Read First; This story takes a while to get going. It's in the third chapter when the story really begins to develop.

Chapter One;

Time is an odd thing, that is often unforgiving. I have accounted too many times when I wish time would slow down, but it would never listen. I wouldn't forgive it, and neither it to I. Then again, time is funny. No, it doesn't make one such as I laugh, but more that it is peculiar. Time passes oddly. It seems that it takes forever on a date that one anticipates to occur, yet double that time past the occurrence and one will end up saying that no time will have passed at all. So in that regard, time is funny.

Enough of it had passed for me and my friends to look back at the forthcoming story with ease, and a sturdy mind. This is not a story of love. This is not a story of controversy and deception. This is not a story of sorrow and regret. This story is not of one man's trouble with self blame. This is a story of all of the above.

The events began as I was looking down at the flowing Dupage River below my feet. It was probably just my imagination, but it seemed to be a lot faster today than it did yesterday and the day before that. Up above in the blue sky, puffy white clouds were blown east by the soft wind. The breeze was quite nice seeing that this Friday in May was warmer than it should have been.

Everything seemed a bit 'more' than it should have been. Even my outfit for Crafty Mack's Donuts felt more heavier than it normally did. Then again, it was probably the extra responsibility that I had just been given.

A smug smile came across my slightly tanned face. I had recently been promoted at my job which (for me) was a rarity. No, don't be quick to judge and say that I slack off or can't hold a job, it's a much larger story than that. For me, I was good at a lot of stuff. The only problem was that I lost interest in whatever it was that I was doing quite often.

I ran my hand through my short and shaggy blonde hair to wipe away the beads of sweat that had formed upon my forehead. "How long is Lewis gonna keep me waiting?" I murmured to myself. I looked down at my leather bound watch on my right arm and shook my head. "Ten minutes late for the last four days of the week."

It was five forty and Lewis had said that he would come and pick me up after his calculus class. I turned my head to see a couple go walking past me on the small wooden bridge. I chuckled to myself while thinking about Lewis. "Who even needs to know calculus?" I rhetorically asked myself.

Then again, the man drove a Jaguar and his parents were both wealthy. He was also a year older than me and was in college- unlike me. Did I regret the fact that I was twenty one and not in college? Not really.

It had a lot to do with my parents which I didn't like to think about. I shook the unpleasant and unhappy thoughts out of my head and turned to walk off towards the road that ran along the river. If you couldn't tell by the name of the river, I was in Naperville at the time.

The sound of automobiles soon filled my ears as I stood on the edge of the sidewalk. A Jaguar zipped past me at forty miles per hour. But that one wasn't Lewis. Lewis drove a metallic-silver Jaguar. Just as I had finished mentally comparing the two cars, I twitched my head to the left as I heard his car approach me.

"Devin!" Lewis called to me as he rolled down the window.

Lewis was, as you might say, my roommate. We both shared a one story house together because neither one of could afford rent on our own. Lewis was like a brother to me, although we were opposites. I was white, he was black; he was studying to become a psychologist, I was working at a doughnut store; he thought calculus was useful, I thought it was a waste; his idea of a nice car was a Jaguar, my idea was a BMW.

I shook my head and pulled open the passenger door to get in. Just as I sat down in the passenger seat, he had his hand up ready to high five me. "No thanks," I muttered. "You've been late every day this week."

"Oh," Lewis said, tilting his head back.

I threw my outfit in the back and turned around. I sat quietly as the gasoline powered super-car bolted through the streets of Naperville. For a minute, I was silent but I also had a slight smile on my face. I couldn't hide the joy of being promoted despite Lewis's lateness.

Soon, my companion caught on to my grin and he chuckled to himself. "And what are you happy about?" he questioned. "I know that you usually don't smile after I'm fifteen minutes late-"

"Thirteen," I corrected him. "You were thirteen minutes late."

"Thirteen? Wow, that's a new record for me. As I recall, I was fifteen or more late for the last few days."

Slowly, I nodded. "Say, I'm starving. Where are we gonna go for dinner?"

Lewis let out a loud laugh. "You work at a freaking doughnut shop and they don't give you any donuts?" he asked.

"Shamefully, yes," I said. I knew for a fact that this would be a good time to tell him about my promotion. "But, they do give out promotions," I said with a crazy grin.

At that, his eyes lit up. "What?" he asked, looking back and forth from me to the road. "You?" he asked, still not believing me. "You got promoted today?"

I nodded to his question. "Yep, I got promoted."

