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I looked down at the kids in the black. Those must have been the new alpha recruits. I can't believe I hadn't been seen yet. But then again, I am a master of stealth, trained to do this. I never had a choice so I do my job. But with my two friends, Tristan and Fergie, it's manageable.

I am part of a three person elite squad known only as "Alpha Red". Together we are the protecters of this school. Known only as the H.I.D.E.

Me, I'm Dawn. The leader of Alpha Red. But nobody knows that. They really only know me by my 'don't mess with me' attitude. I spent years trying to create that image. But then again, no one has seen me either. Just probably heard of me. Us actually.

Fergie doesn't have much of an opinion. He usually just agrees to whatever I say. He's a nice guy.

Tristan however, is the exact opposite. He will go out of his way to disagree with what I say or tell him to do. Yes he drives me crazy. But I guess when we get along things are ok.

It all started when we were eight. None of us ever knew our real parents. For as long as I can remember we had lived in an orphanage with only us three. Sure at times I thought it was weird but you get used to it.

Anyway, one day six government looking men showed up. Fergie was led outside pretty easily. However when Tristan was taken he put up a fight and it took two men to take him. That left me and the other three agents. I guess they didn't know I knew how to fight, but in all fairness I spent two years on the streets. I was able to take down one of the agents, but the other two lifted me up still kicking and screaming.

Finally the last agent picked himself up off the floor and helped the other two men drag me outside. They loaded me, Tristan, and Fergie, into a cramped, but empty helicopter with four chairs. The three of us were placed in one row with the other chair facing ours. Fergie was the first one of us to sit, Tristan slowly sat, but I stayed standing. I wanted answers and I wanted them right then and there. Thankfully a man in a black dress shirt and pants wearing a pristine white lab coat walked out and sat in the single empty chair.

"I suppose you want to know who I am, but that is not of your importance right now."

"What do you mean right now?! I want answers!"

"That's what I am here for." The strange man said. "As you know two years ago you three lived in the street. Then you were taken in by an orphanage. This specific orphanage belongs to my school H. I. D. E. where I have been monitoring you for a while."

"Okay. So what are we doing here? Are we here for milk and cookies or are we going to get info.?" Demanded Tristan.

"Ah yes. When you were born your birth parents signed you over to this school as test subjects, with full permission, as they were graduates of H. I. D. E. as well. So now you are coming with us and will be the guardians of Secrets. "

"Of what? You couldn't at least have come up with a more original name?" I sneered.

"You are too smart for your age you know that?"

"Yeah. I get that a lot." I deadpanned. Tristan and Fergie nodded in agreement.

"That is about to change."

Then everything went black.

The last thing I ever remember was waking up in a dorm room with wings. After a while I remembered everything and bolted into the hallway where there was another dorm room the same size. Tristan and Fergie walked out when they heard me coming. Just like me they both also had a pair of wings on their backs. We were no longer kids. We were hybrids. Avian human hybrids. Our genetic DNA was now half bird half kid.

It's been a while since any of us had been outside of H.I.D.E. And now the new stream of alphas were coming in on arrival. My plan was perfect. If I could sneak out in one of the helicopters, I could get a hold of my connections. Sadly they found me at the stop point of capture, and I was returned to the school.