Titan City

March 15

The Mansion

9:00 AM

Raven crossed her arms across her chest as she stared at the man in the wheelchair in front of her. They were in his study and he sat behind a desk, looking at three sets of files in front of him. A small wisp of dark brown hair fell in front of her eyes. She tucked it behind her ear and continued to glare at him.

"Raven, I can feel your eyes boring through my head." Dr. John Burgess says, without looking up from his files.

"I just don't get it. Why me?" She asks her mentor. Looking up from his paperwork, he smiled at the girl in front of him in black jeans and a dark blue t-shirt.

"The question, is why not you?" He asks her.

"You know what I mean." Raven says, resisting the urge to roll her eyes like she would have done if it were anyone else in front of her.

"Raven you are a hero, you belong on this team."

"Why are you even forming a team in the first place?" She asks.

"The hero community needs hope. After the ban, so many went into hiding and stopped. Even though they don't know it, the world needs us. That a good enough answer for you Raven?"

"No." Dr. John chuckles to himself and rolls out from behind his desk over to the girl.

"It will make sense someday soon, I promise. Everything will make sense." He assures her. Raven just nods, not really convinced. Her eyes travel over to the desk, spotting the files.

"Are those the other heroes?" She asks him.

"Yes. They are all on their way here as we speak. Laura has travelled to the train station to pick up one coming in from Grim City. Another should be here any second and the third is already downstairs."


"Yes, he came in late last night." Dr. John simply responds.

"Are you truly positive that I am ready for this?" Raven asks.

"I know you are. This team will become your family." Dr. John tells her.

"I don't need a family." Raven tells him as she turns and walks away from him out of his study.

Cyber City

Central Apartments

9:15 AM

Arden Chaplain punched the punching bag in front of her again, letting it swing a little before hitting it again. She repeated the action until her knuckles were bleeding through the tape she had put around them. Finally after twenty minutes, she stopped.

Walking over to the bench, she grabbed her water bottle and towel. She walked over to the large windows overlooking the city. Her father had fell in love with this apartment as soon as he saw the view. From here, you could see all of Cyber City. Below her, business people walked briskly, heading off to work. Beyond the bright lights and towering skyscrapers, she could even make out the edge of the North Sector, the place where crime was rampant.

Arden took a long sip of water, staring out over the city. In her mind, Cyber City would forever be her father's city. He spent years protecting it and kept it safe. They put up statues of him around the city and praised him. Now they pretended he never existed. The statues were destroyed and his name was never mentioned. All because of the ban.

Angrily, Arden kicked a spare knife lying on the floor. It flew threw the air, the point sticking into the back wall. She didn't care; the wall already had numerous knife marks.

She walked up the stairs into the main apartment, locking the door and activating the security system as she went. Arden trudged down the hall into her kitchen, placing the water bottle on the counter. She grabbed a granola bar out of her cabinet and marched over to the large French doors opening up onto her patio.

Her apartment was one of the nicest in the city. Top floor, she could see everything and it also gave her privacy since her apartment was the only one this far up. She walked over to the ledge, pulling herself up onto the low wall. Dangling her legs over the side, she sat quietly, listening to the sounds of the day around her.

Titan City

The Basement

10:00 AM

Dr. John Burgess surveyed the four teens in front of him. They all seemed to have mixed emotions at the moment. Raven, stood off to the side a bit, arms crossed. The telepath stood with his hands in his pocket, looking around the room in awe. The youngest, a speedster, stood bouncing in place, smiling widely. And finally, the fourth member stood still, making no movement except to look around the room in confusion.

"Welcome to the team everyone." John says to the teens with a kind smile.

Hardly able to contain himself any more, the young speedster blurts out, "This is so cool. You're Brainwave, that is awesome."

Dr. John smiles. "Yes, Luke, I am Brainwave, and you're Turbo."

"You know who I am, that is..." Luke trails off looking for a right word. Not able to find one, he simply closes his mouth and turns to the boy besides him. "Isn't this awesome."

"I guess." He says shrugging. Luke looks at the boy in confusion.

"You guess? This is the best day of my life." Luke declares.

"Alright Luke, settle down. I think introductions are needed now." Dr. John says. "Raven, would you like to start?" The girl shakes her head, some of her long brown hair falling in front of her face.

