I rated it T just in case even though there is just innuendos, anyway this is just a simple one-shot that I did just because *shrug* anyway I hope you somewhat like it. Also I don't know if I got the genres down correctly, I'll fix it if I messed up.

Also any similarities of people, places, and story are purely coincidental.


The moon hung high in the sky with a shower of stars surrounding it, the faint glow of planets far from our own planet giving many the idea that its just another star with only a faint red telling us what its identity is. Down below there was a quiet little suburb. Friendly neighbors always helpful like a proper community, well trimmed grass, well done homes, and always the kids laughed together ever so joyfully. One house in particular belonged to a very lovely couple, both had successful jobs, and their beautiful daughter was a sweet heart. However something peculiar happened.

Inside that night the young child slept peacefully within her bed, then she heard the small noises.




She stirred a little bit and opened her eyes slightly.




Something crawled out from under her bed. Curiosity filled her eyes as she stared at the curious sight.

It was big. Skin like a lizard but dark like the sky, its head was like a dog but with very messy black hair going from top of the head down to the long tail as well as having sharp teeth, arms like a sloth with its huge claws, legs that looked agile even with its own set of sharpened claws, its tail was long and bushy. The creature was a mixture of many things that she has never seen.

After standing there for a minute the monster looked at the child with equally inquiring eyes that were much like the golden eyes of a cat.

"Are you not scared of me?" it said in a low voice.

The child shook her head, "no".

The monster tilted its head and brought its head closer to the child, "why not?"

The little girl was silent for a moment as she studied its face, then after she was satisfied with her observation she spoke.

"Daddy is scarier".

All seemed quiet throughout the house as the monster and child stared at one another. Until the front door was unlocked and opened, telling the child that her father was home.

A man grumbling about his frustrations.

A woman voicing concern.

Loudness rings through out the home as their voices raise.

The noise echoes.

Daddy's beloved friend smashes on the floor, resulting in him spitting out a language she didn't always hear.

The voices only become higher.

Then doors finally slam.

Beyond the walls of the home it was still lovely, but surely everyone will be shocked when the truth drips out of the cracks of this abode.

I've been busy with work and many other life things so it may take me a while to get back to my stories. Sorry.