New story, started with a little writing prompt in school but now it's my summer project!

My eyes grew wide at the sight of a young deer, it's mother grazed in the middle of the open field as the fawn wandered closer to the trees, closer to me. The high noon sun sent rays of sunshine down through the tree leaves above, causing my dark brown fur to have speckles of light on it. Hopefully it didn't catch the deer's attention.

My ears twitched slightly, waiting til the fawn was in the most vulnerable position wasn't one of my favorite things, especially when I'm hungry. Yet I stood there quietly, one paw lifted off the ground and the other holding me up just enough to see over the bright green bushes that kept me out of sight. I noticed the deer had barely visible antlers, must be a male.

Some twigs snap behind me, I hold my focus and stare at the deer in front of me, but sadly it heard the snapping too. As soon as its brown eyes lock with mine I lunge, taking advantage of him being in a state of shock. Before it could react I let my jaws close around its neck, bring his short life to an end.

The mother looked over, her ears drooping down at the sight of her dead offspring. I start to eat, blood covering my muzzle and face. She starts to run away, but as the large female finally reaches the tree line a dark shadow pops out of nowhere, pulling the deer down to the ground and holding onto its neck until all movement stops.

"Show off." I growl, then continue to eat my lunch.

The shadowy figure from earlier steps out into the sunlight, I already know it Fang but the white coat and prideful howl just proves my theory correct. He's far away, but still close enough to see me, his grey eyes glance my way and I hear a chuckle.

Soon enough, Fang is right next to me, "Nice catch." he teases, "Next time maybe you'll get a bunny."

"Shut up." I mumble, never even looking up from my meal, "At least I'm not stupid enough to leave a fresh deer alone."

He turns around just in time to see a giant brown bear eating his lunch, a small laugh escapes me as he scolds himself. After I'm done, Fang insists on walking back to the pack den together, and I have no choice but to agree.

DID YA LIKE IT?! If nobody wants me to I won't continue, I don't want to waste my time on a stupid story. :D