After all that has taken place just a moment ago, I've never felt so calm in my existence. All of the darkness had fled the earth and will now be locked up for 1,000 years. He came, just like He promised so many ages ago, and He took us home. All of the dead rose from their graves in spirit. Most of them left with Him to help gather up the remaining people. I was near death myself, but I knew He was coming so I couldn't help but get to my feet, shove through the crowds, and raise my arms to Him. As He passed over us with the angles, our souls left our bodies and joined with rest of those coming with Him. Those of us who were old are now young again. All of my strength and youth returned and I tried my hardest not to hug Him endlessly while He was trying to gather us.

When we were all together, a ripple in the fabric of the universe seemed to have occured and we landed outside the pearly gates of Heaven. The pure-gold wall stretched on for eternity. He looked at all of us and smiled. As the gates were opened, He said, "Welcome Home." All of us gasped when we saw the land we would live in forever. It was a mind-blowing sight, nothing like anything we had ever seen or heard about. Quickly, we praised Him and ran around wherever we wanted. Many were curious to see the new Jerusalem in the distance.

I was so in awe that I was the only one not inside yet. Finally, I looked at Him and His beautiful face that expressed the greatest amount of joy. I ran into His arms and we laughed as we hugged each other. John and Gabriel closed the gates and stood smiling after they had done so. I wanted to stay next to Him but I also wanted to find everyone I haven't seen in so long. His face glowed and His eyes sparkled as He said, "Go on. We will meet up very soon." I grinned from ear to ear and took off to find my family and friends.