You notice her, she's against a wall, wearing a red blood coat, even thought she's quiet you can say she's panicking, she's probably lost and scared but no one does anything, they pass trough her, throwing her worried glances, staring at her, nothing else.

You go to her, you can't be that cruel, you can't leave a little girl on her own, just ignore her like everyone else. Once you're near you see how pretty she is, big blue eyes, curly blond hair, it's a miracle she's still safe, with so many people in there.

You look down to her and ask:

-Are you lost?

-I'm not supposed to talk to strangers.

-Well.-you said. - I'm Amelia, but you can call me Amy. What's your name?

-I'm Alice. – She says shyly. - You're still a stranger.-she adds

- I promise I won't hurt you.

-My dad says that people always lie.

-And where's your dad?

The question makes her sob softly, and you feel sorry for her.

-Did you lose him? What about if I help you find him? I'm an angel after all. - You point to your stupid costume, hoping it works, and it does, the little girl, Alice, giggles softly.

- I guess it's alright if you are an angel, you could be one, you're pretty. - You laugh and take her hand gently.

She tells you about her dad while you look for a cop, they must be pretty close, she talks about this weird game they have, were she goes to another world that is only meant for Alice, and how his father is a mad hatter, she tells you about a bunny too, and she asks you to not tell the rabbit that she called him "bunny", it would get mad, she also names some twins that are always bickering and are "extremily" funny, you laugh and correct her gently, then she says you remind her of the White Queen, she is also good and pretty, not like her sister, the Red Queen, who wants to cut everyone's head, you think that's kind of weird, but you father used to tell you that he was an alien and you believed it, so you let it go, it's not like it matters. She gets quiet for a while and you think she's done but then she starts talking again about a weird purple cat that can turn invisible, and has this huge grin, how she almost forget him, and how mad he will be if she ever tells him that, but she wont, she giggles softly again.

You tell her how creative and intelligent you think she is, how pretty and nice, and she laughs pleased and shy.

You walk through the carnival, with your annoying costume, wandering about what happened to the thousand cops that were in there, public security, always there when you need it. But it seems you're not going to need them anymore, the little girl starts to jump happily and points somewhere, screaming that she sees her dad, she drags you there, near to a dark alley and you see a man wearing a weird hat and talking franticly in the phone, she screams "daddy" and makes you get closer to him, he smiles at her an then he looks at you and a creepy smile appears in his face.

You back down, scared, but you collide with a body, you look up and there's a man wearing purple cat ears and a huge grin, he covers your mouth so you can't scream, you try to fight until you feel a little twinge and drown in the dark.

Tomorrow your face will be in the news; three weeks after someone is gonna find your body and the city will panic. And just like that you'll life will end, like others did, in the same way, thanks to the little girl in the blood red coat.

Thanks to Alice.

So this is my first story in English and I hope you like it, and it actually made some sense. Constructive criticism is always welcomed.

That's it. Bye