"I'll start, I'll start." Luke offers. Dr. John nods at him to continue. "I'm Luke Waters, but you can call me Turbo. I'm fourteen and my powers are that I have super speed. I'm from Titan City. I could probably run to China and back in less than a minute. Want to see me try? I haven't yet though."

"Not today Luke." Dr. John says turning to the boy next to Luke. "Wes, how about you next?"

"I'm Wes Feldman. I'm seventeen and I am a telepath. I'm from Grim City. And you can call me Force. " The boy introduces himself as.

"I'm Lance Peterson, codename Prometheus. I'm eighteen and I have super strength and I can fly. Um...I don't really know where I am from." Lance admits, stuffing his hands in the pockets of his jeans.

"How do you not know where you are from?" Luke asks. Lance stare up at the ceiling.

"Lance suffers from amnesia. We found him in an alley a few months ago. He recently woke up from a coma and only remembers his name and powers." Dr. John explains to the others. Lance stares at the ground.

"Sorry about that man, tough break." Wes tells him sympathetically. Lance manages a small smile.

"So who is she?" Luke asks, pointing to Raven.

"I'm Raven Delaforce. I have no powers but am a weapons expert. My hero name is simply Raven. I'm sixteen and from Grim City" She says blandly. As she speaks, three other people enter into the main room of the basement from a hallway. Their feet echo off of the metal floors.

"Team, these are the other members of the team. I will be your leader. This is Laura Ewing, the team medic." He points to a woman who is about thirty years old with curly brown hair and a slim build. "This is Wayne Reynolds, some of you may remember him as the hero Shadow from before the ban. He is a weapons and hand to hand expert and will be training all of you." Wayne was in about his mid thirties, medium height, and short brown hair. "And finally, this is Steven Bayless, or Tech as you will call him. He is an expert engineer and has technopathy and metal manipulation as his powers."

The twenty-six year old with shaggy brown hair and glasses smiled at the teens. "S'up guys."

A flash of blue and white suddenly approaches a stoic Shadow.

"Oh my gosh, you are Shadow. This is so cool. Best day ever." Luke declares giddily. Shadow eyes the skinny kid with blue eyes and neat dirty blonde hair skeptically.

"Um...hello?" Shadow says.

"You said hello to me. That is so awesome." Luke quickly speeds back to stand back in line besides Wes and Lance, stuffing his hands in the pockets of his cargo shorts. He had the widest smile on his face as he went back to giddily bouncing in place.

"I see you're a hero fan." Wes comments.

"Always have been. I was so mad when they issued the ban four years ago. My favorite is Titan, but I've also always been a fan of Brainwave, Shadow, Guardian, and Elasta."

"Elasta?" Wes asks with a tight smile.

"Yeah, she was so awesome. Are you a fan too? Remember when she saved that school bus of children while fighting Dr. Cannon. That was so epic." Luke happily states. Lance looked over at the two of them slightly confused, trying to follow along with the conversation. Raven just looked bored, her arms still firmly across her chest.

"Who's Elasta?" Lance asks in confusion.

'This super awesome hero who could expand her limbs like elastic. She was the protector of Grim City and super awesome." Luke declares.

"I think...I think I remember her." Lance says, a dazed and confused look on his face.

"That is enough talking about Elasta for now." Dr. John states, sensing Wes' discomfort with the discussion. "Now, here is how this team will work."

"You will have training four days a week with Shadow. I will assign you missions. They can happen anytime so be ready. Tech has developed these," Tech pulls out four communicators from his tool belt. "I will use these to summon you for a mission."

"Question." Wes says. "I live on the West coast, the train ride took me two days to get here. How am I going to get here for a mission?"

"Simple. Tech developed transporters that he's placed in every major city, you will use those to bring you here." Dr. John tells him. "Now, the purpose is obvious, keep the public safe. But also, you are the next generation. You are bringing hope back to the hero community. Now remember, don't get caught by the police. Ever since the hero ban, the police have been taking in any heroes they find, since as we all know, it is illegal. Secrecy is of the utmost importance. You will do nothing to betray your hero identities or who you are."

"Understood." Luke says, nodding.

"Are there really only four of us?" Wes asks.

"For now." Dr. John says. "It is hard to find heroes nowadays as you may imagine." All four nod. "I have some business to attend to but you four can feel free to explore the mansion, get to know the place. You each have rooms here as well if you want to check it out."

