This is just a little poem I wrote…

If love is stronger than hate,

Then why do people kill themselves over hate?

Are they unloved?

Why are they only recognized after death?

I just don't understand…

If life is so horrid,

Why do they fear death?

Do they not treasure what they have been given?

How come they always complain about it?

I just don't understand…

If they really love me,

Why do they do this to me?

Do they not understand how it hurts?

Do they not have a heart?

Have they no compassion?

I just don't understand…

If they're really my friend,

Why do they say those things to me?

Why can't they see my pain?

How come they won't look me in the eye?

I just don't understand…

If he's really the one,

Why is the road ahead of us so rocky?

Does he not see the future problems?

Or does he just not care, if it means being with me?

If I'm too young to love, but too mature to lust, then what is this feeling?

I just don't understand…

If God exists,

Can He see me struggling?

Can He help me?

Why doesn't He give me a hint?

I just don't understand…

If they truly hate themselves,

Why don't they do something to help themselves?

Why do they just decide that they are ugly and that's that?

Why don't they love themselves?

I just don't understand…

If I can get past this,

Why do I feel like it never ends?

Why do they hate me so much?

What have I ever done to them?

I just don't understand…

If this poem has to end,

How come I feel like its contents will stay here forever?

Why do I feel compelled to share it?

How come I think no one else will understand it…?


I just…I don't understand…