This is a reflection and revelation of my life's fight. Sometimes we may find our greatest support and strength can be in the memories of those who loved us the most.

Life has drastically changed for me

It's provided an opportunity for me to be who I am

And grateful for it I will always be

Changes can be either good or bad

Half the time I am happy for the chance I got,

And then other times it makes me quite sad,

That so many things in my past I had forgot,

Like the importance of family, friends in my life,

Things I will never be able to make up for,

By running away and hiding, my life has been mostly strife,

Who am I at the center of my very core?

I will probably never understand why it took me so long,

For many years I wandered around dazed and lost,

Until I realized who I was and exactly where I belong,

I finally found my way home at long last,

And to make up for all my mistakes I have got a chance,

I have learned what I did in years past,

I can learn from and accept thus, everything can be a romance,

Love for neighbors, friends, the land all around,

The romance of learning things new and making new friends,

I am finally getting my feet established on firm, steady ground,

I can't rush and I won't hide anymore until my end,

I know there will be times that will still be hard,

But I am growing up, now I can understand,

That it is just the luck of the card,

And with me someone is walking hand in hand,

For their support and love,

I will always THANK the stars above!