Samantha's Point Of View.

I threw off my duvet and stretched. I hate mornings. I hate having to prank trap my own bathroom cause I sleep late on weekends and my highly annoying brothers decide they want to hide out in there and scare me. They find me incredibly amusing.

I went to my walk-in wardrobe and started rooting about in it. I found my pink-sequinned shirt and a pair of black sequinned jeans. I chose to wear my neon pink sequin high heels, too.

My mother was making our usual fried breakfast for the weekends. Pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausages. You know, the works. My mum really loves to cook, it's like her pastime.

Elaine really loves to cook. She's forty already. To look at her, you truly wouldn't think so. She looks about twenty and you also wouldn't think she had three kids.

I went into my bathroom and caught Eric with my razor.

"Aahh! Get outta my bathroom!" I squealed. I heard a squirting noise and smelled my strawberry bubble bath. I screamed.

Harry had squirted it all out of my bathroom window. Oh, God, Eric's seven! He should be watching Harry! God, I can tell that they're Derek's kids, they're just as annoying as he is.

Eric said "Hey, Sammie, look!"

He started shaving his head. I screamed and took it off him.

"No! Eric, these things are sharp, you'll get hurt!" I shouted.

"You use one." He said innocently. "Don't shout again, or I'll get Daddy."

Huh, this one knows I hate Derek. He's just evil, like his kids. I don't get on with Elaine as well as I did.


Oh, because she's under the thumb of the evil influence that is Derek.

Suddenly, I got Squirted By Strawberry, thanks to my four year old brother. I took the bottle, picked up the two highly irritating children and carried the wiggly little creatures to their room.

"Stay outta my room!" I yelled and ran back to my room and locked my door. Would you believe it, I'm only seventeen and I have to put up with this?

I was shaving when my mobile rang. Jenny.

"Yeah?" I said.

"Hey, you sound stressed. Eric and Harry?" Jenny knows me so well.

"Yeah. I haven't had to encounter Derek the Demon yet, but hopefully, I can skip breakfast and get out. It's weird, Elaine always said she wouldn't let any guy of hers bully me, but she meets Derek Demon and it's all 'Oh, darling, he could never hurt you. Derek is so-o-o perfect.' I felt sick."

"Why don't you just tell Elaine that you're coming to my house? You know Mum loves you." Jenny is such a good friend.

"Yeah, I'll tell her that. I have to go to the shop, Harry emptied all my bubble bath onto the grass outside my bathroom window and Eric attacked my toothpaste. I had to make do with gargling mouthwash. I have to lock my bathroom door before bed."

Jenny sighed. "Thinking how we both feel. Lizzie keeps breaking all my china collection. I'm getting sick of it, but Mum won't allow me to lock anything. Cos Lizzie's in her Terrible Twos now."

"I'd have Lizzie over Eric and Harry any day. They're a nightmare." I told her.


"Ugh. I have to go, Jen. Talk to you later?"

"Yeah, I guess."

We hung up and I finished shaving, put deodorant on, and clean clothes. Then I walked downstairs. Oh, those evil boys. They were snuffling into Derek's shoulders.

Elaine said "Why did you shout at the boys?"

"Eric was messing with my razor, Harry had tipped out all my bubble bath and one of those little monsters had poured out all my toothpaste! That's why, even after I specifically told your little terrors not to go in my room or my bathroom!"

Elaine gave me a hard glare, then softened toward her baby boys.

"Did that really happen, darlings?" She cooed. Ugh, yuck. Cooing at them? Spoiled rotten by her because of that Derek.

"Yes, Mummy, but we didn't know it wad all Sammie's stuffs. We thought it wad jut rubbish. We sowwy, Sammie."

Elaine softened no end to all that glop. Honestly, that was such a lie, you could smell the strawberries on Harry and see the razor cut in Eric's hair.

"Oh, give me a break!" I yelled. "Elaine, are you that daft? You can see the razor mark in Eric's hair and smell the strawberries on Harry. They can both read fluently, you've heard them reading Shakespeare aloud and translating it! I stuck a sign, at their height, stating that they are not allowed in there, my room, my bathroom! They both knew that it's my stuff, and you're dropping for that glop!"

I stormed out, money and mobile in my pocket and went to see Jenny.

When I got to her home, her father Danny opened the door.

"Hey, hey, S.J.K.! Come on in. Jenny's still getting dressed. Mackenzie's upstairs waking Lizzie and having a real hard time with it. Liz just hates getting up."

I like Danny. I imagine my real dad like him. Dark hair, slim. He has vivid blue eyes. He's awesome, a real family guy. Mackenzie's just as cool. She's skinny, too. The whole family are. Mackenzie had red curly hair that hung down her waist when I met Jenny. Now though, she's dyed it vivid blue, to match her eyes. They could actually be my real family, though I'm not sure.

Jenny came down, her now blonde straight curtain of hair swaying. She wore a sky-blue shirt and white jeans. Mackenzie followed, Lizzie in her arms.

"No, no, Mama! I don't wanna!" Lizzie shrieked. Yup, she's definitely terrible for two.

"You gotta, sweetie. Now, calm down, I don't wanna drop ya." Mackenzie had a little bit of a southern accent, mingled in with her northern. When she's tired, the southern is way more pronounced.

Danny picked his tiniest child out of Mackenzie's arms and tipped her up.

"S'up, little Eliza?"

"Me want back bed-bye, Dada!" Lizzie squealed.

"Well, pumpkin, you have to have daytime before bedtime." He said to her.

"But I won't be tired at bedtime, Dada. Me tired now!"

Little brat, isn't she? I looked at Jenny.

"We gonna go to the shop?" I asked her.

"Yeah, why not?"

We went out to the nearest Tesco. We had a good heart-felt moan about our pain in the neck families.

"And would you believe it, I'd just bought the new bottle! The stupid little monster chucked the lot and it exploded!" I moaned.

"Lizzie threw my new perfume right across the hall and smashed it. That perfume cost me £62! It took me twelve weeks of saving to get that. It took her twelve seconds to get her pudgy little hands on it and smash it! I have to save up again or get a decently paying job. And I need driving lessons and a car."

"I have my licence and a car. I just need destinations. Or my own place."

"You've always preferred to walk, though." Jenny reminded me.

"Yeah, not to places like, say, Manchester."

"Dude, we live in Cornwall, you could just drive on up there." She stated the obvious, yet again.

"Yeah, I know, but I was saying I won't walk up there. Anyway, I reckon that with my savings, I'll be able to fund college, home and car by next year, plus get a job. I wanna move up to Manchester. So many more shops."

I dreamed for a second.

"Crash land on Earth, Sam. Move up there?" Jenny asked me.

"Yeah, why not? I'll take you along for it too."

And that's when two guys walked right into us.




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