So now I sat staring down on what was supposed to be " my job. "

"You shouldn't have tried to leave. " Tristan smirked.

" Don't you think I know that? There has to be a way off this island!" I snapped at Tristan. " I'm sorry. I shouldn't have snapped like that. "

" Hey, we get it. We know the burden you have. But forget about leaving. It's not going to happen. " Tristan said as Fergie nodded with him. Sad thing is I knew he was right. Both of them.

Just then the bell signaling the end of class rang. Saved by the bell we call it. It's the most dangerous time of day. Mostly because we are at a greater risk of being seen. The students know about us. But they have never seen us. So most just think we are a legend. But we're real.

" Come on we're done for the day. " I didn't say it but signaled it only after I was positive the room was empty.

"So what's on the agenda for tomorrow?" Fergie asked as we moved along.

"Umm, we sit in on stealth and evasion class, and then we will train until lunch. After that we have to visit the technology course, then we train until dinner. After dinner we will have a couple of hours to study before we meet Contessa for the days report. When the meeting is done we'll have about twenty minutes before lights out. Got it?" I asked.

" Wait. The two classes are in the alpha stream right?"

" Yes Tristan. Same as always. " Fergie answered for me. I glanced at the clock.

" And if we don't get going soon we are going to get caught by the bell. So let's move. " I told them. I got two nods in return before they turned and walked out the door toward their own room. I guess they meet in my room because u don't have a roommate. So I have more space. And I'm the leader of Alpha Red. I guess that makes sense. Already tired, I pulled on my jacket and headed up. Literally. As in on the ceiling. So...up.