Nathan: Angel of Death

By Ms. Jessica Zayas

Cover design or artwork by
Daniel Serrano & Katherine Zayas

Copyright © 2012 Ms. Jessica Zayas

Cover design or artwork by
Daniel Serrano & Katherine Zayas

All rights reserved.

ISBN: 1-4699-7523-8
ISBN-13: 9781469975238

I have always dreamed of writing Horror/suspense stories that fans of the genre could enjoy. I hope that one day they will. Being schizophrenic, you tend to hear and see things others do not. I have seen and heard things for twenty years, so I do have stories to tell. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

Normalcy has never been a part of Jessica Meran's life. At the age of eight, her mother placed her in a mental institution after the diagnosis of schizophrenia. Twenty years later, her condition has only gotten worse. Her hallucinations, however, remain the same—gruesome and evil.

In the hospital, two people make Jessica feel loved and cared for. Nurse Nancy dotes on Jessica like a mother to her child. Jeremiah, a security guard, gives Jessica the love she thought she could never have. Ulysses, the demon in her visions, threatens to take everything away from her, including her unborn child. Ulysses claims the child is his and he will one day become the king of death.

Jessica fights to protect her loved ones from Ulysses, but fate takes its course, according to the dark world's will. Her child is born and he will reign among his kind, bestowing death and torment among humans, including his own mother.

Date: May 1, 2002

Time: 8:30am

Location: Arizona Hospital for the Clinically Insane (Room 304)

Room 304 is where my story began, or so I thought. My name is Jessica Meran, or as the nurses joked, "Schiz." My long, black hair, pale skin, thin figure and dark bags under my dark brown eyes seemed to fit their nickname for me. You see, a psychiatrist diagnosed me at the early age of eight as schizophrenic.

This means that I see and hear things that, to the average person, are not there. When I was diagnosed, my mom was very young and a single mother. I do not remember too much about her except I looked a lot like her and she was just a bit shorter than I was.

The family banished her for having me with no father at the ripe age of fourteen. Because of my diagnosis and repeated episodes of outbursts, my claims of seeing both good and bad spirits, my mother decided to admit me into this place. This is the Arizona Hospital for the Clinically Insane.
It has been twenty years since, and here I am, room 304. Nurse Nancy walks in on-point at 8:30 a.m. to feed me my daily dose of meds and prep me for breakfast.

"Morning love, how are you today?" she asks.
She walks over to the side of my padded bed, by the padded walls in my white room. I open my eyes wide and the first thing that pops in my head is Jeremiah. If words could describe him, he is around six feet tall with an almost caramel complexion, kind hearted with a tough edge that shows in his chiseled physique and my lover. Oh, yes indeed, as strange as it seems. The main security guard for over five years is in love with "Schiz" and vice versa, but we keep it quiet. Who would understand that, after all?

"Where's Jeremiah today? Is he here? I have to warn him about the dream, oh God. I have to warn him, please!" I exclaim.

"Now Jess, you relax sweetie and take your meds. Momma is gonna help you get ready for breakfast, and help you get in the shower afterwards. Don't worry about Jeremiah, he is a big boy. He can take care of himself," she reassures.

Nancy has ash brown hair and green eyes that compliment her slight tan; her looks are quite deceiving since she is about twice my age and probably twice as strong as I am, mentally anyway. She is the only nurse who could handle and understand me; therefore, I call her Momma. She is the only one who would not joke about my condition and the only one, besides Jeremiah, who believes that I was born with a gift, or as some would see it, a curse.

"Momma please, I need to tell him. Ulysses is coming.
I need to get out of here. We all do. Please!" I exclaim once again.

"Jess, hon, if you don't calm down, I'm going to have to call the doctor in here," she warns.

"Screw him; I'm talking about Jeremiah, you and me. All of us, we need to get out!" I yell.

Dr. Benstro walks into my room, arrogant as always. He looks Nancy dead in the eyes.

"Is there a problem here, Nancy?" he asks.

As he speaks her name, I stare into the hall and see blood dripping from the nurse station window. A gray figure with long black hair, sharp black teeth and deep, dark purple veins is standing behind the nurse on the phone…it's Ulysses.

"Get away from her, get out of here and leave us alone! What do you want from me?" I yell.

I fall back off the bed onto the carpeted floor as the doctor and Nancy walk over to me to restrain me. The doctor holds my arms back as I'm kicking and screaming. Nancy calls in guards for assistance and who else but Jeremiah walks in through the door quickly rushing over to help hold me down. Jeremiah and Dr. Benstro hold me down as Nancy gives me a shot to calm me down. Sure enough, I doze off right away and Jeremiah scoops me up off the floor as the others walk out of the room. He puts me to bed and adjusts my bed rails up for safety. He takes a moment and gently pulls my hair back, caressing my face as he holds my hand and whispers to me.

"Sleep tight, my love," he says, kissing my forehead and exits the room.

I am sleeping alone in my room as everyone is going about their business. Dr. Benstro, Jeremiah, and momma, are checking on me hourly.
12:35p.m. I am trembling in my sleep, tightly gripping onto the rails of my bed. Ulysses suddenly appears; he is following me through the halls of the hospital, creepily whispering, "Nathan, my child, it is time. Come to me and rule your kingdom. Destiny awaits!"

I scatter through the halls, falling all over the wet, bloody floors as he gets closer, yelling, "Nathan, it is time!"

I start yelling back as I'm running away, slipping and sliding on the blood, running into the bodies lying on the floor everywhere I turned.

"Who's Nathan? What do you want from me? I don't know who Nathan is! Leave me alone!" I scream.

"You carry the key, my child…Nathan. Release him at once. You will give him to me or all that you know will vanish into the depths of hell!" Ulysses exclaims as he continues to follow me.

Slowly, he corners me at the end of the hall by my room and reaches out to my chest, then runs his finger down my bloody shirt as I shake uncontrollably. He's laughing demonically and deeply as he stops his hand on my stomach saying, "It is only a matter of time before my child is reborn to find his place as ruler of his never ending kingdom of death."

