I knelt beside my Father's broken body. "Father." I said weakly. What was I going to tell my Mother and sisters if he died? "Son." he croaked
"Don't strain yourself Father"
He shook his head " Robert you have made me proud. Continue to and look after your Mother and sisters for me."
"Please don't die I need you!" I begged
"Do what I have done for so long. You can avenge me" he shuddered. " I love you and your Mother and sisters." and with that my Father , Robert Castillo Senior , died.
Tears flooded my eyes. " Father..." I stood up and picked up his lifeless body. I began the long walk back to camp. My family were rebels and they , along many others , lived in hiding as wanted out-laws. Father had been the leader. Had. Now that job fell to me.

I had reached the edge of Sherwood forest. I looked back towards Nottingham Castle and vowed to make Fathers killers pay dearly. Little did I know that doing so would make a legend. A hero among the poor and outcast. How was I, at only 15, to know that my name would go down in history?

My name is Robert Castillo Junior. But its my nickname that would be remembered.

I am Robin Hood.