy we use to be –

For that, my friend, is the Secret to Immortality.

If you but Remember me as I Remember you,

Then we won't need Magic to make that Dream come True.