I am sitting on the floor in the hall completely confused as Ulysses stands straight up in front of me and points to my room. Right then, I look into my room to see Jeremiah standing by a crib. He is cradling a baby in his arms and smiling with it.

I'm afraid to even get up from the floor, I'm stumbling everywhere. Finally, I walk over to the door that has ANGEL OF DEATH written in blood, from top to bottom. I look to my left where my bathroom is and Nancy's hand is dangling from the doorknob with her fingers broken; her dress encrusted with blood as she lies on the floor with her face smashed in and a telephone cord wrapped around her neck. Her hip, broken off at the knee, twists her right leg up.

I am horrified as I look at the bathroom door that reads RIP MOMMA, again in blood. There are many streaks of blood all over the room walls and floor, as if there were a struggle to get away from something or someone. It all leads to Nancy's lifeless body. Tears roll down my face uncontrollably as I turn towards Jeremiah who is still holding the baby.

"Jeremiah, what's going on? What happened to momma? What are you doing? There is blood and bodies everywhere but you're just holding that baby. You're smiling like nothing is happening. We need to get out of here now!" I yell.

He does not seem to hear me at all. I turn my attention to the crib; the tag leaves me in shock. It reads, in bold print: Nathan Meran Deluvio. As I read the tag, I tremble in disbelief. It's our baby: mine and Jeremiah's. How the hell? I ponder as I turn around and see Jeremiah is still cradling the baby; he seems hypnotized by the newborn. I attempt to speak to him once again.

"Jeremiah, please tell me what's going on! I don't understand what the hell is going on! What does our baby have to do with Ulysses? Why our baby Jeremiah? Answer me goddamn it!" I exclaim, enraged and confused.

He turns to me, smiling and says, "Here honey, hold him. He wants to see mommy," then he hands me the baby.

I look down; I'm shaking with tears in my eyes while looking at Nathan in awe. He looks up at me and blood suddenly starts seeping out of his eyes, as they turn red. The veins on his face turn a deep purple as he reaches his little hands out to me with his fingertips full of blood. I look at him completely stunned and terrified when suddenly Jeremiah begins to speak.

"You made it possible, my dear. The son of death is finally reborn. Let's celebrate for he has been chosen!" he proclaims.

Immediately I recognize the voice speaking to me. My ears do not deceive me. It is not Jeremiah, not him at all. It is Ulysses! He snatches Nathan from my hands and throws me across the bloody floor. He walks right through the wall with Nathan cradled in his arms as he laughs devilishly, saying,

"Come with me son, time for fun!"

I sit on the bloody floor and begin screaming for Nathan. Without warning, Ulysses appears inches from my face and boasts, "He's mine now. Back off, or I'll rip you to shreds."

Then suddenly I quickly wake up screaming for Nathan at the top of my lungs, sweaty and distraught. Now in a desperate state, I look around and find that everything is quiet. Immediately I sit up to listen for anything peculiar but everything is dead silent. Then I get out of bed and slowly walk over to the door, inching my way towards it. Unexpectedly, it swings open as I fall to the floor dead scared. I peer up and realize it is only momma checking up on me.

"Oh goodness, are you OK honey? Did I scare you?" she asks.

"Jeremiah, Nathan...aah! Ulysses is here momma please we need to go! I need to know why me, why us?" I question.

"What are you rambling about? Stop it baby, please. I don't want to have to call the doctor in. I know you hate him, but we are trying our best sweetie. Now, come with momma so I can help you wash up," she replies.

I drop to the floor in despair and start crying.

"Baby, please don't. Talk to me; tell momma what's wrong, bad dreams again? Is it Ulysses again? You know he's not real, honey. It's just in your head; he's just in your dreams. It's the devil messing with you. Think of something positive like momma and Jeremiah. We are here for you, baby. You know I love you and you know he does too, but remember we have to keep that quiet honey. Jeremiah can't be found out, baby, or they'll put him in here too," she explains.

See, momma is the only one that knew about Jeremiah and I. She was not too happy about it at first but as time passed, she realized he truly loves me and just wants me to someday completely recover and live a normal life.

"Momma, tell me about Daisy, please. I need to know," I plead.

"Now, you know I can't get into that. It's not my place. If I do that and the doctors find out, there'll be no more momma around," she says.

"Isn't there any way I can know? There has to be a way. What happened to her? Why did she give up on me so easily? Who is my father? Why did I start seeing all these demons, visions and hearing all the voices?" I inquire.

"Oh Lord, I'm gonna end up with no job for this," she says as she hands me a single key.

"Here's the file cabinet key and look under Daisy Meran. I will make sure everyone is on break. Jeremiah will tap on the nurse station window twice to let you know everyone is coming back. You have fifteen minutes. Read as fast as you can and place everything back the way you found it. When you're done, slip Jeremiah the key and run like hell to your room, got it? Oh, and one more thing…I love you, Jess," she says as we hug and kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks momma," I say.


7:30 p.m.

Nurses and doctors go on their scheduled breaks. The only ones who walk the halls are two of the security guards, Jeremiah, of course, and Bobby. With the key in hand, I creep over to the nurses' station that Nancy purposely leaves unlocked. Jeremiah gives me a signal that the coast is clear. Quickly and quietly, I open the door, walk in, and proceed to the file cabinet to look for my mother's name. There it is in my file: Ms. Daisy Meran.

As I start to read, all I can do is cry. She was thirteen when it happened. She had been walking to the candy store with her little sister, Kathy, who was four at the time. It was approximately 7:15 p.m. as she hit the corner of Lemar Street, which was only three blocks from her house and only half a block away from the store.

Kathy let go of Daisy's hand to run into an alleyway where there was a pretty pink and purple book bag sitting by a box. Daisy quickly reacted; running to grab Kathy who was standing aside a stranger. He was a Caucasian male standing at around six foot six inches, weighing at least 250 pounds, with dark brown hair and deep blue eyes. He also had a very chiseled face and toned body. The stranger had tattoos on his arm. The one read KING OF DEATH and another underneath had read BENNY, written in bone-type lettering. He preceded pulling Kathy by her hair with a tight grip.

