The Curse of King Arthur

Chapter 13: All Hail the Queen

"You're Queen Guinevere," I repeat softly in shock. Why didn't I see it before? I mean, it's so obvious...physically-wise anyway.

"Queen Guinevere?" Reagan asks confused. "Why in the world are you calling me Queen Guinevere? Last time I checked, I wasn't married to a king." Her words strike a chord in me, causing me to blush some and turn away. I completely forgot, that Arthur and Guinevere were married. That means, Reagan and I were a... I suppress another blush from coming. We'll have more time to discuss that later.

"Austin?" Reagan calls out softly, causing me to turn my head back around to face her. "You still didn't answer why you were calling me Queen Guinevere?"

I start to open my mouth to answer, but another voice stops me before I can.

"You know..." The female voice from before, starts. " would be easier for all of us, if you and Queeny, just came out of hiding and face us head-on. Instead, you're doing the cowardly thing and hiding. I would have thought a king, would have more honor, then you do."

As soon as the minion is finish speaking, I turn my head slightly and face Reagan, again. "I know you want answers, Rea, and I promise you will get answers. But first, we have to get back on the task at hand. Getting the hell out of here."

"You're right," Reagan says with a nod. "So, how in the world are we getting out of this anyway?" That's a very good question. I turn away from Reagan again and look out the opening some. Immediately, I spot a woman, who I can only guess, is the one calling out to us. And judging by the black vine tattoo up to her bicep, she's definitely one of Morgana goons.

I turn my head some and spot two more goons with her. Well, at least it's not the army I was expecting. I think as my eyes scan over the area, as much as I can. Even with just three, it's going to be difficult on my own, not to mention the one in here, who I haven't purged yet.

"Austin?" Reagan calls again, drawing my attention back.

"Alright, I think I have a plan," I finally answer, after a few moments.

"You think you have a plan, is better than no plan at all." Reagan says with a shrug. "What is it?"

"Basically, I go out there, guns blazing or swords blazing I should say and while I have those goons occupied, you come out and run like the wind. And after that, it's basically the same plan as before, with you running to the lake and getting Nimue."

"That is a horrible plan!" Reagan exclaims after a few moments of silence. "That plan didn't work the first time, so what makes you think it's going to work this time around?! I know you're smart Austin, so I'm trying to figure out how you keep coming up with these idiotic plans!"


"And genius..." Reagan rants, cutting me off. "...did it even cross your mind, that there's probably more out there, waiting for me to split off from you and catch me?" Actually...that didn't cross my mind, I hate to admit. My mind is so focused on the threat in front of us, I didn't even think about there being others in the woods, waiting for an opportunity.

"But, you'll be in danger if we stick together," I finally say.

"I'm already in danger!" Reagan retorts. She takes a calming breath, before addressing me again. "Austin, I'm already in danger, but I'll be in even more danger if we separate. I mean, I can defend myself when I have to, but I have no chance against a bunch of freaks, who can summon swords out of nowhere. If both of us want to make it out of this, we have to stick together." I really hate to admit this...but she has a point.

I turn away some, thinking about every single option and trying to see if there's a way to get away and keep Reagan out of the fray, but...unfortunately, there's no other way. If we stick together, I can protect her and have a better chance of reaching the lake and getting help.

"Fine, you win, Rea," I admit in defeat. I can see a hint of a smile, starting to appear on her face, but she quickly drops it when she sees the serious look in my eyes. "But, you keep up with me and stay with me at all times. These goons, they don't care who they hurt and if given the chance, they will kill you. So, I need you to stick close by and don't slow down." If she gets a distance away from me, it's game over. "I need to know if you're up for this. If not, I will find another away."

"Yeah, I'm up for it," Reagan answers, the determination clear in her voice. "I promise, I won't slow down or stray away. Where you go, I go."

I give a nod ok before speaking again. " here comes the hard part. Drawing those three bastards out there, here." I have to bite down on my lip, to keep from laughing, when I see how big Reagan's ice blue eyes get when I say this.

