Q: Who are you?

A: I am a servant.

Q: Who do you serve?

A: I serve the Light.

Q: Why do you serve?

A: Because I choose to.

Q: When did you choose?

A: When life had no other meaning.

Q: Why did you choose?

A: Duty, and honor.

Q: Where is your duty?

A: To my lord, country, and hearth.

Q: Why is it your duty?

A: There is no one else to take up the task, only me.

Q: When is it your duty?

A: When the time comes.

Q: When will it come?

A: When we are ready.

Q: What is honor?

A: Honor is what gives a man his identity, without it, he is nothing.

Q: In what manner do you serve?

A: What I feel is right.

Q: Why?

A: I must make my own choices, or none at all.

Q: Where is your place?

A: When I am called.

Q: When will you be called?

A: When the time is right.

Q: In what manner are you allowed to serve?

A: As I see fit.

Q: What would qualify as 'Fit'?

A: When the time to act comes.

Q: When will the time come?

A: When we are ready.

Q: Are you ready?

A: I do not believe I am ready yet. I wait.