Okay, my second story on here! But, this is only going to be updated (hopefully) on a weekly basis, probably on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. If I get writer's block on my other story, Dimensional Magic, I will focus on this a little bit more. I am also soon considering turning it into some sort of manga (I'm reeeeeeeeally into manga at the moment...) and possibly posting it on DeviantART. Well, I won't hold you guys back from reading any further! Well, other than the fact that each chapter is going to be in a different point of view, with it stating whose in the chapter title, so it will be one of Normal, Ace or Thea.

"And then, she butted in!"

"I butted in?! I was the one that you used as a human shield!"

"Oh shut up, sister! You were the closest person to me!"

"But you're my brother! It doesn't mean that you can use me when you want to stop yourself getting a punch in the gut!"

"Oh ye-"

"SHUT UP! BOTH OF YOU! You both got excluded for two weeks from school, and I don't want to hear any stupid excuses!" The fourteen year old girl and sixteen year old boy both flinched then, as their parents yelled at them.

"Right, I want you both to calm down, before we let you do anything else. Until we hear you apologise to each other, neither of you are leaving this room." The girl, Thea, then glared at her brother, Ace, her black eye glowering at him. She was sure that she was the victim in all of that situation, seeming as she had been the only person to get injured from the situation from a few hours previously.

Ace was just sat with his legs up on the kitchen table, shutting his eyes so that he didn't have to make eye contact with Thea. He was putting the blame on the two of them getting excluded from school on her, as he was just the victim of an 'unprovoked attack' at school, in which he had 'hoped' that dragging Thea into it would make it stop. But in a punch intended for him ended up in her eye, making her scream loudly.

Thea scraped the chair that she was sat on back after finishing her glare, before walking over to the window. She was sure that it was probably one of the worst days to have been excluded, as it was warm and sunny earlier, and she would be stuck indoors. But when she looked outside, something strange was going on. It wasn't sunny at all. It was cold. Dark. Creepy. It scared her. But she also had the strange feeling that somebody was watching her. Her first assumption is that it was Ace, and she briskly turned to face him. But his eyes were still shut, and he had his headphones in.

But moments later, she felt as though someone was behind her. Then she began to feel woozy, and fell into a wall. That disturbed Ace's music then, before he opened his eyes. There was a shadow at the other side of the room, and then he noticed Thea's limp body on the floor, leaning against a wall.

Jumping up from his seat, he called out for his sister's attention. After getting no response, he began to worry. If his and Thea's parents heard his yelling, and noticed Thea on the floor, he would be in much more trouble than he was already in. Then he remembered the shadow which he had noticed earlier, but had now gone. But he knew that it hadn't left. It had only left his sight.

And he then quickly turned around, and he was right. It hadn't left. And he then got the same strange woozy feeling that Thea had moments earlier, before he fell onto the floor, like Thea.

"Those two still haven't apologised yet, have they? I've heard some stuff crash around, and Ace yell at Thea, but no other words being spoke..." The mum of the two teenagers muttered, shaking her head.

"Maybe we should stand in there, and intimidate them into apologising. It is equally both their faults that they got excluded, after all." Their Dad stated, before opening the door. Their faces went pale moments later, before they realised something.

"Ace?! Thea?! What are you both playing at?!"


"Answer us, you two!"


"Erm... Ace isn't breathing... You don't think that-"

"The same with Thea..."

"You were the one that said that they had to be on their own to apologise to each other!"

"ME?! Ugh, it doesn't matter who came up with what! They are both-" The two parents stopped arguing when they realised what was going on. The two of them had a secret past, and nobody else knew about it. What had happened to them had come back to haunt them in the present day. It seemed as though Ace and Thea had died. They hadn't. They had to face up to the consequences of what had happened to their parents had done in the past.

In an entirely different world.

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