"Wait a minute, isn't the idea not to draw attention to ourselves and not get trapped in this very small cave?"

"Yeah, that was the plan, when I was only trying to get you away," I answer. "But you want me to come along, so me going out there and distracting them, isn't going to work now. I have to strike fast and hard, if both of us are to get out of this," I explain, which causes more shock on Reagan's face. "And the only way for me to do that, is to get them at the opening, this way, it forces them to come one at a time and it's easier for me to take them down."

"So, how do you expect to get their attention?" Reagan asks, after getting over the initial shock of my plan. "Just call out to them?"

"No, if I just yell olly olly oxen free, they'll know something up," I explain, knowing that wouldn't work. "They have to think that it's an accident that our position been given, that's the only way we can get them to come and not think it's a trap."

"And how do you expect to do that?"

"They'll come, if a damsel in distress screams out, when the evil minion tries to attack her and the dashing knight has no choice but to save her and stab the evil doer," I explain while shooting her a sly smile. It takes a second, before realization dawns on her, on what I'm asking. "Ready for your next acting role, damsel?"

"Oh hun, I was born ready for this," Reagan answers with a smile of her own. "Leave it all to me, Mr. Dashing Knight."

"So, you know what to do?" I ask after a few minutes of discussing the plan.

"Of course I know what to do," Reagan answers insulted. "I'm a serious actress, when I get my role, I learn it until I become it. It's an insult that you even doubt that I would be less than prepared for my role."

"You do realize, that you're not performing for a Tony award right now," I say in a deadpan voice. "You just have to do a believable enough job, to convince them outside."

"Even if it's the biggest role in the world or just something to save your life, an actor and/or actress puts their heart and souls into the role they've been given." Why does she have to always be so dramatic!

"Whatever you say, Reagan. Just make it believable." She gives me a glare but finally backs down, even though I know, I'm going to get an earful about this later. "Alright, on my count...1...2...3!"

I've heard Reagan scream before, but I swear, this is like bloody murder. It throws me off so much, I almost forget what I'm doing and almost drops Excalibur. Luckily, I'm able to get back on track fast and quickly stab our guest in the hand, his screams mixing in with Reagan's. If they don't come running for this, then I don't know what.

And running do they come. I'm actually surprise that I can hear their footsteps on the stream as they race towards us, with the female of the group reaching us first and starts climbing through the opening. Gotcha! I mentally yell as I pull the sword out of Goon number 1 hand and in one swift movement, thrust it into the female goon's shoulder, putting my weight into it, which causes both of us to fall out of the hole.

"Reagan, come on!" I yell out as Goon number 2 starts charging at me and the now, Morgana free woman. I hate to do it, but I know I can't pull Excalibur out in time, so instead, I push Excalibur more into her shoulder, until its protruding out and stab Goon number 2, before he could do damage.

"What have you done?!" Goon number 3 yells, the rage in voice evident. I guess I would be mad too, if my comrades where completely run through with a sword.

"Austin!" A female voice yells. I turn my head and spot Reagan, now out of the cave, waving me to come on, bringing me on the task on hand. Goon number 3 quickly looks up and spots Reagan, before turning his eyes back on me.

"Oh no, you're not going anywhere!" He yells as he starts charging towards me, but before he can reach me, in a split second, I quickly move the two, unconscious ex-minions on my sword, into Goon number 3 path, creating a barrier between us.

"Sorry there, but I like I told your friend earlier, we have an appointment to keep, so...see ya!" I exclaim as I pull out Excalibur quickly, causing the two to fall on Goon number 3. "Go, go, go!" I yell as I start running, grabbing Reagan hand in the process and start heading towards the lake.

"Are they going to be alright?" Reagan asks softly as we run.

"Yeah, they are," I answer, guilt laced in my voice as well. No matter how many times I do it, I still feel guilt about running my sword through the minions. They may be bastards when possessed, but I know that it's not their true natures. "Don't worry," I say softly, coming back to the question on hand. "I made sure to stab in very fixable places so there's no damage and Nimue can fix them right up, so there's no need to worry." About that, at least.