"Really?" Luke asks.

"Yes. Lance and Raven live here permanently, but you and Wes are welcomed to stay here anytime." Dr. John assures them. With that, he rolls himself over to the elevator, accompanied by Shadow. When they were gone, Laura turns and faces the team.

"So, you guys good here? I have some errands to run." She states with a bit of a southern accent.

"We're good sweet cheeks." Luke says with a grin. Everyone in the room gives him a weird look.

"Um...okay...I'm just going to go." Laura says, disappearing down the hallway she had come. That left only Tech and the teens.

"I'm going to go to the tech room. Shout my name if you need me." And with that, it was only the four teens left. Wes turns to Luke.

"Sweet cheeks? Please tell me you were not just flirting with her." Wes says. Luke shrugs.

"She's hot."

"She's also thirty." Raven responds. Everyone turns to look at her. She rolls her eyes and walks towards the elevator. "I'm going to my room." The doors snap open, she gets in, and then they slam shut.

"Well it's just us men now." Luke states.

"I'm going to go...do something." Lance says walking towards the hallway the three adults had come from.

"I guess that leaves just the two of us." Wes says.

"You want to see if they have any video games around here?" Luke asks.

"It's like you just read by mind." Wes says to the shorter boy.

Cyber City

North Sector

9: 32 PM

Silver Blade stood on the rooftop overlooking the North Sector. Below her, she watched the people walk by, some seemed to be heading home from work while others looked to be just starting their night.

If someone was to look up at that moment, they might think they see a short girl with braided brown hair watching from the rooftop with a collapsible bow in her hand, knives and a grappling gun strapped around her waist in a red utility belt and a quiver on her back. She wore a silver and black mask on her face as well as black leggings, silver combat boots and a gray tank top.

But nobody looked up and Silver Blade stood in her spot, continuing to watch for any signs of trouble. A police scanner was attached to her belt and she had an earbud in her right ear, listening for any signs of trouble.

Suddenly an explosion rocks the neighborhood. Below her, people scream and begin to run away from the fire two blocks away. Silver Blade was different; she jumped onto the next roof and used her grappling gun to get herself closer to the explosion.

The street was deserted by the time Silver Blade landed on the pavement. The people had all run and the police had yet to arrive. For such a high tech city, they never could get to the North Sector fast enough. Some didn't even care anymore.

She unattached her bow from her belt and notched an arrow. She examined the deserted streets. It was mostly rundown buildings, but she knew somebody was here. She didn't know why though. Who would want to set an explosion in the middle of a rundown neighborhood?

Nobody appeared to be hurt and the giant scorch mark in the middle of the road. No buildings were badly harmed either. Some weeds looked burnt, but that was about it. This was weird.

"Oh look, a hero." A voice taunted from above. Silver Blade swung her bow up, spotting a figure standing on a rooftop nearby. The voice laughed. "You really think you should be here right now? What with your species dying and everything." The voice laughed again.

"Come down here and fight me. I'll show you why I should be here right now." For good measure, Silver Blade fired a warning arrow, landing a foot to the right of the figure.

"You're going to need to do better than that to fight this." Suddenly a ball of fire is flying towards Silver Blade, she ducks down to the ground and rolls out of the way.

"That the best you got. I learned in preschool to drop, tuck, and roll. I thought you would challenge me." Something felt off to her though. Fireballs, she knew somebody who could do that. Somebody...

The figure laughed again and then gracefully jumped down onto an awning below, landing on her feet on the street. Stepping in front of the streetlamp, Silver Blade took a shocked step back.

The girl before her had long red hair, a white mask and a red and orange flamed costume. The red hair gave her away to Silver Blade though.

"Angie." Silver Blade said quietly.

"How do you know my name?" The villain asks coolly. When Silver Blade doesn't reply, Angie runs over to Silver Blade, grabbing the front of her shirt and lifting her up into the air. With one hand she held the short girl and with the other she formed a fireball, holding it under Silver Blade's chin. "How do you know my name? Answer me!"

"How could I forget," Silver Blade starts, struggling against Angie's grip. "My father's favorite fellow hero. The one who used to babysit me."

"Arden? Arden Chaplain? How?" In her shock, Angie's grip loosened, and Arden wriggled out of her grip, back flipping away so that she was a good distance away. She grabbed three knives in each hand, ready to fight.

