~At The End~

I sit and I wait,
The time it grows near.
The darkness comes in,
But I feel no more fear.
No last words will be said;
No long goodbyes will be made.
Silent tears will be shed,
But the memories will fade.
Rejected, neglected,
Unwanted, unloved.
Always watching from below,
Never from above.
Illusionary angel,
Soft, pure and sweet.
Nothing quite so special,
Just lies and deciet.
Unworthy, mistaken,
Hated and feared.
Keep all away,
Even those that want to be near.
Hot, burning tears
Falling down just like rain.
Do nothing to stop the hurt,
Nothing to stop the pain.
Cold, silent darkness
Beckons and calls.
Step up to the edge,
No longer scared of the fall.
Finally a stop,
To being alone.
An escape, a path,
Something that will lead me 'home'.
To the dark, to the black,
To the comforting quiet.
No longer afraid,
No longer will I fight it.
So this day, this night
This moment in time.
I walk out of your life,
No reason, no goodbye.