I realize

As I look around

That in this room

They abound.

But they'll be settling soon.

Like they have wings,

People flutter about

Greeting friends,

Doing last minute things,

And getting seating figured out

Before the play begins.


Flutter inside

Eleven nervous students

Whose eyes

Are growing wide

Before the play begins.

Remind myself to breathe,

Smile nervously

At our director, Amy.

She's nervous too, I know,

But we won't let it show.

I hope that it helps,

'Cause we can't help ourselves

With only the little practices we've had,

And I only dare to hope that the play doesn't turn out too bad.

I remind myself that even if everything goes wrong,

It's not like someone will be keeping score all night long.

The thought calms me down, odd as it is,

And just in time for the program to begin.

Inspired by our annual end of the school year program. I hope that you enjoyed it! Reviews always make my day!:)