"That's good, I rather not have murder on our shoulders."

"You and me both, but enough focusing on them. We have to hurry up," I say as I start to speed up. It takes her a second, but Reagan speeds up as well and catches up with me. It takes us a while, but we finally reach back to the neighborhood, meaning we're not that far from the lake.

"Finally!" Reagan cheers out as she starts to speed up. I'm lucky I have a longer leg span then her, so I can catch up with her.

"Hey, don't let your guard down yet! We're not-" I start to yell out, but I'm cut off by something hitting me from left, throwing me until I hit one of the trees...hard.

"You really thought you could run from us?" A male voice sneers. My vision is disordered from the hit and slam into the tree, but its clear enough for me to make out enough of who hit me. I can't see his face clearly, but from what I know about most of Morgana's minions, he probably has a look of hatred and/or evil on his face. What I can make out, is that this dude is ripped, like bodybuilder ripped.

I don't know if I should be scared or honored by this. I mentally joke. It shows how much Morgana wants me dead, if she's sending the heavyweight out.

"Wow, I knew Morgana hated me, but I think she hated me that much, that she would send someone like you out," I joke with strain as I try to get up. I'm surprise that I can joke at all, it could be the obvious concussion that I know I have, that could be making me joke right now. Or just my regular personality.

"Austin! Are you alright?" Reagan asks frantically as she starts to run towards me.

"NO!" I roar out, snapping out of my haze. "Don't try to help me Reagan, just run! Run to the lake, now!" The last thing I need, is her trying to help me and getting hurt, or worse, killed in the process.

"But you're hurt, you can't fight him alone." Hurt is the understatement of the year. Broken is a better word; besides my throbbing head, I'm certain that my right arm and probably a couple of my ribs are broken, it's so bad I can barely grip Excalibur in my hand. I feel a burning sensation from my left, most likely from Roid Rage blast, but at least I can still move it. I don't even want to know about the other injuries I probably have, but I just can't feel them yet.

"I'll be fine, Rea," I manage to say in a clear voice, trying to put off the pain in my voice. ""I can handle this guy, just worry about yourself and get to the lake." I turn my head some until my eyes catch her blurry figure and see that she still not moving. "I said go now, Reagan!" I demand in a loud, deep voice. I can see her jump a little, not expecting me to yell like that, but she finally gets the message and takes off.

"Oh no, you're not going anywhere!" Roid Rage commands as his right hand starts to glow and starts to aim at Reagan's retreating form.

"Hey asshole!" I yell out as reach down and grab a rock from the ground and chuck it at Roid Rage big head. Surprisingly, I manage to make a hit, causing him to turn towards me. "Last time I checked, I was your target, not her."

"You are my target, but look at you, you're nothing now." Ouch, that hurt. "I can snap your neck here and now, but I need to stop her, so the water fey doesn't interfere." He's actually right, with how messed up my body is right now, all it would take is a neck snap, but just like I said during my fight against Quick Draw, I'm not going down without a fight. And if I can't go up and attack Roid Rage, I need him to come to me, so I can distract him long enough so Reagan can get Nimue. And the best way to do that is for me to be myself and that usually mean being a smartass.

"Please, we both know the real reason why you want to kill Reagan first... It's because you're afraid of me," I smugly say with the air of pretension around me. "You're afraid that I'm going to win against you and just like all your other little friends, you'll get purged and basically be a disappointment to your 'Mistress'."

Even though I can't see his face, it's clear that he's struggling against his duty to chase after Reagan and his rage to strangle my neck. Now it's time to up the ante.

"It must make you feel like one hell of a man, that you see the five foot six girl as your biggest threat," I sarcastically say. "But it make sense, seeing how all those muscles are just a show or should I say a cry for help? Guys who try to get muscles like that, are either obsessed with working out...or insecure about something and try to make themselves bigger upstairs because downstairs is never getting bigger," I cavalierly mock with a shrug.

