Author note: Just something I was wondering after reading an article and doodling in math class. Ghostly Melody, you should find your user name in there. BTW it's a little like the twilight zoneā€¦

I stared upwards at the lone design on the wall, tracing it with my finger, enthralled by the never ending swirls and loops. It was easy for me to lose myself this way, in another dimension of nothingness. It would drive most people insane; but I just found it calming. That is why I am here.

It is a padded cell with pure white walls and a blue painted swirl of blooming art on the left wall; at least I thought it was the left wall; I had been here for so long; or maybe not that long. Maybe I was on the ceiling. Or perhaps on the left wall itself?

I sighed and laid down on what could possibly be the right wall but I thought it to be the floor. I liked to say I was mindless by choice, but the proper term for me is insane.

I lost my mind, or maybe I was born without it. In these white cells people are supposed to drive themselves to insanity, picturing demons or fire ants crawling up their legs almost to counteract the resting insanity that controlled their minds like a strange mist hovering over the beach on a cold day. I was not like the others; this environment was most interesting and relaxing to me. I twirled my hair around my finger absentmindedly and hummed a tune from long ago; now just a ghostly whisper of a melody.

Perhaps death was the same as this? I ponder as I lay there on the cloud-like floor.

I expand my arms; I like to think I am a bird flying easily through the sky like a sharp pair of scissors cutting through thin paper. I fall asleep like this, hoping to maybe never wake up, to explore another dimension; different from the one I was pushing myself through now.