(A/N: this story is from a child's point of view, a child who is very sick. Some of the things written in this story might not make sense. This story will contain very dark themes. I will gladly take questions and try to answer them as best as I can.))

Chapter one: A New Home

I made mommy really mad today. Except, she was more mad than usual. I don't know what I did, but it really upset her.

The moment she saw me, she screamed, like she was afraid. I tried to ask her what was wrong, but she just grabbed me quickly, crying and saying things that I didn't understand. "Not you too! Not again!" She cried, holding me under the freezing water of the shower. I struggled in her arms, scared that she might drown me. "I can't breath! Mommy please! I can't breath!" But it was like she couldn't hear me, like I wasn't even saying anything.

This happened hours ago, when the sun was high in the sky, and I was still home, and still free.

She's taking me somewhere now, I don't know where, but she says I'm going to stay there and that I'm never going to see her again. Would you be upset if you were told that you'd never see your mother again? I'm not. I really don't feel anything about that. I just sit in the passenger seat, looking out the window at the world passing by. What I'll my new home be like? Will I make friends? Will I get new parents? Will daddy be there too? No. Mommy said he was in a special place. I want to go there.

When mommy stops the car, there's a huge house in front of us. It had a gate and a big wall surrounding it. It looked nice. Mommy pushed some buttons at the front gate. Someone talked to her and then let us in. Mommy stopped the car again when we got inside the gate and the gate closed again. Mommy grabbed me out of the car, hurting my arm. "Mommeeee" I whined, which made her squeeze harder. I stopped talking as she dragged me to the door and it was opened by two people in white clothes. There were other people in the room. At the front of the room, was a desk with a lady sitting at it. I sat in one of the chairs against the wall while mommy talked to the lady at the desk.I looked around. There was a lady and a girl, the lady was filling out papers while the girl sat next to her, tearing up a sheet of paper violently and screeching incoherencies.

There was a man in the corner of the room, he was rocking back and forth, whispering about some one coming to get him. Mommy came back and sat down. She had a clip board in her hand and she was filling stuff out. "What are you writing mommy?" I asked her, tugging on her sleeve. She swat my hand, "hush it boy!" she snapped. So I sat there quietly, trying not to focus on the other people, or the scary staff, or the cage guarding the rest of this place. Instead, I focused on something else, these little bright lights in the corner of the room. They looked like little fairies the longer I stared, telling me to run, to get away.

About an hour later, when mommy had finished the papers and handed them back to the lady, these people in white clothes came to get me. I was scared to go with them, but when I looked back at mommy, she told me that I had to go with them. I got up and they lead me to these double doors. Before I went through them, I looked back. I smiled at mommy, she was crying, "It's okay mommy. I'll be okay."

That was the last time I ever felt love for my mother.

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