"How is not the right question? What are you doing here Angie? You are a hero."

"I was a hero." Angie responds. "Now I am a villain. I can't be normal Arden; I can create flames from my hands as easily as breathing. It's your father's entire fault. He just had to die. The public was already uneasy about heroes at the moment and then he had to die and then everyone in the building died to because he failed and the public realized that they couldn't rely on heroes anymore. It is all his fault."

A fireball materialized in each of Angie's hands as she grew in anger. Sadness threatened to overwhelm Silver Blade, but she held it back.

"There is no one to blame in this situation Flame." Silver Blade says, trying to use her hero name to calm Angie. It only made it worse though.

"It's Firepower now little Chaplain. And since your father isn't here right now, you are the next person in line I can place the blame on for this situation. I can take you out." With that Firepower releases a blast of fire, aiming right at Silver Blade, who sidestepped and threw a knife, ripping through the shoulder of Firepower's costume.

Suddenly a police siren could be heard in the distance. Firepower turns to Silver Blade with a malicious smile.

"Well this was fine, but I got to split. Have fun dealing with the feds little Chaplain. We will meet again no doubt." With that, Firepower runs into the darkness of an alley. Silver Blade wanted to go after her, but the approaching police sirens deterred her. She pulled out her grappling gun and right before the police came flying into the alley, Silver Blade landed on the concrete roof, crouching below the small stone wall. She listened as the police talked, examining the scene.

She mentally kicked herself when they found her knife lying on the ground. The night had gone south. She didn't know Firepower's motives for the explosion and the police found her knife. Sighing, she did the one thing she could do, go home.

Titan City

March 16

The Mansion

5:51 PM

Wes felt a little dazed as he stepped out of the transporter into the basement of the mansion. He stumbled a bit as he walked towards the elevator to go up to the main level where he was sure everyone was.

Wes turned when he heard footsteps behind him. Tech walked by him, muttering to himself. Tech looked up when he saw Wes standing by the elevator.

"Did you just come in by the teleporter?" Tech asks.


"You made it back in one piece, good. You are the first person to use it over such a long distance before. Fascinating." Tech says, studying Wes. "And there are no side effects, wicked."

"Wicked?" Wes asks, choosing to ignore the side effects part.

"Cyber City slang. It means good in some context." Tech simply says. "I'm going to head back to my room. See you later."

"Bye." Wes says as the elevator doors open and he steps in.

He arrives at the main floor and walks into the living room where Luke was already happily playing a racecar game on the x-box, while simultaneously trying to explain it to Lance. Raven sat on a window seat, drawing in a notebook, a look of concentration on her face. Not wanting to interrupt Raven, Wes went over to the couch.

"Wes! What's up?" Luke asks. The four were all in their civilian clothes having come here after school like Dr. John had asked. Due to the time difference between the west and east coast, Wes was the last to arrive.

"Nothing. How long have you guys been here?"

"All day." Lance responds.

"You didn't go to school?" Wes asks.

"Dr. John has been working with me all day, assimilating be back into society as he worded it." Lance explains.

"Dude, you missed school, I am so jealous." Luke declares as his car crosses the finish line first. "Yes!"
Raven looks over at the three of them, annoyance clearly written across her face. Wes notices and turns to Luke.

"Maybe you should keep it down a bit buddy, Raven looks like she is trying to concentrate." Wes tells him, Luke nods and starts another game, this time with Lance playing as well. Raven gives Wes a slightly less annoyed look and then goes back to drawing.

Three hours later, after dinner, Dr. John calls them all down to the basement. They exit the elevator and Dr. John is in his chair, in front of a large drop down screen.

"Listen up team, it is time for your first mission. Last night there was a small explosion in the North Sector of Cyber City. You guys are to investigate this. See if there are any motives behind the attack." Dr. John explains.

"Do you have any idea who did it?" Lance asks.

"We aren't certain, but the database of known heroes and villains that Tech created last year suggested that a hero named Flame would be the best match for this attack. We can never be sure though."

"But you said she is a hero, why would she make this attack?" Wes asks in confusion.

"Many heroes have become villains since the ban." Dr. John says sadly. "Wes, I am appointing you leader."

"Me?" He asks in confusion.

"Yes you. Tech has made you all clothes for when you are heroes." At that precise moment, Tech comes out, wheeling a rack of superhero costumes.

