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Sighing, Fey rolled her shoulders and surveyed the crowd. Nothing seemed too ordinary, nor too extraordinary causing her to return to the staring contest with her water. Curiously, she focused her gaze on the ice, wondering if her enhanced vision would be able to detect the ice melting into the water. She was spared the concentration when a plate heaping with bacon, eggs, sausages and toast slid into her view. The waitress smiled and chirped some greeting Fey nodded to before focusing on the new object in her view. Remembering she did go out to eat, Fey unwrapped the utensils and dug in.

"You're a new face." A boy slid into the booth across from Fey. She nodded but continued to viciously attack the food in front of her.

"A big eater too." Fey continued to tear through her food. "Not a big talker I'm guessing." The guy chuckled nervously when Fey finished the eggs and raised her eyes to his. Unnerved by her gaze, he shifted uncomfortably. Seeing the small perspiration forming on his neck, Fey grinned.

"Sorry, haven't eaten in what feels like days. Without food, a person is nothing." The guy immediately relaxed as her eyes lost their sharpness and her smile seemed less a baring of teeth and more a casual grin.

"That's one view on life I haven't heard in a while. Name's Jim, but most of the people around here call me Jimmy."

"I see." She took a sip of her water, noticing the ice cube was slightly smaller than when she last stared intently at the drink. "And do you want me to be like most people around here?" The man flustered a bit causing Fey to smile wider.

"Or do you just approach any poor, starving girl in local diners?"

"Well, I. I didn't get your name yet, Miss" he drawled, gaining his calm appearance with the words he spoke.

"Silly, I haven't given it to you yet. But I'll tell you what, you show me the best place to get ice cream and I'll be tempted to say."

"Ice cream?"

"Well it's a hot day out and I happen to have a sweet tooth. Besides, it's way too late for breakfast and a girl's always got room for dessert." Fey winked, and Jim smiled.

"Well as a gentleman it'd be my honor to show you to the best ice cream in town then. You new?"

"I've been stepping through for a few days. I thought it'd be a bit boring but things are looking a bit brighter now." She placed a twenty on the table and stood, mentally snickering at the man's expression. Leaning over she teased, "Ice cream does wonders to a boring day."

Amused, Fey walked away towards the entrance, turning to see if the man would follow. When he hastily stood up and turned she exited the diner. It's not like she had to follow anyone's orders anyway.

Nighttime came quickly and Fey found herself wishing to be back with Jeff or John or whoever the man was she had snagged ice cream and dinner from. Instead, she stood waiting in a clearing mourning the loss of the gas station ice cream she had just finished. The moon rose steadily above and she vaguely wondered how much longer she had to wait for the ones to appear. Bored, she once again looked for something to focus her attention on. Spotting an interesting knot in a tree 20 meters away, her eyes locked and set to memorizing every carving.

Half an hour into her intense examination of the tree knot she conjured her gun and shot. There was a surprised hiss as she turned to face the oncoming crowd.

"That was a warning shot, he's not dead I think. Pretty sure I measured my magic well enough in that shot. I don't like people sneaking up on me."

There were some more angry hissing noises and Fey averted her gaze to the sleek gun in her hand. Polishing it with her palm, she admired the gun she made and traced the patterns carved on the hilt.

"Trash. Shooting your own kind with something man made. We don't do magic." The man spat the word out, giving the impression of digesting something worse than the greasy bacon Fey ate that morning.

"Well, you may not do magic but I do. And besides, don't insult my baby saying it was man made. I made it and it's fabulous. She doesn't take well to insults"

"You cannot seriously expect to take us all down using something that limits your power. You'd be better off without it. This is ridiculous Fahir "

"Patience, she just wishes to provoke. Anger clouds judgment." Turning, the man in front looked at Fey. He calmly took in her ripped jeans and human apparel, noting it was less than what he was sure that culture dictated as decent. "Peace, sister, it does not need to occur like this. We simply wish to make peace and take you back where you belong."

Fey took a look at the gathered crowd under moonlight. She had chosen a good spot to wait their arrival. Running had its appeal but knowing who she was dealing with meant they wouldn't mind making a spectacle wherever she wondered to. The open field by moonlight seemed like the best place to confront the group before escaping again. It had taken some work to find a town that had such a place but after weeks of searching she was satisfied with what she found. The only boring part came in waiting for her pursuers to catch up.

"I don't want to go back. Sorry, chap but that's just not my thing. I'm sure you'll be better off without me anyway. Now, I can go back to staring at that knot that really had more intricacies than I previously imagined and say we had a nice chat and be at peace or, or, well we could do it the fun way and I take you all out." She popped a piece of gum into her mouth and sniggered at the angry hisses that passed through the crowd. There was a collective murmuring she didn't care to listen to so Fey blew a bubble and popped it rather obnoxiously.

"I'm sorry, Andrianna,-"

"Fey. I don't answer by any Andrianna. It's a much more fitting name wouldn't you say?"

