This came from a visit to my great Aunt and Uncle several years ago right before their deaths. It was like walking into the past. Though everything had changed it also remained the same. I found shelter and love with them, safety and acceptance, but most importantly I finally found my inner child and wrapped her in the warmth of my arms.

Memories come flooding back to me,

Of the way things used to be,

Everything looks the same,

But alas they are not, only I to blame,

I have grown up and everything changes,

Things still familiar yet are strange,

I remember the children's games we'd play,

And all the nights I would stay,

I recall the little pond up to my chest,

I remember our fort high up in the trees,

No longer there, only in dreams, toppled by the breeze,

I remember our families, who always got together,

It didn't matter what the weather,

Outside on sunny days, inside on rainy ones,

The love and safety I felt, warms me like the sun,

I so do miss those days of yore,

From deep within my heart's core,

I remember the hunting and camping trips,

I recall fishing on boats that seemed like ships,

I remember through the eyes of a child,

Everything with you so serene, calm and mild,

I can see through the years of mist, I can see very clear,

And in the end my eyes are filled with tears,

For days and years that has gone by,

My oh my, how the years did fly!