Paper Cutters

Here I am with pencil cutters
And eraser haters
Surrounded by doodling dreamers
And oil painting professions
With modelling scissors
And super star rulers

Photoshopers and illustrators are the new party
Gonna bring down the sketchers and etchers
They're gonna make us throw paint bombs
And shoot powder paint pellets
To start another crafty war
The water colour works are starting
And are drowning children's pastel dreams

We aren't modelling scissors
Or pellet shooters
Nor the ones with pastel dreams
We are just paper cutters

We are the ones that glide
Glides across pastel white pages
Or shark teeth until the end
Some will shred everything on their A4 page
And others wil add more colour to what they have

But no matter how much glitter and glue is in front of your eyes
The page will never be perfect
Nor will the colours, the tools
Not even the scissor body
For we are just paper cutters