Georgiana was awake and she did not know where she was.

Upon opening her eyes, the first thing she saw- or rather felt- was a man's bare chest pressing against her naked back. An arm was draped over her lower torso, a face nestling into the crook of her neck. Georgiana was laying on her side, almost completely nude except for her stockings. There was no mattress under them, only a thin sheet on a cold and unyielding wooden surface.

She had to cover her mouth with her hand to keep from gasping aloud. Carefully, Georgiana untangled herself from the man's hold and rolled away from the sleeping figure. To her relief, he appeared to be undisturbed. She couldn't see his eyes- they were hidden by his hair, but he continued to snore softly.

She sat up, distressing thoughts coursing through her head as her eyes wandered the room. It was absolutely filthy. Clothes, crushed beer cans, and condom wrappers littered the hardwood floor. Dust caked the uncovered windows. An assortment of opened and unopened boxes alike were strewn all over the room. There was hardly any furniture, aside from a cheap-looking plastic chair and lamp. No wonder we ended up on the floor, she thought. Georgiana doubted he even owned a bed.

Georgiana suppressed a groan as the last night's events began to came back to her. She'd returned to the city only yesterday afternoon after spending the winter holidays with her aunt in Quebec. Before her plane had departed, Georgiana's boyfriend Ron had texted her to say that he'd made a reservation for the two of them at a popular restaurant Georgiana loved to welcome her back. She'd been thrilled by the invitation. Ron hardly wanted to go anywhere that required him to dress up. Georgiana had sent her luggage ahead of her and rushed straight from the airport to meet him. She waited for Ron for almost an hour- constantly putting off the annoyed looking maitre'd- before resigning to the fact that her boyfriend had stood her up.

That segued into her rash decision to go to Court's, a sleazy dive bar downtown. Girls like Georgiana normally wouldn't be caught dead in a place like Court's, but she didn't want to go anywhere where there was a possibility of anyone recognizing her. She'd intended to get trashed and apparently she'd succeeded, Georgiana thought glumly as she stared at the slumbering form on the floor. She didn't even remember his name.

She was naked, and it was cold. Georgiana's legs- along with most of the lower part of her torso- felt weak and sore as she slowly got to her feet. She felt utterly ridiculous as she began to search for her clothes. The frilly satin panties she'd had on the night before was in a puddle on the floor, its matching bra hanging on the lone lamp along with her purse. Her dress and shoes were in the kitchen, in front of the refrigerator. Her coat was nowhere in sight.

Georgiana found the bathroom and dressed quickly. Sometime in the night her hair, usually so coiffed and lustrous, had reverted to its natural state of mass wild curls. She felt absurd wearing a cocktail dress so early in the day and dreaded the idea of someone seeing her on her walk of shame. Ron could cheat on her as many times as he'd like and everybody would still fawn over him- Georgiana was not Ron Christensen.

She tidied her appearance as best as she could, gathered her belongings, and moved cautiously out of the bathroom. Her efforts were needless. The makeshift bed on the floor was empty and the man, whoever he was, had disappeared. Georgiana wasn't certain whether to feel offended or relieved, but she shrugged the feeling off and headed for the door. She would deal with whatever consequences there were- if there was any- later.

Just as she reached for the knob the door swung open, and Georgiana came face-to-face with a pair of amber eyes. "Oh," she gasped. The man stared down at her in bemusement, his gaze landing on the purse in her hand. He made a strange half-smile and gestured behind him. "This way's to the bedroom," he said, then pointed at the opposite direction. "There's the one to the corridor."

Georgiana looked and sure enough, she saw another door near the kitchen that she hadn't noticed before. "Ah- thank you," she said awkwardly. Unsure of what to do, she held her hand out to him. Looking slightly amused, he shook it.

"My pleasure," he drawled. He spoke with an accent Georgiana couldn't exactly place, though she guessed that it was European. He'd dressed as she had, albeit his shirt and boxers were much more informal than her thousand dollar dress. Physically he was imposing, though it was due more to his height than his built. Georgiana was tall at 5'8, and in her heels he still loomed over her. He was attractive, but hardly the best looking man she'd ever seen.

But he was older, she realized. Much older. She placed him to either be in his late twenties or early thirties. Fuck.

She withdrew her hand. "This was nice and everything, but I really have to go," she said, flustered. It was an unnerving experience; Georgiana was scarcely ever anything but composed. She turned, ready to leave. She didn't expect him to move forward and reach for her hand.

"Don't you want to get my number first?" he asked smoothly. "Or you could give me yours. Better yet, you could stay. I'll cook breakfast and we can continue where we left off, Bee."

Georgiana narrowed her eyes at him. "What did you call me?"

He looked apologetic. "I didn't call you by the wrong name, did I? To be perfectly honest, last night is still a little fuzzy for me."

"Yes, that is my name," said Georgiana, remembering her little lie and recovering quickly. "Listen…"

"Ari," he supplied, his smile suddenly brash.

"Ari. I have a boyfriend-"

"That was the first thing you said to me," he cut in.

"Ari, I have a boyfriend," repeated Georgiana firmly," who I have no intention on breaking up with."

"See, you proved that you didn't give a damn about him just a few hours ago, so I'm rather certain it's not quite a match made in heaven."

Georgiana's face flared. "I'm sorry to say I don't place too much regard in your opinion, considering I don't know who the hell you are," she said coldly. "The only reason I allowed you to take me to this pigsty was because I was drunk and since I didn't even remember your name, I'm rather certain it wasn't quite as memorable for me as it was for you."

Ari's smile never faltered. He clutched at his chest mockingly. "A poke at my virility? I'm crushed." She rolled her eyes at him, but his smile only seemed to get wider. "You never asked me my name," he continued semi-seriously, "and you had maybe one drink before you asked me to bring you back here. Trust me darling, I don't need alcohol to persuade women to sleep with me." He'd crossed the room as he was speaking and began rummaging through one of the boxes, removing a thick gray duffel coat from it and handing it to her. Georgiana stared at him quizzically. "It's bloody cold out, you'll freeze to death if you go out with just that flimsy little thing on," he explained.

Georgiana was stunned by the gesture. It would have been incredibly stupid of her to refuse the coat, and she didn't hesitate to accept it. She slipped it on and tried to zip it up, but the fastener wouldn't budge. Before she knew it, he was in front of her, even closer than before, clasping the front of the coat and jerking at the zipper.

"I forgot this was a tricky one," he said, tugging until the coat was closed.

Georgiana nodded gratefully. "Thank you," she said smoothly. "I'll make sure to have it dry cleaned and sent back immediately."

"I don't really care if it's clean or not, but I'd rather you brought it back yourself. Perhaps on Saturday, around noon?"

"Have you been listening to me at all? I have a boyfriend. This will never happen again. No one can know about this. This did not happen."

"I beg to differ," said Ari, grinning roguishly. He was so close. "Alright. I'm not trying to be your boyfriend. Frankly, I don't have time to keep a girlfriend. However, if a situation such as the one that occurred last night happens again, I want you to know that I am more than available.

"You shouldn't act so desperate," she retorted, "it's unattractive."

"I garner you're worth the effort. Maybe you don't remember, but you made a delectable first impression. And I don't mean the actual shagging part, though I won't say it wasn't a perk," he added impishly.

Georgiana stepped around him towards the door. "Goodbye Ari. Thank you for the coat."

"I'll be at the same pub on Saturday," she heard him call out as she closed the door behind her. Georgiana shook her head to herself as she walked down the hallway. How could she be so stupid?