"Come here, bitch!" he commanded.

Daisy was afraid for her and her sister's lives. As she walked over to him suddenly, he pulls her over to the vehicle.

"Now you do what I say, when I say, and you and your sister here will live to see tomorrow. If you don't, it'll be a long time before mommy and daddy will find any trace of either one of you two. Understand?" He threatened.

"Yes sir, just please do not hurt her. She is just a baby, take me and leave her alone. Please," Daisy pleaded.

"Shut your mouth and get in the van. Now," he ordered.

She did as told by climbing into the back of a rusted old black van. He proceeded to tie Kathy up as an accomplice was keeping an eye on Daisy at gunpoint. Seconds after tying Kathy up he was putting handcuffs on Daisy with both hands behind her back. Both men started to undress her, laughing menacingly at her as she cried uncontrollably. His accomplice watched over Kathy while taking sips of whiskey and forced her to watch Benny raping Daisy. As he raped her, he taunted her, repeating something in her ear that rang a bell to me almost immediately.

"The King of Death shall be reborn; all will bow down or pay the price of eternal destruction!" he exclaimed proudly.

Daisy was praying for her little sister's safety as the tears rolled down her face. At 8:30 p.m. or so, it was finally over. The two men then threw the girls out of the van after cleaning Daisy up. She held her sister's hand in disbelief as they entered the store. The sisters bought their two dollars' worth of candy, and then slowly and cautiously made their way back home. Three months passed and Daisy began to feel sick with nausea, vomiting, and dizzy spells. It was night after night of nightmares with the name Ulysses etched on the walls everywhere.

After taking Daisy to the doctor, her mother was in complete disbelief that she was in fact pregnant. In an outrage, her mother and father threw her to the streets, believing their daughter was a complete disgrace to their family. Daisy quietly accepted the outcome, not once opening her mouth to reveal the truth. A local church took her in and helped her through the pregnancy. Six months later, through all the pains and nightmares of Ulysses, I came into the world on October of 1974. Jessica Meran.

The church helped her as needed as I grew up. On my eighth birthday, it had all started for me, according to Daisy. I started seeing shadows and hearing voices. There were the dreams of Ulysses; he was the shadow of death, as I had described him to her at the time. He followed me everywhere in my dreams, telling me I was his special little girl, that I indeed was the one. It drove me to insanity; hence the fact that three months from my ninth birthday, my young mother gave up and decided it was best to put me in here, Room 304, Arizona Hospital for the Clinically Insane.

I stop reading and quickly put the file away, neatly in place. When I close the file room, I hear tapping on the nurse station window. It's Jeremiah, warning me. Afraid, I stumble and drop the key, damn it I thought as I scatter around looking for the key; I find it quickly, grab it, and head for the door as I trip and land in Jeremiah's arms. He reacts by picking me up and then whispers in my ear.

"Shh, just act like you're passed out, baby. They're coming," he warns me.

I lay in his arms pretending to be unconscious. One of the doctors walks up to him and starts questioning him.

"What's going on? Why is she out of her room? Seeing things again?" he questions Jeremiah.

"She just got up to look for a nurse because she was feeling lightheaded and rambling something about Ulysses again.

Then she passed out," Jeremiah explains. "OK, well put her in bed. I'll have Nancy check her vitals and if she needs a visit from Dr. Benstro, we'll do that too," the doctor says.

"OK sir, will do," Jeremiah assures.

The doctor walks away as Jeremiah takes me into my room to lay me in bed. He closes the door behind him. He texts Nancy to let her know we need a little alone time and, as always, she is to "watch out" for us. He locks the door with his keys then walks over to me.

"Jess…you up? You OK? What did you find out?" he asks.
I open my eyes.

"She was raped, baby. I'm the product of a selfish, disgusting, and brutal rape," I reveal.

"What, are you serious? Why didn't she tell anyone? Do you know where she is? Who is he? What the hell?" He replies in shock as my eyes glaze over with tears.

"Yeah, it was in black and white. Guess she felt guilty or something because her sister saw the whole thing so she never said anything. There are no clues of where she is. I read a couple things about him that really hit me. His name, according to Daisy, was Benny. He had a tattoo on his arm that read 'KING OF DEATH' and another that had 'BENNY' written in some sort of bone writing. The man kept telling her repeatedly about some king of death being reborn and everyone bowing to him or paying a price of eternal destruction. What the hell is all that about? I don't understand any of this!" I exclaim in a baffled state.

Jeremiah sits next to me with confusion in his eyes, and then turns to me.

"Did you say Benny? Benny what baby?" he asks.

"I don't know his last name, why? Do you know a Benny?
Baby, if you know something please tell me. Who is he?" I question.

Jeremiah stands up from the bed, pacing back and forth in front of me as he begins to reveal the story of Benny. Benny Xavier Deluvio is in fact his older brother! He goes on to tell me that in 1972, doctors admitted Benny into the Arizona Hospital for the Clinically Insane. He too, like me, would hear voices and see things out of the ordinary. One day Jeremiah, six at the time, walked into Benny's room and found writing all over the walls. It read, 'KING OF DEATH, THE END IS NEAR, HE SHALL BE REBORN THROUGH ME' in what seemed to be blood. Jeremiah cautiously and curiously walked over to Benny, he was sitting in a corner of the room. He had seen blood on his brother's hands. Jeremiah asked his brother what he had done as Benny sat with a demented look on his face. Benny simply looked up and said, "He has brought his fury. When the King of Death finally rises, the gates of hell will open and he shall feed upon all your miserable souls."