"That's great, man," he said to me. "That's great especially when you consider how you've lately been switching jobs each few months." He stopped talking as we rolled down along the street. "So what- you've been working at the doughnut shop for four months now?"

"Five," I said with a nod.

"Wow," he said.

Glancing out the window, I waved for him to stop. "Giordano's Pizza," I said to Lewis. "I feel like pizza for tonight."

Lewis turned the car into an empty spot in front of the classy Italian restaurant. He turned the Jaguar off and leaned forward to look in the pizzeria. "Doesn't look too crowded for a Friday- let's get moving before more people show up."

I opened the door and stepped out of the automobile and walked over to the door with Lewis behind me. We walked into the restaurant and were greeted by a suited man.

"Hello, gentlemen," he greeted us. "Two for tonight?"

"Just two," Lewis said with a nod.

"Right this way." The man led us past a bar table and through an Italian style archway into the dining room. Soon, Lewis and I took a seat in the corner of the room and we were given our menus.

Just as the man walked off, I picked up my menu and began to flip through it. Everything looked good, but I wasn't quite sure as to what I wanted to get. "I have no idea what I want to get," I said looking over at Lewis who was sitting across from me.

He put his menu down and looked over at me. "Dude, you just told me that you wanted to get pizza." He rolled his eyes. "And now you tell me that you don't know what you want to get?"

I laughed and scanned through the menu again. "Of course I'm going to get pizza," I said as if it were obvious. "I'm not sure what kind."

Lewis nodded to acknowledge my statement. "True," he said. "True."

"Look- you've got your deep dish," I said holding up one finger to keep count of the coming pizzas that I was about to list. "You've got your peperoni thin crust-"

With the arrival of our waitress, I shut my mouth. She looked to be about my age, twenty one or older. The girl had dark blonde hair like mine but hers was long and tied back behind her shoulders and her eyes were a bright blue.

"Hi, my name's Brook," she greeted us. "Would you guys like some drinks to start with?"

I shook myself away from staring at her. "Oh yeah-" I said with a chuckle. "Um, you got Sierra Mist?"

"Is 7up okay?"

"Yes," I said with a nod.

Lewis cracked his knuckles and repositioned himself in his seat. "I'll have Pepsi," he told the waitress.

After she wrote the orders down, and said bye, Lewis turned over to me. He had a big grin on his face. With the way he was smiling, I knew what he was about to comment on.

"No," I said shaking my head. "No Lewis."

"Yes," my friend said leaning forward in his chair. "It's pretty obvious when you're checking out girls, Devin," he told me.

I rolled my eyes. He always had something to say when there was a girl around that I was obviously attracted to. "Lewis," I started bluntly, "I'm not going to hit on her, I'm not going to get her number, I'm not going to-"

"Here are your drinks," the waitress said, returning with our sodas.

At that moment, things felt rather awkward for me. Had she heard what I was just saying to Lewis? "I, uh-" I stammered. "Thanks for the drinks," I finally said.

Lewis shook his head as she walked off. "Devin, that was kind of awkward for you," he said laughing.

"Oh won't you shut up?" I asked him, cracking a grin.

My friend shook his head an laughed. Lewis glanced over to the flat screen TV hanging from the wall across the room from us.

I looked around, taking in my surroundings. A family sat in the booth behind us, several others occupied the tables in the middle of the room and I could hear Italian music faintly in the midst of loud conversation. The TV was on the news, which was unusual seeing that a White Sox game was on.

"I wonder if the White Sox are winning," I muttered to myself, under my breath.

"What?" Lewis asked casually, turning his head towards me.

"I said I was wondering if the White Sox are winning," I said a little louder. "They've got a game on right now and they usually have it on."

From my point, Lewis looked slightly offended.

"Was it something I said?" I asked quickly.

My companion shook his head. "No, it's just that the NATO summit is on and it's a rather big deal," Lewis explained.

I rolled my eyes. "Obviously."

"Then how come you'd rather watch the White Sox game?"

"Because," I began, "all they show on the news is the same clips of protestors marching around while the reporters repeat the same things over and over again." I shook my head. "'People from the Occupy movement are camped out attempting to make a difference' or 'It's like the Gilded Age all over again' are a few examples of what I mean."

Lewis leaned back and groaned. "You're impossible."

"Thank you," I remarked in a flat tone.

"It wasn't a compliment."

"From my point it is."

Soon, the waitress returned and Lewis and I decided on ordering a large deep dish pizza to split. While we waited for the pizza to come, Lewis and I conversed on other matters.