At last I've found air, I gasp, my lungs glutinously filling with this sweet salvation. I feel my dry and cracking lips curl in a smile as my eyes flutter open to witness the vast exposure me. Void and wide this ocean was, almost endless. I found the beauty of such a creation over whelming, and the wonder of what might come of me knowing I survived where others have failed. It takes my body only moments to relieve itself from its numbness, assessing where I am. Fear sets in, and my breath hitches in my throat, but from behind me I head the soft, glorious sounding of the songs of birds. Appeased as they flew over head, feathers alike and much the same, I realized I was not alone. These familiar creatures continue on a head of me, paving a path, leading me on ward. I smile even wider; some how now the distance between me and land were not so great. Life beyond this point did not seem quite so impossible. I began to move my limbs, my hair moving like a curtain around me as I swam swiftly behind the parade of wings. Excitement filled me as I imagined what it will be like to feel the warmth of the suns rays before it was yet distorted by the water that encased me. Closer I drew to them, and as I did so one of them found the courage to fall behind, flying closely beside me. It didn't sing like the others, not being one for much converse, I had found, and although it saddened me to hear the wondrous music of the others while it remained quite by my own ear, I knew that in the simple fact it did not abandon me meant more than any tune could. At last, all seemed to amount to what many know has happiness, and I found the water unable to weigh me down as I had once allowed it to, but suddenly around me no longer was water but a black ichor and from below I felt something grasp my leg. I screamed, but the thick liquid filled my mouth. Thrashing and crying out, slowly I began to sink into the tar. The bird that had been following closely along side me turned its head at the sound of my struggle, its eyes growing sad as the met with my own, filled with tears. I saw it try to stop, turn around in attempt to aid me, but the wind had grown too strong and unwillingly it was pulled back in line with the others that continued on without ever looking back. Choking, I screamed once more, it was a sickening gargle, pathetic, and I heard the bird wail out was for my own suffering or its own I wasn't quite sure- for I had not the time to contemplate before, once again, I found myself lost beneath the black water.