Jeremiah quotes his brother then looks over to my bed as he reminisces deeply with tears rolling down his cheeks. He continues to tell me one of many horrifying acts his brother had committed. After his brother had said those words to him, Jeremiah had looked over to the bed. He saw his mother lying dead with her neck ripped apart, eyes bulged out, and a broken nose; her clothes ripped to shreds. Jeremiah remembers running out of the home to a neighbor, telling them to call the police. When the cops arrived, Benny was still in the same corner as he was before with the same demented look on his face just repeating this in a low voice, "King of Death will rise. You'll soon see, death will come." The police took him in and had a psychiatrist do an evaluation. They immediately admitted into A.H.C.I. One year had passed and Benny went into a complete killing spree in the hospital. He killed nurses and doctors by wrapping telephone cords around their necks, bashing their heads in with paperweights, and ripping jaws off with his bare hands. He added to the body count by stabbing the security guards in their eyes, neck, and ears with pens repeatedly. He wrote in blood all over the walls, "HE SHALL RISE, ANGEL OF DEATH, REBORN IN THE FLESH AT LAST, HIS REIGN IS NEAR."

Jeremiah proceeds to tell me how his brother, Benny, escaped through the maze behind the hospital. He was never seen again until July of 1974 when his body was found inside a van with a note next to a whiskey bottle that read, "My job here is done. Let the reign begin!" Jeremiah stops speaking.

"Oh my God, Jeremiah, your brother is my father? So then…you're my uncle? No way, please tell me this isn't true. I can't even fathom any of this! Oh Jesus Christ! What the hell is going on? It has to be him; I mean, your brother was talking about the king of death, and my alleged father had that tattoo. Did your brother have that tattoo?" I ask desperately.

Jeremiah puts his head down and closes his eyes and slowly nods his head as he remembers seeing both tattoos on his brother's bloody arm as the cops had taken him away.

"I'm sorry Jess, I didn't know. I had no idea, I swear! Please forgive me?" he pleads.

"Forgive you? How the hell do I even know you're telling me the truth? How could you?" I question.

"Now I definitely know you're crazy. What makes you think I would ever even touch you and fall in love with you? I've done my best to understand you and be here for you. You think I'd do that knowing you're my niece? Are you serious? We've known each other for five years! Not once have I deceived you. You have to believe me please. I didn't know anything about my crazy brother's encounter with your mother. The reason I kept my brother's disturbed past quiet was because it's a part of my life that's not exactly wonderful to remember," he explains to me.

Immediately I fall to the floor, screaming irrationally at Jeremiah. He kneels down attempting to hold me but I push, punch, and kick at him, repeatedly yelling in outrage at him.

"Why Jeremiah, why? What did I do to deserve this? This is insane! How am I going to explain this to our child?" I ask, confused.

Jeremiah falls back very stunned.

"What the hell did you just say…? Our what?" he asks in shock.

My eyes shut with my hands over them. I'm sobbing and shaking.

"Our child, Jeremiah; I'm pregnant," I answer.

"Oh hell no. How do you know that?" he questions.

"I saw him in my dream. He's the angel of death. The king of death," I tell him.

Jeremiah looks at me awkwardly for a moment then starts laughing.

"What the hell is so funny? You get your niece pregnant with some demon child and it's funny?" I question angrily.

"Honey, you need your meds, something to calm you down. You can't expect me to believe you're pregnant just because you saw it in one of your dreams," he says sarcastically.

"Well, they've been right so far. Haven't they? How long have I been seeing Ulysses and seeing 'The King of Death' written or said in all my dreams or whatever the hell they are? Look at everything that's going on now. Think about it Jeremiah, seriously. Open your eyes!" I yell.

"For crying out loud, Jess; try to relax, just lie down and get some rest. You're not pregnant, OK," he says confidently.

"You'll see. I'm not as crazy as I seem," I reassure.

"Fine. Look, if it makes you feel better, I'll buy the test tonight and bring it in tomorrow. OK? We'll find out for sure tomorrow, baby," he promises.

"Please stop calling me that! It doesn't sound right at all. I'm your niece, remember?" I frantically exclaim.

"I'm sorry, Jess. We didn't know anything. He was twenty and I was six at the time. I had no idea, I swear. Neither did you. We can't be punished for falling in love with no clue that our family members had crossed paths in this insane manner. It's not our fault," he calmly explains.

"It still doesn't make it right. Now that we know, we can't just continue to act like it isn't disgusting. It is so wrong. You know it and so do I. As crazy, as I may be I can still see that," I proclaim.

"OK, OK…just get some rest, please. Let's hope for the best," he says.

The next day at 5:00 p.m., Jeremiah walks in to the room and closes the door. It is the decisive moment as he nervously pulls out the test from his pants pocket. I get up and walk over to him, anxious to find out. He hands me the test as I make my way to the bathroom, closing the door behind me. Two minutes pass but there's nothing except total silence. Three minutes pass, then an outburst.

"No, no, no!" I scream in shock as I bang my head on the wall in disbelief.

"Why…why me? Jeremiah, no! I told you. I knew it. It's him. I knew it!" I yell in fear.

Jeremiah proceeds to pound on the door.

"Let me in, Jess. Let me in now, damn it!" he yells in a panic.

"No. Get away! Leave me alone. Don't you see what we've done? This is insane. I can't do this!" I scream at him.

Jeremiah continues to pound on the bathroom door when suddenly Nancy knocks on my room door.

"Is everything OK? Jess? Answer me! What's wrong?" she asks.

"Get away! Just leave me alone please. I'm bearing death in my womb. A huge sin will soon come into this world and it's gonna be our fault! Because of us, Jeremiah! Why?" I scream again.

"Jessica, please. We need to stop and think, OK? We got to be rational please, as rational as we can. It's not our fault and definitely not that unborn child's fault. When my brother's demented, sick ass did that shit to your mom she did her best to push that aside and had you regardless of the circumstances. Your mother sacrificed her dignity and her pride along with her self-esteem to do everything she could until she couldn't anymore. She just couldn't deal with it; she didn't understand," he says, trying to make me understand.

Finally, I open the door. Jeremiah's standing there with Nancy right behind him with a needle in her hand, ready to sedate me. He grabs me quickly but gently and restrains me. She gives me the shot and within a minute or two I'm knocked out. The next day at 8:30 a.m., I rise and shine as Nancy walks in with the daily dose and routine.

"Hey momma…I guess you know the news, huh?" I ask hesitantly.

"I sure do, dear. He told me everything. We damn near stood up until 2:30 a.m. talking on the phone about it all," she informs me.

