Christmas time is peace and joy,

Happiness for everyone to enjoy,

This is the time for Good Cheer,

For all we received throughout the year,

Time for excitement and laughter of the young,

With lights and ribbons all is strung,

Where love and hope greatly abounds,

And the air filled with Christmas sounds,

All together with family and friends,

Wishing this would never have to end,

Bedtime traditions on Christmas eve,

Children up early their gifts to receive,

Their angel faces bright and clear,

As parents we want to hold them near,

Faces shining on Christmas morn,

Melts our hearts as days were born,

Present wrappings strewn all around,

Melodious giggles a welcome sound,

Christmas dinner with our family,

Celebrating the season's wonders freely,

So much joy, so much love for all to share,

This is the time for all to care,

With gifts and love galore,

Stories of Santa from days of yore,

It is now almost Christmas eve,

And the gift of joy and joy I will gladly receive,

This is such a glorious time of year,

These feelings always hold dear!