If Roid Rage wasn't mad at me before, he's furious now. As soon as the words leave my mouth, he immediately turns in my direction and chuck the shadow fireball he made to throw at Reagan, at my head, which misses me by a hair.

"You're going to regret those words, you little punk!" He exclaims as he starts charging towards me, forming his sword mid-charge. I barely have enough time to switch Excalibur over to my left hand to block him, seeing how my right arm is useless now.

The force of his sword swing, causes my knees to almost buckle and I can feel the pain in my legs now. I struggle but I manage to barely push him off my sword, but not without excruciating pain radiating throughout my body. I'm going to be hella sore after Nimue heals me.

"Look at you, you're pathetic!" Roid Rage exclaims. "You can barely stand up, let alone fight. This not even worth my time!" He charges in again and starts swinging. I barely manage to block him; with my right arm out of commission and my left barely hanging on, I'm surprise that I can even still hold on to Excalibur, let along block Roid Rage swings.

Come on guys! I mentally yell. I'm fading fast here! I hold up Excalibur again to block, causing another wave of pain throughout my body. What the hell is taking them so long?!

"I don't see why Mistress Morgana sees you as a threat, all I see is a little boy who needs to die, right now!" He yells as he swings his fist up and clocks me straight in the face, causing me to stagger back but surprisingly, not fall. "Why won't you just stay down?!"

It takes me a few moments, but I finally steady myself back onto my feet. "I can't stay down or die..." I start to slowly say before looking at him. "...Because I have stay alive, so I can stop you and your bitch of a mistress!" I yell before I start swinging Excalibur with a renew energy.

It's clear on his face that he wasn't expecting me to come out like that, or the strength of my swing, because when he comes up to block, he staggers back some at the force.

"I didn't ask for this shit, I didn't ask to become King Arthur reincarnation and fight a centuries old sorceress, I didn't ask for any of this!" I yell out as I start swinging more. I don't know what snapped in me, if it's because of Roid Rage himself or if the stress of everything finally gotten to me, but I do know, that my flood gates have open. "Even though I didn't ask for this, I know I'm not going to die until I see Morgana at my feet, dead!"

"Mistress Morgana will never die!" Roid Rage exclaims as he braces against my sword swing. I know my sudden burst of anger and strength threw him off, but I guess my little outburst of wanting Morgana dead gave him, his own burst. It doesn't help that my anger started to get the best of me and making my swings more erratic.

I push against his sword some more but I feel my burst of energy draining, causing me to lose my grip on my sword. And I can tell, by the look of his face, that he can see it too, because a small smirk appears, before he twist his shadow sword with mine and pries it out of my hands.

"I have to say, I'm impressed. You lasted longer than I expect, even with your injuries. I would have loved to fight you at full strength, but just like you, I have a duty..." I have no idea if I should feel afraid, that I'm just a little ways away from losing my life...or honored by the complement Roid Rage is giving me. "But all good things, come to an end and this is yours." He raises his sword some, for one final swing. "Goodbye, your highness."

I raise my left arm up some as the sword starts heading towards me. It's a feeble attempt, but I rather my tombstone say I went down fighting, then saying I just let him cut me down.

I brace myself but all of sudden, a bright light comes out of nowhere and shoots itself at Roid Rage, blasting him a few yards away from me. I quickly turn my head expecting to see Nimue, but instead, I spot Blaine with his hand raised and a look of surprise on his face.

"Finally..." I breathe out as the last of my strength and willpower escape and I sink down to my knees. If Blaine is here, that means Nimue isn't that far away.

"Austin!" Blaine calls out as he races to my side.

"Nice shot," I manage to croak out as the pain from my injuries start catching up with me. It feels like I've been hit with a freaking freight truck, on fire. "Have a lovely stroll on the way here?"

"If you weren't injured, I would reprehend you for being a smartass," Blaine scolds, which just causes me to smile a little. "But since you've had the crap beaten out of you, I'll give you a pass. But I am sorry we took so long, but you know that there's a lot of terrain between here and the lake." He has a point.