"Like it isn't bad enough finding out the man I've fallen in love with is my uncle, now I'm pregnant by him. This is ridiculously insane. I can't live like this. I knew I was seeing all these things for a reason, always knew there was some meaning to all of it," I say sadly.

I put my head down completely confused about everything then get a bone-chilling feeling that someone is in the room with us as I hesitantly look up.

"What's wrong, Jess?" she asks, baffled.

Ulysses is lurking behind her. His lips are like charcoal only slightly darker than his physique. His teeth are as sharp as knives and his shimmering eyes are completely black. His long, stringy, black hair is soaked in blood that is dripping down his torso as he approaches.

"Momma, watch out!" I yell out as she turns around quickly.

"What the hell?" she yells in shock as she sees him at the doorway.

"Momma, get over here now!" I exclaim.

Ulysses walks towards Nancy with his feet drenched in blood. There are bloody footprints at the doorway as he creeps into the room approaching Nancy who stands frigid with fear. She bolts towards me but he suddenly disappears. In the blink of an eye, he reappears behind her. He grips her neck tightly with his huge hand and pulls her hair with the other. Nancy now fears for her life more than ever.

"Let her go. She has nothing to do with anything!" I demand.

Ulysses simply smirks and pulls her closer to him.

"Oh, but she does Jessica. They all do! My child will feed on their pathetic souls. As they die, he will grow stronger and become unstoppable. He will indulge all of your sins and rule; evil will be embraced by all," he proudly exclaims.

"Leave her alone, just take me instead. You don't need her, you need me. Without me, you can't have Nathan!" I yell, trying to convince him to let her go.

"So…finally, you see that you are indeed my special little girl? You are the key my dear, sweet Jessica! You shall bring our ruler into this miserable world so he may feed on all of your weak souls—millions of souls, prone to evil. They lie, cheat, deceive, abuse, and even kill for a simple rush of power or revenge. Pathetic humans that reek of sin, they are ours for the taking. It's Nathans' turn now. They are all going straight to hell for eternity, where they belong!" he yells.

Nancy trembles in his arms as he speaks and she begs to be released.

"Please, I don't know what this all means, but you can't do this!" she exclaims.

"You are all evil by nature. Sinners from the moment you are brought into this world. You deserve nothing more than damnation. Nathan will devour all of you and take over my deathly reign!" he yells once again.

"Jeremiah and I didn't know anything. You can't condemn us for that. We had no fault. We fell in love and had no clue," I try explaining.

Ulysses laughs in a deep, evil tone as he pulls momma's hair and grips her neck tighter.

"No please! Stop. Don't do it!" I scream frantically.

"Sweet, sweet Jessica. We have only just begun. Nathan will bring his unstoppable fury to you all soon enough!" he proclaims.

As he speaks, Jeremiah appears at the doorway looking down at the floor stunned by the bloody footprints. He gazes directly at Ulysses for the first time.

"Family reunion, I see?" Ulysses mocks.

Jeremiah's response is a piercing look filled with rage.

"What the hell do you want? Wasn't my brother enough for you? Go back to the depths of hell where you belong," Jeremiah says, angrily.

"Jeremiah, you simpleton, Benny was a mere pawn…the beginning of your ending," he utters. Jeremiah approaches him with a nine millimeter pistol in hand.

"Not afraid, muscle man? Looks to me like you think you can destroy us? Your human strength is useless. You are powerless against me. Go ahead…make a fool of yourself, boy!" Ulysses taunts Jeremiah once again.

As he speaks, he completely snaps momma's neck off her shoulders, making blood splatter everywhere. He leaves Jeremiah with yet another horrid memory by throwing momma's head into his hands and smiling at him mercilessly one last time before vanishing.

"Enjoy every breath you take as our gift. When I return you will die a slow, excruciating death brought to you by your own blood," he says before disappearing.

We are distraught in the gore-filled room. I jump off the bed and throw myself to the floor next to Nancys' body.

"Momma! Momma! No. She had nothing to do with this. That sick bastard!" I cry aloud while Jeremiah is staring at momma's head on the ground.

He abruptly punches the wall twice so hard that he breaks it.

"No. Get back here, Ulysses, you twisted coward!" he screams.

I sit on the bloody floor crying and gripping onto momma's dress. I glare at Jeremiah for a brief moment and become completely enraged.

"It's your fault and your brother. That damn psychopath!" I scream at him at the top of my lungs.

"Stop. Just stop! Don't blame me for what Benny's done. You and I have no fault. We had no clue!" he pleads.

We stop suddenly and look over to the doorway where Dr. Benstro and five nurses seem distraught by what they see. Jeremiah and I try to explain but to no avail because they stare at us both in disbelief. The cops come in right away and the doctors and detectives are talking to us; they find some truth or some reasoning in our explanation for what just happened to momma. They also want the truth about my pregnancy but of course, that would be insane to them. Dr. Benstro and the police decide to detain Jeremiah in the hospital, too. After all, he keeps rambling about Ulysses and Nathan. They finally find out we were intimately involved for over four years and the fact that I was now carrying his child. Of course, now they are shocked. That just put the icing on the cake.

Five months pass as the doctors' watch and evaluate us every couple of weeks. Our baby, Nathan, is growing slowly but surely. My attachment to my son has grown and I know deep down that something terrible is bound to come. October 13th, 2002. I'm sweating as I feel sharp contractions just minutes apart, and I am feverish and very jittery. Can it be now? Where is Jeremiah? I need him. All I could think is the end is near!

"Help me, please. The baby...he's coming. Jeremiah, I need him here, please!" I cried out.

A nurse walks in as I'm hyperventilating and she instructs me to take deep, slow breaths. The contractions are only a minute apart as the doctor walks in with Jeremiah who is with security. They prepare me for the delivery as I start screaming. Nathan seems to be ripping his way out. I'm starting to push the baby out, the doctors stare in awe at what they see. The blood permeating is a bluish-purple as Nathan makes his way out. The blood covered his eyes as he opens them and they are fire red.