For Raven there was a pair of black shorts and black shoes that went up to her ankles. There was also a long sleeved black shirt with a hood shaped like a bird attached to it that hung over her eyes.

For Luke, there was a black and Cobalt Blue uniform with electricity running down the side. He also had a pair of cobalt blue goggles to both hide and shield his eyes.

Lance had a dark blue costume with a dark blue cape and a white star on his chest, white boots, white utility belt, white gloves and white mask.

Wes' costume was red and black. His shirt was red with a large black dot in the middle. He had black pants and red boots and a black and red mask.

"This is so sweet." Luke declares once they were all changed.

"It is Turbo." Dr. John says. "On missions, make sure you only refer to each other by your codenames, understood." They all nod. "You can take the teleporter. Good luck team."

Cyber City

North Sector


"This is not as sweet as I thought it was going to be." Turbo says, dejectedly as he and Force patrolled another alley.

"It's only the first mission. I'm sure the next one will be more exciting." Force assures his friend.

"Raven, Prometheus, anything?" Force asks, radioing the other two who were on the other side of the neighborhood.

"Nothing. I'm not even sure what we are supposed to be looking for." Prometheus responds.

"Rendezvous at mine and Turbo's location." Force says, knowing the trackers they had built into their uniforms would lead them to their location.

"Got it." Prometheus responds.

"Wow, you're really good at this leader stuff." Turbo says.

"I've been around heroes all my life, I would hope that I would have picked up something." Force says trying to joke, but it came off flat. Turbo looks at him curiously, but for once, keeps his mouth shut.

A few minutes later Prometheus and Raven arrive.

"Well this has been fun." Raven says blandly.

"Oh, its about to get a lot more fun." A voice says from above them. A ball of fire is suddenly thrown into the middle of the group. They all jump back and look up onto the roof. A girl with red hair and a flame colored uniform looked down at them with a smirk. "I guess its my lucky week, I'm encountering all the little heroes."

"Week?" Turbo mouths to Force in confusion. Force just shrugs and with his powers, he waves his hand at the dumpster in the alley, lifting it up in the air. With a flick of his hand, he sends it flying at the villain. She jumps onto the fire escape, narrowly missing the dumpster.

"Looks like they sent in the big guns." The girl taunts. Prometheus flies up to the fire escape.

"That would be me." He says as he grabs her and throws her. She flips in mid air, landing on her feet. Turbo and Raven run after her, coming out of the alley into the deserted street.

Raven throws five ninja stars, that the girl incinerates, but she didn't notice Turbo come in and slam her from the side. She goes flying to the ground.

The team surrounds her, but she just laughs as she stands up dusting herself off.

"You children seriously think you can take me on? They call me Firepower for a reason." Just as she says that, she releases a long stream of fire, causing the team to jump and get out of the way.

Force immediately begins using his mind to throw trashcans and whatever he can find on the street at Firepower. "We need a plan!"

"Isn't that your job?" Prometheus asks, as another ball of fire is just barely dodged by the team. Firepower incinerates another trashcan, temporarily distracted. An arrow is shot from a roof above, releasing a net over the distracted Firepower. Some sort of green gas is released as the net wraps around Firepower. She passes out immediately.

The team isn't sure what to be more confused about, Firepower, the net, or the source of the net. A grappling hook is suddenly shot across the street. Prometheus locates the source first, spotting a petite girl gliding down a roof. She lands on the ground besides Firepower, reeling back in the grappling hook, and attaching it to the red belt around her waist. The girl had brown hair, braided off to the side. She wore a gray tank top, black leggings, silver boots, and a silver and black mask.

After she bent down to make sure that Firepower was really out and not just faking it, she spins around and approaches the team. Up close, she was shorter than Prometheus thought at first, even shorter than Turbo.

"Who are you guys?" She asks questioningly.

"You first." Force asks, eyeing the girl with suspicion. She sighs.

"Really buddy, if I wanted to harm you I wouldn't have taken care of Firepower there for you." The girl said Firepower with a strong sense of palpable disdain.

"She has a point." Turbo states. "I'm Turbo, he's Prometheus, that's Force, and she's Raven." He points to them as he introduces them.

"Silver Blade." The girl introduces herself as.

"That's a nice bow you got there." Raven says. She could recognize a good weapon.