"So, I'm guessing Reagan finally reached the lake...ow, ow, put me down," I start to say as Blaine tries to help me up, but as soon as he does, the pain hits me at full force.

"Sorry about that," Blaine apologizes as he sits me back down. "Guess we need Nimue to heal you, before we move you. Hopefully she'll hurry up, because I'm pretty sure our friend is going to wake up soon." He's right, even when Nimue blast them, they're usually up after a few minutes, so we have a limited window. "But, to answer your question, Reagan did reach us. It was a shock, to say the least. Nimue thought it was one of Morgana's minions at first, trying to draw her out, until I recognized Reagan's voice." That's good, I hate to see what would have happen if Blaine wasn't there. "How long have you known, that Reagan can see all this?"

"I just found out this afternoon, when we were hanging out in the town square and was ambushed by Morgana's goons."

"Sounds like they're getting bolder now." I start to open my mouth to agree with him, but a roar of anger cuts me off.

"You. Little. Bastards!" Roid Rage yells in an almost inhuman roar, causing both Blaine and I to jump and turn to where Roid Rage was. Physically, he doesn't look too worse for the wear, but I can see that his ego is definitely hurt, seeing how a sixteen and an eighteen year old basically got the jump on him.

He lets out another roar, before charging at Blaine and just like his roar, his speed seem to be almost inhuman as well. He's so fast, I barely have enough time to grab Excalibur and slash it at him. Unfortunately, his speed causes me to miss stabbing him, but I do get close enough to leave a gash on his side, which stops him. It's not enough to purge him, but it is enough to slow him down.

"So, you're still kicking," Roid Rage says as he literally looks down at me. "I thought you would be out of commission by now, but oh well. If you wanted to die first, all you had to do was ask!" He exclaims as he turns towards me but a blast of light hits his head, causing him to stagger back, but not fly like before.

"You're dumber than you look, if you think I'm going to let you kill my friend," Blaine says as he holds his hand up for another attack.

"So you're the one who attacked me earlier," Roid Rage says as he turns in Blaine's direction. "I should have known it was you Magician, last time I checked, the water fey packs a stronger punch."

"Try to kill him again and you'll see how strong a punch I can throw."

It takes a second, but all of sudden, Roid Rage starts laughing. "I have to say, you have gall, kid, but I see through your bluff, you can't do your little light trick again." I hate to admit it, but Roid Rage is right. The signs of fatigue are clear on Blaine's face. Magic is already draining, even for veterans like Nimue. So for someone who's new at this, like Blaine, those two blast he did probably already caused him to reach his limit.

"You think I'm bluffing? I'll show you bluffing." Blaine closes his eyes and holds his hand out again, trying to summon his light ball from earlier, but only a small spark comes out.

"I told you, kid, but don't worry, I'll make your death as painful as possible!" He exclaims as he pulls out his sword again and tries to take a slice out of Blaine, who luckily, moves out-of-the-way but right into a tree. "Nice try, but you're about to die with your friend." Not if I have anything to say about that.

It takes all my willpower, but I finally will myself up and force my legs to run over to where Roid Rage has Blaine pinned.

"Hey, jackass!" I call out, drawing Roid Rage attention. "Bored with me already?" I ask with a smile as I hold Excalibur up in a fighting stance...well, close to a fighting stance as I can get.

"I swear, as soon as I think you're good and dead, you get back up like an idiot," Roid Rage frustratingly says. "But don't worry, I'll make sure you'll stay down this time." A sinister smile appears on his face, before he raises his hand and a black aura covers his arm.

I should have known it was going to come to this. I mentally think as I raise my arms and brace for what's coming. He pulls his arm back some and gets ready to throw it as I brace myself even more for the impact...but it never comes. Instead, Roid Rage releases another roar of pain.

I look around on him some, trying to figure out what hit him, until I see an arrow, protruding from his shoulder. Wooden arrows aren't usually Nimue style. I think, as I look around for the archer. I keep looking until a flash of red enters my line of sight.