"Oh my God! What's wrong with his eyes?" one of the nurses exclaims.

"What's going on? Let me see," another nurse inquires.

I glance at the doctor holding Nathan, and he looks me in the eyes. It's…Ulysses!

"Nathan! You have arrived. They will all feel your wrath my boy," he says menacingly.

Jeremiah pushes the two security guards away. They struggle for a bit until Jeremiah knocks them both out by punching them directly on their temples. He then handcuffs both guards as Ulysses stands in front of me with Nathan in his arms. Ulysses caresses Nathan's forehead proudly.

"My child…I've awaited your reign of terror upon this living hell. Come…we must begin!" he says aloud.

He releases himself from the doctor's body and the doctor drops dead to the floor as Nathans' eyes glisten. Jeremiah quickly jumps up and attacks Ulysses from behind while I'm trying to grab Nathan from him.

"Let go of him! He will have no part of you. He's my son!" I scream frantically, still trying to grasp Nathan away from him as Jeremiah struggles with him.

"You demented bastard, leave them alone. He's not your son!" Jeremiah yells out angrily.

Ulysses drops Jeremiah to the floor and grabs Nathan from my hands, and then dementedly looks over at Jeremiah.

"Why, I beg to differ, it was you and your brother who became bastards," he says as he laughs devilishly, once again.

He walks by the nurses who are standing in the hallway in complete shock as he invokes Nathan to gaze at them and demons begin to pull them all into the walls. The nurse's limbs crack and break through their flesh easily with blood splattering everywhere. We can hear the nurses screaming, trying to reach out for help. All this is going on as we scramble to get out of the room and follow Ulysses to get Nathan back. Jeremiah grabs a gun from one of the guards whose handcuffs he releases to try to save them before Ulysses gets to him. As the two guards run, slipping and sliding on the bloody floors, Ulysses lifts his arm in the air and signals no with his finger.

He turns around to face Nathan toward the guards who are standing by the stairwell to the basement. They turn and suddenly feel a sharp pain in their stomachs, something ripping their insides out. They both look down at their stomachs and cringe in pain. One by one, their ribs start tearing through their skin as they scream in agony and fear. They fall to the floor trying to push their ribs back in and they feel something gripping onto their legs. They look up and Ulysses is signaling with his hands for them to come to him.

Ulysses slowly begins to disappear into the hallway wall and Jeremiah quickly snatches Nathan from his hands and falls face first on the floor by the two guards who are being dragged on the floor toward Ulysses. Jeremiah slides to a corner of the hall with Nathan and I as we watch Ulysses grab the two guards into the wall while dismembering their bodies.

"Jeremiah, we need to get out of here now. Let's take our baby and leave!" I say.

"How? All the exits are locked! I don't have keys anymore, remember?" he replies.

"Think! We gotta think Jeremiah, please!" I implore.

"The cafeteria, let's go now!" he remembers.

"What about it?" I inquire.

"There's a window behind the service station…they always keep it open, except at night. We could get out through there," he responds.

"Let's go. Hurry." I reply.

We run to the cafeteria door and attempt opening it but to no avail. It's locked.

"Damn it, hold on Jess. Give me some room, just back up a minute..." Jeremiah instructs, and then moves me back.

"What are you gonna do? It's not like you can…" I ask as he attempts opening the door. He pushes it with all his might, but it won't budge.

"Jeremiah, we don't have time for that!" I exclaim.

"Let me handle this, damn it!" he yells in frustration and pushes me back again.

"Open, for the love of God!" he kicks the door with all his strength.

The door flies off the hinges after the third kick.

"Are you coming or what?" he asks me. He grabs my hand pulling me over to the service station. We got to the window, and then…it abruptly closes. Blood starts dripping down from the lock.

"Stop, give it up, Ulysses! He's my son and he's coming with me!" I scream.

"You have to hide behind walls now? Show yourself, you coward!" Jeremiah demands.

"You need an innocent baby to do your dirty work? Leave us alone!" I exclaim again.

"Stay in the depths of hell where you belong, demon!" Jeremiah yells.

Then suddenly Ulysses appears behind him.

"Hand me my child. My blood runs through his veins. He is a demon reborn. Perfect leader for our kingdom!" he declares.

"You'll have to get rid of me first!" Jeremiah says.

"Easy enough, I got rid of Benny; now it's your turn," Ulysses assures.

"Benny had no heart, no courage. Just like you, hiding behind walls, tormenting young children and an innocent baby. He's my son!" Jeremiah yells.

Ulysses disappears, taunting Jeremiah by calling out Nathans' name. Letters appear etched on the cafeteria walls in blood. The bodies of hospital workers start appearing on the tables, chairs, and throughout the floor. Body parts smashed in. There are tongues ripped out and ribs torn through chests.

So many broken necks and heads detached. Broken legs scattered and torsos split in halves. There is blood splattered everywhere. The walls read "HE WILL REIGN OUR KINGDOM, ANGEL OF DEATH."

"Let's get the hell out of this nut house now! We need to get our son out of here!" I tell Jeremiah.

We run to the cafeteria doorway to see Ulysses standing on the other side of the room with one last nurse as he grips her up in midair. Jeremiah cautiously signals me to stand behind him with Nathan. Suddenly, he hears a familiar voice.

"Hand him over now. It's for the best. If not, he'll end you as he did Benny." It's the voice of Jeremiah's mother but it's coming from that last nurse.

In the blink of an eye the nurse's body goes limp and drops to the floor. Jeremiah is utterly confused.

"No! He'll never get him. Benny killed himself from his own guilt," Jeremiah says firmly.

Ulysses then laughs aloud.

"Jeremiah, let me explain. You see, I knew I had to use the weaker of the two…you just wouldn't do." Ulysses proceeds.

"What are you talking about?" Jeremiah asks as Ulysses approaches him slowly, staring him in the eyes and reaching out to his shoulder.

