Chapter 7

Reaching her house, Lucy was shocked to find the front door unlocked. Suspiciously, she crept down the hall. To her surprise, the air smelt like fresh scones and hot chocolate. She peeped into the kitchen and relief filled her chest, Mrs. Lewis quickly turned around.

"Lucy!" she panted with her hand on her chest, "you scared the life out of me, I thought you were a burglar or something". She pulled a tray of scones out of the oven, placing them onto the table.

"Sorry, Mrs. Lewis", Lucy said sliding her bag of her shoulder, making her way to her seat, "I forgot you were babysitting today".

"Don't worry about it Lu, come now, drink your chocolate before it gets to cold". Mrs. Lewis brought down a tall mug off the bench and placed it in front of Lucy. Lucy liked her lips in delight. Whipped cream with chocolate shavings floated on the top of the hot drink, "Well go on then", she pressed, "there's no point staring at it, its not going to drink its self. Lucy wrapped her fingers around the mug and took a sip, warm liquid rolled down her throat. As she placed the mug down, Mrs. Lewis giggled. "What?" Lucy asked, Mrs. Lewis just pointed to her face. Lucy felt her face, her fingers eventually landing on her nose; she looked down at her fingers, cream. Lucy laughed. She wiped the rest of the cream of her nose and got up to get a spoon. Mrs. Lewis was cleaning the dishes as she asked Lucy how her day was. "Pretty good", Lucy replied eating a spoon of cream. "That's good to hear".

After finishing her afternoon tea, Lucy went up stairs to drop off her school bag. The room was warm and bright from the sun still in shinning through the window. She placed her bag in its usual spot and sat down at her study desk, opening the lid of the laptop. She typed in her password and the home screen appeared, the backdrop, a beautiful picture of her and her mother, a close up, their red hair blazing, bits of leaves were caught in their curls from rolling in the autumn leaves. The photo was taken just under a year ago.

It was a windy day, leaves in many shades of reds and gold's filled the backyard. Mum and I were supposed to tidy it up, you know rack it up in to little piles but we never got around to it. Today mum decided it was time, the layer of leaves on the ground was getting thicker each day. Mum said its times like this she wished we didn't have huge deciduous trees in our garden. The best bit about autumn I believe are the leaves falling everywhere because you get to kick and throw them around and make "snow" angels in the leaves or after you sweep all the leaves together, you can jump into the huge pile and the leaves crunch and fly everywhere. I was grinning with excitement. I slipped on my purple, orange and white patterned gloves and my matching beanie. I had my overalls on with and orange shirt underneath. "Lucy", mum called from downstairs, "are you ready?"

"Of course!" I exclaimed.

I raced downstairs and into the garden, mum was holding her silver video camera. "How come you've got that?" I asked

"You know, keeping memories", she replied with a shrug. "Anyway, it's time to get racking".

By the time we had finished the work it was late in the afternoon. We were rolling around on the grass while Mum had been taking pictures…

Lucy broke from her memory, shaking her head; she looked back at the picture and smiled. She doubled clicked on an icon of a letter and waited for her e-mails to load. Her computer beeped, she went to her inbox and opened her newly received message:

Dear Lucy,

Long time no see I hope everything's going well, I love Daisy Grove! The weather over here is beautiful! My parents are thinking of moving over here, but not soon so don't worry. I should be coming back to Maple Leave in about 3 days. I'm so excited to see you guys again! How's Zarae? She told me her rabbit died Hope she's doing ok… Anyway I hope your well, I'll be bring in some pics to show you guys how pretty this place is. Ok chat soon, BYE!

Your BFF, Sophie-Rose oxox 3