Right then! Hello all. As you can probably tell from my distinct lack of other posts, this is my first story here, so it's probably horrendous, but it's a trial and error thing, I suppose. Please review, and tell me about all my delicious failings. Or enjoy! And don't worry, the format goes back to normal next chapter!


SilentWings: Hey, everyone.

thefamousMrEd: hey wings

pollywantacracker: How are you

SilentWings: Okay, thanks. Has anyone seen OrWell lately? He hasn't been around for a few days.

Penguin_Glory: No, it's weird. Maybe we should be worried?


pollywantacracker: OrWell! we were just talking about you

Soleil: you haven't been here for ages. has something happened?

OrWell: It's a long story.

SilentWings: We've got time. ;)

OrWell: Right. Erm, last Thursday, a guy moved in across the road, the old town hall was scheduled to be demolished, and a weird leaflet started popping up in most letterboxes around the neighbourhood. Things... escalated from there.

Penguin_Glory: Well, go on! This sounds likely to be a good story...

OrWell: It started for me when I went over to the new bloke's house to say hello. The area I live in's not the nicest place in the world, but it's pretty decent, and this man's house was particularly big, so I assumed he must be well off or have killed a few important people.

OrWell: So, I knocked on the door, and about a minute later he came to it, opening it a crack. He eyed me suspiciously.

OrWell: "Hi!" I greeted him brightly. "Welcome to the neighbourhood! I'm Tim; I live across the road."

OrWell: "Shove off," he responded gruffly. Undaunted by his eloquent manner of speech, I took a step closer, and peered into his home. The first thing that struck me was that all of the surfaces were covered with something. Cellophane on the walls, towels on the floor and paper stuck to the ceiling.

Soleil: hypochondriac?

OrWell: No, Solly. Noticing my confusion, he graciously shed light upon the situation. "So I don't have to touch those filthy heathen surfaces."

OrWell: "Okaaay," I responded uncertainly. I wasn't quite sure how walls could offend deities, but this guy seemed pretty unstable, so I decided just to roll with it and hope he didn't try to convert me to dancing naked around a bonfire on the Summer Solstice or something.

OrWell: Guess my luck! After appraising me for a moment, he said "You look like you know where the light is. Here." He handed me a leaflet.

OrWell: "Come back another time, when you've been ordained," he finished, and then shut the door. I gave the leaflet a look. In big, dark letters at the top, it said "Children of the Sky." Its contents basically amounted to "This world is sinful blah blah apocalypse is coming yadda yadda join us for enlightenment etc."

SilentWings: This sounds... extremely cliché.

OrWell: Yes, but don't forget what happens in these stories.

Penguin_Glory: Their god arises to destroy the universe?

OrWell: Well, I don't quite expect that to happen, but all the same, I'm concerned. Especially since when I showed it to my parents, they held up an identical leaflet.

pollywantacracker: Seriously

OrWell: And it's not just us. When we asked around, pretty much every house in the street claimed possession of one. Seems like these guys are recruiting.

SilentWings: ...okay, this is getting really creepy.

thefamousMrEd: what about the town hall why is that relevant

OrWell: Punctuation, Eddy. Bloody hell. But anyway, the Mayor gave a speech, and in it, he said that he's trying to get planning permission to get the old town hall destroyed and a mall erected in its place, in order to modernise our backwards town, bring the dough rolling in, blah de blah de blah.

Penguin_Glory: Haha, "erected"...

OrWell: Come on, PG. You're the oldest here; I'd have expected you to be more mature. But I'm getting sidetracked; the point is that our old buddies, the Children of the Sky, went berserk when they found out the news. They organised demonstrations, they held hands and stood around the Hall singing All You Need Is Love, you name it. They just sprung out of nowhere.

Soleil: seriously?

OrWell: Deadly.

Penguin_Glory: In that case, why've they had no media coverage?

OrWell: ...you know, that is actually an interesting point. There's a phone number and web address on the leaflet, so I think I'll check them out pretty soon.

SilentWings: Be careful. Psychotic cults don't tend to go well. And if they end up trying to bring about the End Of The World As We Know It, that's probably a good time to pay a visit to your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman. Or, failing that, law enforcement. I've got to go now, though. Talk to you soon!

Penguin_Glory: See you Wings!


Hope you enjoyed that, and I plan on uploading more soon.