Jeremiah's body stiffens, as did mine, in a state of shock. Ulysses grabs his shoulder tight and Jeremiah's eyes immediately shut. He begins to see things that clearly explain everything that really happened to Daisy, his brother, and mother. The day the rape occurred his brother had left the house around 8:30 a.m. He went to the lake and parked his blue van by a tree. Benny had been seeing Ulysses in his dreams. Ulysses had been taunting him by telling him to kill himself. Benny drove to the lake that morning and wrote his note. Benny was a believer and follower of death. He was obviously a bit demented; he drank away at the whiskey while popping his psych meds and his body was not found until July of 1974.

Quickly after the insight, Ulysses releases Jeremiah from his tight grip. Jeremiah falls to the floor while giving Ulysses a piercing look. He glances at me for a moment. He is very angry and confused as hell, and then he returns his attention back to Ulysses.

"If my brother killed himself that morning in his van, then who the hell killed my mother?" Jeremiah asks, seething.

"Don't you see, boy? Benny was a pawn, such an easy target," Ulysses boasts.

"What are you talking about? This doesn't make sense!" I yell in confusion.

"Let me do the honors," Ulysses says.

He grabs my shoulder, and my eyes slowly shut as my body drops to the floor. Vivid scenes begin to flash in my head of Daisy's rape as I cringe in dismay. Something in particular leaves me amazed. In this flashback, I saw Benny committing the assault on Daisy. He and his accomplice drove off into the woods. Benny had looked over at his drunken friend and stated he was hungry. His accomplice agreed on a bite to eat. Benny reached over and swiftly shape shifted! His partner stiffened, scared to death, and yelled for help. It was Ulysses at his side, not Benny! Ulysses reached out to snatch the guy back towards him. The man desperately tried to get out of the van but it was too late.

Ulysses put his hands on the man's chest. The man's brain started going into shock and his heart started slowing down. Ulysses finished him off by having his body burst into flames. Ulysses then disappeared from the van as it went up in flames in the woods, in the middle of nowhere, never to be found. Ulysses releases me and smiles menacingly.

"My sweet little girl. I must say, you've turned out just the way I expected," Ulysses taunts.

"You…? It was…you?" I question.

"Do you really think Benny would have come up with all this? He was a mere face for my plan," he explains.

Jeremiah jumps up to attack Ulysses. He punches Ulysses in the face as it slightly budges. Ulysses grins while shoving Jeremiah to the floor.

"Do you really want to do this, boy? Big mistake tough guy!" Ulysses yells.

"You don't scare me. Benny was vulnerable. Not me!" Jeremiah exclaims, enraged.

"OK, I'll make this fair for once…just for fun," Ulysses proposes as he shape shifted in an instant into…Jeremiah.

I'm sitting on the floor holding Nathan tight, wondering what the hell is gonna happen next. I'm afraid for my family, thinking to myself, what could Jeremiah do to get rid of this monstrosity.

"Really? Can only fight by using your powers? Like you did with Benny and everyone else, or are you gonna fight fair for once? Like a man!" Jeremiah provokes.

Ulysses approaches him face-to-face.

"Come on, big boy, time to rumble!" Ulysses demands.

They start struggling, punching, and wrestling each other. Jeremiah has him in a choke hold but he swiftly disappears from Jeremiah's grip and reappears behind him. Ulysses grabs Jeremiah's shirt ripping it off from behind and begins to choke him with it. Jeremiah furiously attempts to escape from his grasp.

"Get the hell off me and stay away from my family," Jeremiah demands.

"They are my family now," Ulysses insists as he kicks Jeremiah on the back, making him slide across the bloody floor.

Ulysses turns to me, wrapping my hair in his hands. He pulls me up with Nathan still in my arms.

"Only one way to get rid of me, my dear," he says, giving me a piercing look.

"What? No! He's not going with you. I'll go. I'm your girl, remember?" I try to barter with him.

"And he is the one that is destined to be ruler!" he exclaims.

"I made you and only I can kill you, but I won't…yet," he continues. I stop to think of some way to get away.

"Think fast!" I yell to Jeremiah.

He opens his arms as he runs past us and grabs Nathan. Only then does Ulysses quickly let go of my hair.

"I'll kill you all! One by one, the blood will continue to shed, even more so when Nathan is at my side," Ulysses says.

I get up from the floor and attempt distracting him as two other guards walk in for their shift not knowing what is in store for them. They look around, immediately terrified by the scene. Jeremiah runs past them, telling them to get out while they can, but Ulysses sees yet another opportunity to create mayhem.

"Joining the party, I see. Come right in," Ulysses says as he mocks the guards.

He glares at the first guard as he stretches his neck muscles then makes eye contact with him. The guard's eyes begin to bulge out as a burning sensation fills his head. The veins on his neck start to throb. They are growing immensely, about ready to burst. As Ulysses stretches his arms out, the guard's arms pop out of their sockets. His arms are now broken. The guard falls to the floor screaming in dire pain. Once again I'm on the floor trying to think quickly of what to do to aid him. Suddenly, Jeremiah comes from the exit stairway and lifts the screaming guard on the floor along with the second guard. My only thought now is Nathans' whereabouts. Jeremiah quickly checks on the guards. One is in extreme pain and the other is in a complete state of shock and confusion.

"Father, you have created me. But you won't kill me! Are you saving the best for last? You've shown me too much. I know there has to be a way to end this!" I scream.

"Yes, there is. Give me Nathan, now!" Ulysses commands.

"Look at me! I said look at me. You goddamn beast!" I scream.

"Whatever for sweetie?" he asks.

"Jess, what are you doing?" Jeremiah interrupts.

"Go, Jeremiah. Just go! Take them with you take Nathan and go!" I order.

Ulysses focuses shortly on the guards and Jeremiah. With just a wave of his hand he tortures all three by dragging them towards him on the wet, bloody floor. While they're sliding through the floor there are corpses that appear through the walls. All of the bodies have signs of torture before being killed. Tongues are sliced off, hair pulled right off the scalp, and stomachs are ripped out with gaping holes in their torsos. Their organs are hanging out.

"If Nathan has the power to kill as you do, why don't I, or do I father?" I question.

Ulysses stops to look at me, seemingly interested all of a sudden.