"Thanks. I got it for my eleventh birthday." Silver Blade says, putting the bow into a more compact for and attaching it to her belt. "So are you guys like some kind of hero team or something?"

"We are." Force tells her.

"You guys are idiots. Teams are stupid." Silver Blade says.

"And what do you know about teams anyway?" Prometheus asks.

"My father used to always say that when working with a team, your priority isn't always the civilian but your teammates, and that is bad." Silver Blade tells him.

"Yeah, but its nice to know people have your back." Turbo says.

"Whatever. I'm going to drop Firepower off in front of the police. Nice meeting you guys, but honestly, I have Cyber City under control." Silver Blade spins around to walk over to Firepower only to find an empty net. She stares at it openmouthed along with everyone else. She quickly examines the net, just as she suspected there was a long slash through the netting. "Damn it! God fucking damn it!"

Angrily she kicks the useless netting off to the side. She spins around and stomps over to the team.

"This is all you guys' fault." She shouts angrily.

"How is it our fault?" Prometheus asks her stepping out from besides his teammate.

"You guys were distracting me." She says flailing her arms in the air.

"You wouldn't have caught her in the first place without us." Prometheus remarks.

"I would have. I have too. She is my responsibility." Silver Blade glares at Prometheus for one last second before spinning around. She picks up the netting, throwing it in one of the trashcans that lay askew on the ground. She pulled out her grappling gun and got ready to go, before a hand was on her shoulder stopping her. She spun around to see Force.

"We can help you."

"Why would you help me?"

"It's what we do. We're heroes." Turbo says, speeding over to them. Raven and Prometheus bring up the rear of the group.

"I just want to kick her ass." Raven says, shrugging.

"Prometheus?" Force asks. The boy glared at the girl again, but shrugs.

"Sure whatever, we can help her."

"Sorry but I don't need your help." Silver Blade says.

"We're not offering." Force responds. Silver Blade sighs.

"Fine, be at the top of that roof," She points to a rooftop, "At 11 o'clock tomorrow. Don't be late or I am going after her without you."

With that, Silver Blade is launched into the air onto a rooftop. The team watches her disappear into the darkness before heading back to the transporter to take them back to the mansion.

Titan City

The Mansion

March 17

8:34 AM

Raven sat at the breakfast table with Dr. John. She munched on her cereal and he ate his waffles, just like it have been since the man had found her in Suicide Alley in Grim City.

"You warming up to this team thing yet?" He asks her.


"Why not?"

"I just... I don't fit in as a hero." Raven says. Dr. John looks like he is about to protest, but he changes topic.

"You liked fighting last night though right?"

"Yeah, but she got away." They had already briefed Dr. John on what happened when they got in before they all went off to their rooms at the mansion. It was a Saturday so nobody had school.

"People get away sometimes. It was a good learning experience." Dr. John tells her reassuringly.

At that moment, a sleepy Wes made his way into the kitchen in boxers and a white t-shirt. He yawned as he grabbed a cup and began making coffee in the fancy coffeemaker. The kitchen was big with state of the art technology and both a breakfast table and a bigger fancier dinner table.

Once Wes had his coffee, he sat down at the breakfast table. Raven and Dr. John looked at him in amusement.

"What?" He asks grumpily.

"I always took you as a morning person." Raven comments.

"I'm not, sue me." He replies.

"Maybe if you hadn't stayed up late playing video games with Luke, you wouldn't be so tired." Raven says. Wes glares at her.

"You're not my mom." Wes says, getting up and taking his coffee with him. When he is gone, Raven turns to Dr. John.

"See?" She says.

"That doesn't count." Dr. John tells her with a smile. Raven sighs and finishes her breakfast.

Titan City

The Mansion

4:17 PM

Luke was bored. They had already had training for today and he had called his parents to assure them that he was all right and not in the custody of the police. Wes had disappeared somewhere and Raven was up in her room. That left him with Lance.

Luke had already spent an hour explaining how to play Call of Duty to Lance, which still couldn't play it right. Eventually the guy had given up and started reading, leaving Luke alone to play. It soon got old though and he needed something else to do.

"Lance, I'm bored." He complains to the older boy.

"Go do homework or something." Lance suggests, not looking up from his book. Luke makes a disgusted face at the suggestion. He flopped back onto the couch. Lance looked over at him from where he was reading on the other end.

