The little girl with the green eyes

Chapter 1

It was another gloomy day in the village of Maple Leave. The sun wasn't shinning, the birds weren't singing but the rain was defiantly pouring. The sky was the darkest of greys and clouds were easily hidden, their shape faded and blended across the pallet. The wind was hard and sharply cold, whipping and curling through the air, rustling the tree leaves across the park. The grass where Lucy Merrigold was sitting that afternoon, under her favourite birch tree was damp. When pressure was applied to the area, small puddles formed, but she didn't mind getting wet, in fact she loved it, water in all shapes and sizes. Any activity that included water, Lucy was their living it to the full, enjoying every second of it. She resembled a beautiful fish out of water. As she pulled her hands further into her rain jacket, leaning over her favourite book she was quietly reading, a massive gust of wind ripped at the books pages turning the page from which she was reading, putting her off track. She grasped the books pages with her dampened fingers placing her fingerprints on the paper as she turned back to the one she was ready from. Lucy's bright green eyes flicked rapidly back and forth across the paper, her lips miming the words flowing into her head, her fingers gripping tighter as she reached the end of the words written. Suddenly, Lucy slammed the book shut and started running home, excited by what she had just read, eager to get home to tell her mother the twists and turns of the unravelling story.