"Well, hey, there, ladies. What are two such lovely girls doing out here alone?" One asked. Ugh.

Jenny looked at them in disgust, then said "You really don't wanna go there, mate. Just get on with your business, let us get on with ours."

"Why are you talking to us like that? We just wanted to make sure you were OK. Are you?" The second guy asked.

"Just peachy. Now, can we get on with our lives, we really are busy." Jenny asked impatiently. For a blonde, the girl is more fiery than a redhead in trouble. I liked Jenny more than I liked Elaine. Or come to think of it, more than anyone. At all. And I still need new shampoo, a new razor and a toothbrush, no doubt they dropped mine down the toilet, and some more bubble bath. I swear, not two seconds goes by that- oh talk of the Devil and she may appear!

A text from Elaine "Derek's fallen downstairs over one of Eric's cars, need you home so you can look after boys."

Honestly, do I look like I care?! That guy has given me nothing but torture and misery and two disgusting little half brothers! I hate those kids! I'd sooner have destructive little Eliza! And believe me, that girl is a pain in the bum! I hate her with a vengeance. Jenny checked the text out and groaned. I nodded in understanding, then started typing.

"Am at shops. Can't get back yet, in long queue in Boots. Sorry. ;)."

I knew perfectly well she'd start off on one when I got back in, but hey, whatever. Elaine's forever throwing tantrums, she never stops. I hate it. I spotted a flash of blue curls and nudged Jenny.

"Jenny, isn't that Mackenzie up there?" I asked, just as we saw Danny and Eliza.

"Yup, that's them, all right. Wonder what they're up to?" Jenny asked, then we followed them. Who said stalking isn't any fun? We went into the shop after them, but they handed over a CD and the assistant said something softly. We didn't understand, but assured ourselves that we'd find out soon enough. We went off for our basic toiletries, then into some of the better clothing stores. We ended up with shoes and clothes and makeup galore. Jenny even got a new bottle of that perfume that Lizzie killed off and she'd never had a chance to wear.

Jenny and I were laughing about a bit, the jumped into my car. I love this little Toyota, it's just so awesome. It's got all five leather seats, it's bright red, has a moving top and electric windows. My "family driver" is a massive old Ford and not as flashy as my lovable Toyota and covered in all kinds from Eric and Harry and occasional Derek. Yuck. I haven't let anyone in my beloved Toyota except Jenny, Mackenzie, Danny and a protected spot for Lizzie as she's only a baby. Or so everyone wishes. Lizzie likes to vomit in cars, so I had to protect literally all over the backseat where Lizzie sat with her parents. Jenny always got shotgun.

You gotta love them.

We went back to Jen's place and Mackenzie, Danny and Lizzie were gone. Knew it, of course. But y'know, you'd expect them to be here when they had a guest. Or a me. I'm almost full-time living here. Same as Jenny at mine. Though with an evil seven year old and a worse four year old at mine and a terrible two year old at Jenny's, you wouldn't think we were always around. My room is practically a war zone, because I have to rig it against enemies. Literally. Jenny is so lucky, she's been given a proper lock for her room.

We went to the kitchen and she opened both microwaves and the freezer. She got out two ready made meals and took off the cardboard, then pricked the clingfilm over the top with forks and shoved the meals into the microwaves. She put ice in two glasses and poured freezing cola over the ice with two slices of lemon. Well, she's got class. She gave us straws, so our lipstick didn't rub off, put the drinks down on the table just as the microwaves dinged.

"Jenny Harroway, you are an angel sent from heaven!" I told her, just noticing the burn in my throat. I sipped the cola straight away, loving the frosty bite. She checked our meals, cooking them for another few minutes, then finally ripping off the plastic covers, doling the meals onto plates to look like a home cooked Chinese meal. Jenny just laughed and we started eating.

"Dessert!" Jenny yelled after our food had vanished. She dished up toffee and coconut ice cream, practically drowning it in whipped cream, toffee sauce and diced toffee with several chocolate flakes and wafers. She put the two bowls her own creation Angel's Own on the table and we ate that, too. Yum.

After we'd washed up our now-empty plates, we went up to Jenny's room. We started dressing up. Mackenzie yelled "Girls! You here?"

"Ya, Mackenzie!" Jenny called. She came running in and hugged us. "Kenzie? What's this all about?"

"You girls have a recording contract!" Mackenzie yelled. Jenny and I shared a look.

"Recording contract?" I asked, shocked out of my skin.