Help Those In Need

With so much struggles in this world today,

What can we do? What can we say?

Life is hard enough even with friends,

But someone alone has trouble seeing an end,

With no where to go and noone to talk to,

Can make life seem cold and cruel,

So open you heart and offer your hand,

Help others to firmly stand,

Show that you honestly care,

So they in turn may be able to share,

With another who knows their plight,

And wrap them in warmth so tight,

Give them courage and offer your strength,

So no need to fear, go the length,

The feelings you get, the rewards are great,

Your one simple task may seal your fate,

By helping just one they may help another,

Who knows, it could be someone's mother,

If everyone would see with their heart's eye,

Noone would ever have to say why oh why,

It is sad to know more cannot open the heart to help,

When by chance they may see or hear the yelp,

It would not take much to care and give,

We being humans are what we are,

Some may not care and others are shimmering stars,

To lighten a dark time just like the shining rays of sun,

So give of yourself as best you can, give freely of your heart

So you and others may a brand new life start,

I may not know what is to come,

But I will tell you this, these words I will sum,

That the help that has been given to me,

Has helped me to finally see,

That even thought I have a lot wrong,

I can turn my life into a beautiful song!