I'm a little lonely lately.

I mean, I'm normally a social pariah anyways with only one bff and a couple of acquaintances but I do have several online best friends who were there for me.

One online friend is playing a new video game and then going to England for awhile as part of some study program. Another has been super busy with finals and getting a part-time job. And then my last is…well…normal message patterns but I wish I got more than 1-2 emails per day from her. Especially now. My real life bff is busy plus no way we can see each other without rides (no license yet). And my acquaintances are not really people that I'd hang out with outside of facebook chats, emails and school (which is now over).

I dove into my writing, video gaming and cartoon movies at first.

But my writers block struck again in the fantasy department. And there's only so much writing one can do before one crashes out on the keyboard. Even my fans are decreasing because they have lives of their own. I miss them.

Video game wise, I played through everything I've got. Pokemon, I'm waiting for X and Y since I've accomplished all I could. I have Animal Crossing New Leaf but it's not like you can progress through levels or quests rapidly. No WiFi people either to go visit or have fun with. All I can really do is fish for sharks & catch tropical bugs for paying off loans and public works projects. Maybe wait for Club LOL to open up (5 days and still nothing) and to get the café (gotta wait 4 days to unlock the project). Kid Icarus is always a joy. Again though, variety is the spice. I've even gone back to play games from the old days like Kirby Pinball, Dr. Mario, WarioWare for gameboy….lotsa stuff.

Movies? So far I've watched everything at least twice that I could find on youtube, my old DVD collection or Netflix. Rescuers, Rescuers Down Under, Lemonade Mouth, Ed Edd n Eddy (all seasons plus the movie), Courage the Cowardly Dog, Goofy Movie, Extremely Goofy Movie, all the pokemon movies, Dane Cook specials, Jeff Dunham specials, Gnomeo & Juliet, Lion King 1/2, Atomic Betty (up to season 3 or 4), Oliver & Company, several Looney Tunes episodes (the opera ones, Carrot Blanca, Barbary Coast Bunny, Alibaba bunny, a few roadrunner & coyote and one Sylvester & tweety) and Yugioh Abridged BBT. That's not even listing all the animes I've watched as well or all the Studio Ghibli films.

Granted I LOVE vacation and getting away from most of the stress. But I do say that without social contact, it does get a little lonely and weird. Not the good weird that I usually am but the depressing weird.