"No...way," I slowly say as my eyes focus and my brain realize, who I'm looking at. "Reagan?!" I exclaim, when I see her on the small cliff edge.

"Reagan?!" Blaine exclaims in an equally surprise voice.

"Who did that?!" Roid Rage demeans, with more anger than surprise. He looks at me in anger before he swiftly turns around, but before he can, Reagan sends another arrow flying, hitting his other shoulder.

"It is we who did that," A soft voice answers. It takes a second, but Nimue's slender figure appears from behind one of the trees, her right hand raised some. "It is we, who did this as well." As soon as the words leave her mouth, she twists her hand some, which at the same time, a roar of pain escapes from Roid Rage lips. "Those are magic-coated arrows, Reagan shot at you. With each flick of my hand, it destroys you more and more, from the inside-out."

"How...DARE YOU?!" Roid Rage yells out. "You little bitches, have no idea what you've done!"

"Foul-mouths are punished as well," Nimue says calmly as she twist her hand again, causing another roar of pain from Roid Rage.

"There's nothing you can do to stop me," Roid Rage struggles to say as he fights the pain of the arrows. "It's only a matter of time, before I fight through this and kill you all." He starts taking slow steps toward the cliff. "Mistress Morgana mission, will be fulfilled!"

"Austin, now," Nimue calmly calls out. It takes a moment, but it dawns on me what she want me to do. I tighten my grip around Excalibur, before painfully charging towards Roid Rage until Excalibur is fully through his back.

"Yeah, there's nothing we can do to stop you...except running an ancient sword through you," I say with a small smile on my face. Roid Rage turns his head a little and gives me a glare that, if it had the power, would kill me a thousand times, before screaming out as Morgana influence leaves him.

I wait until I know Morgana is fully out of him and gone wherever her essence usually goes, before letting my guard down and slowly pull out Excalibur from the now limp Roid Rage. "Finally..." I breathe out as I sink to the ground and close my eyes in relief.

As soon as I sink to the ground, I hear the sound of feet rushing over to where I'm sitting. The first thing I feel is a soft but firm on my arm, which I immediately recognize.

"Last time I checked, dashing knights were supposed to be the ones to rescue the beautiful damsel?" I joke with a smile before opening my eyes and facing Reagan direction who gives me a smile of her own.

"They are, but Gorgeous Queens are allowed to rescue Handsome Kings, when they have to." I think about her answer, before breaking out in chuckle. When the Queen has a point, she has a point.

"I still can't believe I'm Lady Guinevere!" Reagan exclaims, for like, the hundredth time. I know it's a big deal, but come on! She's been raving about it since we went to Nimue home, after healing all of Morgana's former minions and that was a few hours ago.

"I know you're hyped about this Rea, but keep it down," I say as I gesture with my hand for her to dial it down. "When most people hear, that you're Queen Guinevere reincarnation, they generally lock you in padded cell."

"I know, I know, I have to be careful," Reagan admits as she brings her tone down lower, but the smile never leaving her face. "But you got to admit, it's pretty cool."

"Well, I didn't think it was pretty cool, when I first got into this mess," I admit as I think back to when all this started. It's hard to believe that it been pretty much two months, since everything happen. "But now that I've looked back, some of this is pretty cool."

"Pretty cool is an understatement. Totally awesome is better choice of words." Reagan stops in her tracks, causing me to stop and look at her. "I swear, you and Blaine and Misty were amazing out there."

"Don't count yourself out, you really saved my butt with those arrows," I say as I think back to her perfect shots. "I'm lucky that Guinevere was an archer and if you think all that was amazing, you haven't seen half of it. I can't vouch for myself, but I can tell you that you haven't seen even half the stuff Misty can do and I'm sure with practice, Blaine can do the same things and you haven't even seen Katie in action."

"Well, I can't wait to see that." As soon as the words leave her mouth, it fully dawns on me, that's involved with this mess now. I've succeeded in dragging another one of my friends into this.