"She is flaunting the truth in front of these humans as if it were a game. Surely this insolent-"

"Enough let me speak Tristan." Tristan fell silent and the elder man turned back towards Fey. "We cannot allow you to continue your mindless wonderings throughout the lands. You do not know what affects you cause in all places you visit. You are too powerful a being to let wonder for fun. In your younger years such behavior was allowed but now as you've reach maturity the council is calling for your return."

"They should have called when I was being a call girl then. I'm over that phase of exploration. Now, listen, you're a decent Fey and all, and I really don't want to hurt you though I can say I don't mind too much the idiots behind you, but fact is I'm not going back. Your council has no claim to me. I was disowned if you remember correctly. You were there so I'm sure it won't be too hard to recall. Now, am I conjuring another gun and we get this party rolling or can I go back to my tree staring?"

There was a slight movement and Fey felt the magic release from the second gun she conjured behind her. There was a thud and Fey grinned a winning smile. "Oh I was hoping you lot chose the first choice. Now, who's next?" She bounced on her feet as she felt the second gun slide into her hand.

"Fahir she shot through the shields how is that." The man flanking Tristan fell to the ground and he immediately stopped talking.

"You people always talk too much and I prefer being a girl of action. Now, are you all simply gonna be standing target practice or will this actually be fun?" Fey tilted her head, a questioning smile on her face. Immediately the group spread out, orbs of magic lighting the open field brighter than when the sun lazed in the sky.

Grinning, Fey ran towards the group, excitement making her eyes glow and skin buzz. They came from all sides, magic blazing scorching paths where her head had been, blades swinging where her arms had only just been and words of power buzzing in the air. Only the old man stood back, not willing to involve himself in a fight he chose a neutral stance on long ago.

Fey twisted her body and grinned when she caught one of the men by surprise, mid spell cast. She winked at him and shot him clear through the stomach before turning to face the three others coming from her right.

"She's improved. You will not capture her this time." The old man whispered to the moon. The breeze lifted and he heard the feint reply over the fight taking place in front of his view.

"She cannot continue running. She must be controlled."

"That child is one that will see you all dead and this race ended before any can capture her, unwillingly at least."

"So you would have her run unbound with her power and knowledge?"

"Stop aggravating her and I'm sure she'd be less likely to put our race in danger. Either way, one day she will take all of you seriously and whatever befalls the race then I can only ask the Spirits for mercy."

The trees shook viciously and he felt the council magic fade from the air. Fey stood standing with three opponents left. Two charged her as the third stared intently at Fey, the air starting to shimmer at the strength of the spell. Fey let the two guns hang in the air as she spun and viciously kicked the man going for a gut stab in the neck and sent him flying to the ground. The second man paid no notice to his fallen comrade and charged, a shadow of 10 guardians charging towards Fey following his actions. The third man snapped his head up, and the air suddenly snapped with electricity, igniting some of the grass on fire.

There was a look of faint surprise on Fey's face before she called the guns to her and took a flying leap back from the two men. She smiled pleasantly but her eyes lost their amiable light. Fey turned her head towards the old man.

"You'll like this. Took me a bit to perfect with guns being my new thing but still, it's a fun show."

She muttered one word and began shooting at the charging men, the bullets blazing a blackish purple he hadn't seen from her yet. The bullets dissolved four of the guardians but then the ground shook and the two men jumped back expecting something to rise in between them and Fey from the ground. The electricity in the air turned frigid and the light from the spells in the air darkened to a pitch black even enhanced vision had trouble seeing through.

"I usually am one for light, but if you fight me with light then it's only fitting to fight back with dark. After all, for you guys, someone had to be a bad guy." Her laugh echoed in the darkness as the shape of guns started appearing around the three standing men. The shapes lightened before the brilliantly polished silver of the guns lit up the darkness as stars at night. The oppressive feelings of darkness surrounded the men as all the guns trained on the two men fighting Fey. Not seeing Fey, the two sent searching beacons into the dark but still felt nothing. Her laugh echoed again causing one to shift uncomfortably. Just as quickly a quick pressure knocked the two men unconscious and all blackness and guns faded from existence.

Fey stood on the field, holding her original two guns in her hands, lips pursed while she surveyed the fallen men surrounding her. "Guns limiting me" She scoffed nudging a body next to her foot.

"I didn't see any of you guys looking as badass as me." Her smile was all sharp teeth when she turned to face the old man.

"So I gave you a show to go back and tell them about. Will they reconsider chasing me with that little bit I did?"

"They will never stop. Not when they lost something like you."

"Pity, I'm not one for being a puppet. Uncle, darling, it's been fun, but try and not hunt me down again. I won't be so nice and may one day even consider killing. Don't push my patience."

"You let us find you this time."

"Well I had a point to make. I'm gonna disappear now. Next time if any of you do come knocking, I may not be kind and leave my guns out of this. Now, I'm hungry so I'll, well I hope not. So, see you never darling." The guns disappeared into air and Fey blew a kiss to the older man. He blinked, and she was gone.

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