"What are you reading?" Luke asks.

"A separate Peace." Lance replies.

"What's that?"

"A story." Lance responds dryly. "You'll probably read it in school."

"Oh, it's one of those books isn't it?" Luke asks.

"I don't know what you mean by "one of those books" but sure, it is." Lance goes back to reading, leaving Luke bored again.

"Hey, did you think that girl was cute last night?" Luke asks out of the blue.

"Silver Blade?" Lance asks.

"Yeah, she was hot." Luke says.

"Don't let Laura hear you say that." Lance jokes.

"There is enough of me for two." Luke says. Lance rolls his eyes. "Really though, she was totally hot."

"Sure kid, she was hot." Lance says, mostly to get the boy to shut up and leave him in peace.

"I wonder if Wes will agree with me?"

"Why don't you go find him and ask him yourself."

"Good idea." With that, the kid was gone. Lance smiled to himself as he had the empty and most importantly quiet, living room to himself for a while.

Cyber City

North Sector

10:58 PM

The team was waiting on the rooftop when Silver Blade landed on the roof. They turn around to face her. She gives them a wry grin.

"You're early." She states. "Good. Let's get started. We should break up into tag teams to take her down. Both times she's been spotted have been only a few blocks from each other. I've created a five mile radius we should check." She pulls out her map. "Prometheus and I will check region one, Force and Turbo region 2, and Raven region 3, you alright with being alone?"

"Definitely." Raven says, nodding her head.

"Good let's move out. I want her behind bars as soon as possible." She says with venom in her voice. She folds up her map and puts it in her utility belt. "Any questions?" Nobody says anything. "Let's go then."

"So why do you hate Firepower so much?" Prometheus asks Silver Blade as the leap onto another rooftop, or she leaps and he flies. She walks over to the edge, analyzing the people below, searching for someone.
"She's villain and belongs behind bars." She responds point blank.

"Yeah, but you seem to extra hate her." Prometheus says, searching the ground, not quite sure what he was looking for.

"I just do alright." Angrily, Silver Blade moves away from the ledge to make the jump to the next roof. She miscalculated though and fell a few feet short of grabbing the ledge. Prometheus flew out and caught her before she could plummet to her death though.

"Thank you." She says sheepishly as he placed her on the roof.

"No problem. Sorry if my questions are being to invasive." Silver Blade sighs.

"You're not, I just don't like talking about it. She was a partner of my father's. They fought together a lot and...I just always looked up to her when she was a hero, I can't believe that she turned." Silver Blade says.

"I thought your father was against partners?"

"Teams. He believed in teaming up with people though sometimes to take down a common threat." She says.

"Your father seemed to know a lot."

"He does...did. He was killed a few months before the ban. It's not his fault though. Guardian gave his life for this city, he deserves better." Silver Blade says sadly. At the mention of Guardian, something clicked inside his head.

He grasped his head in pain and knelt to the ground as images flashed in front of his face, clouding his vision. He couldn't hear anything either. He saw a man in a bronze helmet, glaring at something. Another flash. He couldn't make anything else out but the same man. Prometheus held his hands to his head trying to make the pain go away. When it finally began to recede, his vision and hearing returned.

"Prometheus? What is happening? Are you okay? Answer me god damn it!" Silver Blade says, crouching down in front of his face. Prometheus opened his eyes to see her concerned face right in front of him. For a second, he remembered what Luke had said about her being pretty. He was wrong though, she was beautiful. "Prometheus?"

"Yeah." He choked out.

"Thank God, what was that?" She asks, helping him up.

"I...I don't really know." He says, leaning on her slightly for support. It didn't seem to affect her that much though.

"Well whatever it is, I hope you're okay now. You good to keep travelling?" She asks him. He nods, but before they move a voice interrupts them.

"How sweet. You don't need to go anywhere though, I'm right here." Firepower suddenly appeared at the other end of the rooftop, sitting lazily on the low wall around the roof. While they had been distracted with Prometheus, she had arrived.

"How'd you do it Angie?" Silver Blade asks, using her civilian name. Prometheus takes his weight off of her, calling in Force, Raven, and Turbo.

"I have friends." She responds simply. "That knock out gas, pretty powerful stuff. Took me a full five hours to wake up from it."

"Developed by the best."

"Billy's latest batch I presume." Firepower responds.

