Gina, mah buddy, mah bestie. I love you so much and I want you to know just how much so I wrote a poem. (Jelly, Jennifer? Lol, just kidding.) I hope you spend the rest of your day as amazingly as you want- even if yah hafta go without me for a few days.

4"7', short and proud,

You'd never guess she's the loudest person around.

That lazy bones-

She'll sit and stare at her homework,

Blasting music into her earphones.

There's nothing to do

So she resorts to her anime addiction

And ignores everything- except maybe food.

Her talent is art: drawing, painting, and writing.

She's not a quitter, she'll go on fighting

'Till the fat lady sings.

She's the shortest, strongest, and most artistic person around.

She'll never understand she's the BEST Gina in town!