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The little dark haired girl followed behind her father along the sidewalk. Her sapphire blue eyes watched the things going on around her curiously. Like thunder the sound of crunching metal shot through the air. The little girl immediately ran toward the sound, not noticing that she'd left her father behind.

She rushed to the smashed up car and found a boy trying to climb from the passenger window. She began pulling him out and when she succeeded she helped support him as he walked a safe distance from the wreck.

"Are you okay" The little girl asked.

"Yes, but please. My brother! You have to save my brother." The boy begged the little girl.

"I'll try." She nodded then started running back to the car. When she was only a few feet away, it exploded. The flames burned high up into the air. Shards of metal were thrown everywhere.

When the ambulance arrived and the fire fighters were putting out the fire, the boy sat crying for his brother. When asked what was wrong he would say, "My brother! My brother is gone! I want my brother! My brother is dead!" He was so heartbroken over his brother that he had completely forgotten about the little girl.

The fire fighters found the little girl lying on the ground with a head injury. She was barely conscious. She was taken to the ambulance and the boy saw her on the stretcher. He rushed to her side and apologized for forgetting she was still near the wreck. Tears poured from his emerald eyes.

She said simply, "I don't blame you for forgetting. He must have been a great brother." She smiled, and even though she was close to passing out from blood loss, her crimson eyes gleamed.

She passed out in the ambulance before even making it to the hospital. She didn't wake up for two months. When she finally did awake, she had no memories of her family, home, or even the car crash. The little boy had stayed with her and even though she didn't remember him, the little boy had begged his father to try and help her find her home. The boy's father paid to have the police do a three month search for the girl's family. When they weren't found, she was put in foster care and never saw the boy again.