"Hey, Austin?" Reagan softly calls out. I look up and see a small smile on Rea's face, her early excitement gone. "Austin, I can see it on your face that you feel like it's your fault I'm in this, but you're not. I'm choosing to go down this path with all of you. I want to do my part and stop Morgana too." Her words are pretty much the same as both Katie's and Blaine's. They all said they chose this as well, but I still can't help but feel guilt...but it does ease it some.

"Thanks for that Reagan, I needed to hear that, even if it eases the guilt just a little," I thank with a smile. I can see a small frown form on her face from my words, before coming up and placing a comforting hand on my arm.

"Austin, you have nothing to feel guilt about, you didn't drag us in this mess. Morgana did, and all of us are choosing to go down this road. You had nothing to do with that."

"I know, I know, I've already been fussed out about it...painfully, I might add," I say as I rub my forehead some, thinking back to my conversation with Katie last week. "And I'm trying, it's just hard, after all this." I keep the main reason I feel guilt, I think it's best to keep those visions, between Kate and I.

"Well, as long as you don't feel as guilty," Reagan finally says with a shrug. "But, going back to the awesomeness, you shouldn't sell yourself short. You were awesome out there, I wouldn't even be alive if it weren't for you."

I start to open my mouth to argue, but Reagan gives me a look, signally I should drop it. So instead, I say: "It's no problem, you're my friend and I would do anything to protect you."

"I'm glad to hear that," Reagan says with a smile as she starts walking again. "I would do the same for you."

"Thanks." We walk in silence for a little while, until we finally reach her house.

"Are you sure you don't want to come in?" Reagan ask when we reach her door. "Rose will be back soon and I can give you a ride home."

"Nah, thanks anyway. It's best I just walk home, because if I sit down in your house, I'm not getting up and I need to ice my shoulders right away." I rub my shoulder some for emphasize. Even though I got a full healing from Nimue, it doesn't relieve the soreness and I'm definitely am feeling some soreness, after today fight. "Besides, we both know, if I go in, Ryleigh is never going to let me leave." You think Reagan puppy-dog look is evil, she has nothing on her baby sister, who is like an evil mastermind with it. I swear, not even Morgana can probably stand up against it.

"You have a point," Rea admits with a laugh.

"I know, so I think it's time for me to take my leave," I say with a smile, before turning around to head down the steps, but Reagan stops me before I can go. "What's up?" I ask confused as I turn around to face.

"I just wanted to thank you, for real this time," Reagan starts. "I was serious, I wouldn't have survived if you weren't there." I start to open my mouth to counter that, but I quickly close it. This isn't the time to correct her. "So, I want to give you a proper thank you."

"It's not necessary, Rea," I say, finally jumping in. "Like I told you, you're my friend and I would walk through fire for you, for any of you."

"I know," She admits with a smile. "That's just the guy you are, but you still deserve a proper thank you." She puts on her 'no point in arguing with me, I'm going to win' tone on, so I know it's no point in arguing. "So, since tomorrow Friday, I'm going to take you out for dinner and whatever else you want to do, my treat."

"Is this really your treat, or is it going to be like today? Because my wallet can't take another hit right now."

She gives a chuckle before answering. "No, no con this time. It's really my treat. You deserve it."

"Well, when you put it like that, I'm in," I accept with a smile. "No way am I going to turn down a chance for free food and a night on the town."

"I thought you wouldn't," Reagan says with a smile, before a moment of hesitation flashes on her face. She takes a second, before leaning down and kissing me gently on the cheek. "Night, Austin." Reagan whisper softly, before heading into the house.

"Night..." I say before she shuts the door. I stand there for a moment, before heading down the steps, feeling my face heat up some. Why the hell am I blushing? I ask myself confused. This isn't the first time Rea has kissed me on the cheek, so why is it affecting me so much this time. I place my hand, gently on the cheek she kissed as I continue walking home, my mind wandering back to what just happen.