"How'd you know? But that's enough catching up." Silver Blade says, pulling out her bow and notching an arrow. "It's time to fight."

"Agree. As cliché as it sounds, there is room for the two of us in this city Little Chaplain."

"No there is not." Silver Blade releases an arrow. Firepower incinerates it, making her open to an attack from Prometheus who runs at her, punching her in the side. She stumbles a bit, but doesn't seem too affected.

"That the best you got?" Firepower taunts just as an explosive arrow lands at her feet, sending her sprawling on her back. Prometheus grabs her, flying up into the air. She struggles in his grip.

"I'm invulnerable, your fire can't hurt me that much." He says as he feels her hands heat up. "It just feels like some bee stings." She yells in anguish. He drops her and as she begins to plummet to the ground, Silver Blade shots another net releasing arrow and then another arrow flies through the air, pinning the net to the wall. Angie tries to break free, but she couldn't.

"Fire resistant net." Another one of Billy's improvements." Silver Blade says, approaching the girl. With one hand, she cuts the net and the other she places a collar around Firepower's neck, blocking her powers. "That's one too." And with a swift kick to the face, Firepower was out cold. Prometheus lands besides Silver Blade.

"Who's Billy?" He asks.

"A friend of mine, former friend of hers." Silver Blade simply responds, staring sadly at the girl at her feet. "I wanted to be just like her when I grew up, now... I guess things change."

"I'm sorry." Prometheus simply responds. Silver Blade shrugs. The other three team members arrive on the roof, spotting the knocked out Firepower.

"Looks like you took care of her." Turbo states.

"Yeah, I'll bring her a block or two away and call in an anonymous tip. Thanks for the help. It was actually kind of nice..." Silver Blade trails off, looking away from the team back to Angie. She wraps a rope around her.

"If you ever need any help, we'll be there." Force tells her.

"Thanks." She says, hoisting Firepower onto her shoulders. Pulling out her grappling gun, she gives the team a small smile before swinging into an alley below.

"Hey guys, we took down our first villain." Force says smiling.

"Oh yeah." Turbo shouts.

"You guys weren't even there." Prometheus states.

"I still count this as a win for us." Force says. Everyone laughs, even Raven who manages a small smile and laugh.

Cyber City

March 18

Central Apartments

10:25 AM

Arden stumbled out of her warm bed when she heard the doorbell ring. The one morning she decided she was going to sleep in and relax just also happened to be the one morning she actually gets a visitor. Grumbling, she walked down her hallway towards the front door, hoping she wasn't to offensive looking in her boy shorts and over large t-shirt. She hadn't even bothered to brush her teeth, let alone her hair yet.

"Yes?" She asks as she opens the door to reveal a man in a wheel chair accompanied by another man in about his thirties with short brown hair. "Can I help you?"

"Arden Chaplain right?" The man asks.

"Yes? Is there something you need?" She asks, picturing her nice warm bed.

"I think we better come in to explain to you our proposition Silver Blade." The man says with a smile. Wordlessly, Arden opens the door wider letting them in.

Titan City

The Mansion

1: 48 PM

"Team, please report to the basement." Dr. John's voice says over the loudspeaker in the house. Wes and Luke pause their video game, and Lance looks up from his book. The three boys come out of the living room, spotting Raven coming down from the stairs.

"What do you think this is about?" She asks them curiously. All three shrug as they make their way over to the secret elevator. They step in a ride down to the basement. They are all shocked to see a girl dressed in civilian clothes standing besides Dr. John in the main room of the basement.

The girl had a familiar wry smile, blue eyes, and brown hair that was in a braid that was lying against her left shoulder. She wore a pair of skinny jeans with brown boots and a light blue tank top.

"Team meet Arden Chaplain, your newest teammate." Dr. John says.

"You can call me Silver Blade though." She says to the dumbstruck teens in front of her, smiling mischievously.

Unknown Location

The two teens stared at the back of the chair. They knew that sitting in the chair was their boss, even though they had never seen him before.

"I take it that your mission was accomplished?" He asks.

"Yes." The boy says, placing a bronze helmet on the desk. "We lost Firepower though."

"That can be fixed real easily, don't you worry children."

"We also got pictures of the teens Firepower fought." The girl says, placing pictures on the desk.

"Very well done. I will be in touch soon with your next mission. You are dismissed."