I remember growing up here as a child,

My life was neither quiet nor mild,

Life was nothing but a living hell,

And I became a turtle hiding in its shell,

I ran and hid from life and everyone,

Never allowing anyone in, not even the sun,

I tried to find the deepest, darkest hole,

And in so doing I lost my soul,

I could not trust myself let alone others,

I always felt like I would smother,

I tried to be someone I was not,

But in the long run, the greatest thing I forgot,

Was the friends and family who really truly cared for me,

I finally realized what an idiot I could really be,

In my life, I am trying to make a change,

But sometimes everything seems so far out of range,

It's not easy to accept or change the past,

But at least some things are changing at long last

I know it isn't going to be easy but I am fighting for every step

Whatever may come my way I must accept,

Noone will make me feel worthless or no good,

With friends and family I have a shaded hood,

I have learned a few good things

Never let others bring you down, just let your heart sing

After 13 yeas of running–finally at long last,

I have come home to the 'REAL' me!