"You, as they say, don't have the balls for that, my sweet little girl," he sternly assures.

I am completely enraged at the moment; memories of the torture my mother, Benny, and Nancy have endured…flash through my mind. I think of how my uncle and I were in love, although I now know was not true. All the memories and gore piles in my mind to the point that my heart starts racing. With a plan in mind, I glance at Jeremiah and think to myself, this is it!

"Jeremiah, get up. Stand up!" I coerce.

He looks confused but stands up anyway. We both stand up soaked in blood. I'm determined to fight my deadly father for my newborn son. I'm staring Ulysses in the eyes and tightly grab his arm.

"Look me in the eyes, father. Do it! And I'll give you Nathan…" I exclaim.

"Are you crazy? You can't do that!" Jeremiah yells angrily.

As I am holding onto Ulysses' arm, I concentrate on some way to destroy him. Then there's a brief vision that races through my mind. It's momma looking at Jeremiah, then back at me. She simply states, "Use his strength and fearless heart with the power that flows within your veins and the curse willcome to an end." She says this quickly, and then I instruct Jeremiah to attack Ulysses with all his might.

"Kill him, Jeremiah!" I yell.

Jeremiah tackles Ulysses while I sit in a corner with my eyes shut and the vision comes to me. It's a vivid vision of Jeremiah punching Ulysses in the face, twisting his arms back, and holding him in a choke hold. Ulysses is trying to escape. He desperately tries to disappear from his grip, but something or someone is holding him back. It's me, his daughter, restraining him. My eyes are open now and I notice it's all really happening. Our anger stems from all that he's done. Then I notice the more enraged I become, the harder Jeremiah is hitting Ulysses and throwing him around. Ulysses continues to try to get out of Jeremiah's grip to disappear, but he can't. Between the both of us he is in a tight situation. Jeremiah's natural strength and my visual gift are working together to save our family and our world. Ulysses proceeds to speak in between the choke hold he is in.

"Jessica, don't do this. I am your creator, your father! Rein with me, my child," he commands.

"You created me, but our love and strength will destroy you. Go to hell!" I yell angrily.

Jeremiah takes one last look down at Ulysses with a tight grip on his neck then looks at me. I close my eyes, putting all my strength into focusing on slaying Ulysses to rid the world of his existence. At that instant, Jeremiah reaches down with one hand still on Ulysses' neck and the other on his chest. Then he mocks Ulysses by laughing at him.

"Time to go," Jeremiah says.

I drop from exhaustion at the same time that Jeremiah rips Ulysses' neck off with one hand and his black blood-encrusted heart with the other, smashing it in his hands. Ulysses' body begins to disintegrate from head to toe and all the while, souls fly out of his remains. Many souls are headed towards the sky and others simply vanish into thin air.

Jeremiah jumps back to watch everything that's going on and notices his hands are covered with thick, black blood. He turns to me and realizes I'm passed out on the floor. He runs over to help me as souls appear through the walls and coming up from the floor. They are everywhere we turn, going up and down, left and right. We head for the stairwell where the two guards sit in total disbelief, afraid out of their minds. The one guard's arms are broken and he's in a lot of pain. Jeremiah swings him over his shoulder to carry him, trying to be careful with his arms. Then I think to myself…Nathan! Where is our son?

"Where's Nathan?" I ask desperately.

"The window in the cafeteria. Let's go!" he says.

"Where is my son?" I ask again.

"The window, baby. I put him right out the window. It leads right into the maze, come on!" He assures.

"Oh, Jeremiah. He better be OK," I say nervously.

"Baby, trust me…" he assures again.

Boy that sounds great now that I know he isn't my uncle! What a relief, I thought. We go into the kitchen and straight to the window. We glance out and there he was in a duffel bag that was cracked open. Our baby is sound asleep. We climb out first then help the two guards out. All four of us go through the maze easily. We quickly find our way out. Jeremiah and the second guard who was uninjured kick at the metal gates until they swing open. Once they open, we run like hell for the guard's car. All four of us, along with Nathan of course, head to the police station.

We go on explaining that a crazed patient killed a bunch of employees and other patients as the guards both back up our story. We are in the police headquarters for about eight hours while they investigate. The officers come back stating that it was a tremendous massacre. They then state that we are very lucky to be alive. They believe our story and let us talk to a caseworker since we were patients there. The caseworker gives us an address of a church that would help us. A police officer escorts us to the trooper vehicle and gives us a ride to the church, the sun sets as we pass the hospital. Jeremiah and I look over and are both uneasy. A chilling sensation runs through our bodies then he looks down at Nathan and speaks.

"Honey, Jess," he blurts while shaking me.

"What? Why are you shaking me?" I ask, annoyed.

He shakes me again and grabs Nathan.

"Jessica, sweetheart. Come on babe, wake up!" his voice is echoing.

I wake up and look around to see Jeremiah standing next to me. I'm in my bed… what the hell is going on?

"Babe…are you OK?" he asks.

"What the hell just happened? What are we doing here?" I ask, in a confused state.

Jeremiah smiles with me, nonchalantly.

"What do you mean? You just had Nathan and passed
out," he explains.

"What? How? We left! I had…" I rant feeling so confused, and then trail off as the unthinkable happens.

Jeremiah points at the crib by the room door and I sit up astonished. He turns to me and I recognize the voice immediately. He shape shifts into none other than Ulysses.

"His reign shall begin. The time has come for my Nathan to destroy mankind." He is in Jeremiah's body but it's his voice.

It feels like I am losing my mind as I scream at the top of my lungs.

"Noooooo!" I scream.

I fall off the bed as Ulysses continues his laughter while he grabs Nathan and calmly walks away. As my demonic father and newborn son creep through the hallway, one by one the dismembered bodies of employees are spread throughout. They are in the walls; blood splattered throughout. Ulysses is cradling Nathan as they pass by it all as if nothing is happening.

There I sit on my room floor screaming. I'm searching for any signs of life, anyone who may still be alive. Ulysses laughs demonically as I stare out of my window. It is by far a surprise…Room 304…Arizona Hospital for the Clinically Insane.