Her hands were shaking.

No, not just her hands: her whole body.

Her whole body shook as she clenched her fists tighter around the Monkey's Paw. The Monkey's Paw she had found one month ago. She hadn't believed it actually held any power, but she was wrong. It had power – honest to God, wish-granting power. And she only had one wish left. One awful, terrible wish left.

Her brain pounded behind her eyes as the door behind her was pounded upon by… him.

"Open this door, Kelly! I need to be with you! I love you!"

"No! Go away! Leave me alone!"

His relentless pounding on the door quieted for a moment. "Didn't you want it this way, Kelly? Don't you want to be with me? Don't you love me?"

Kelly bit her tongue to keep from screaming. Tears, hot and scorching like acid, fell from her eyes as her heart ripped clean down the middle. "I never wanted it like this! I… I never meant to hurt people… I didn't want people to disappear… to die…"