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I remember standing tugging on his shirt. I don't remember where we were. But I didn't want to be there. It was just one of the places he made me go. Elliot was a lot bigger than me and he was enjoying talking to a pretty brunette.

Kids were screaming and running around. It was really loud and people would look over casually and I'd instantly stare at the ground. I hated this place. I told him I hated this place.

Elliot was laughing now and some girl was touching his arm. Who knows how long they'd be there. They look like they're on a date. Well they would, if I wasn't holding on like a lost puppy. I looked at my hand, it was a little stiff from holding his shirt for what seemed like hours.

I loosened my grip a little and his head turned slightly to see if I was still there. Then he turned back around quickly so she wouldn't say anything. She could care less about me. Elliot the popular rich kid. Drake, the ghost kid attached to his back…

I let go of his shirt completely, he didn't turn around. I walked out the building and started walking home. The sun was setting but it was only about an hours walk. But before I cleared the parking lot, he ran out yelling for me. He spotted me and ran over.

"What are you doing? Why would you just leave? Are you stupid?! How was I supposed to know if something happened?!" His face was all red and angry.

"I-I, I'm sorry." I stuttered badly. I looked down at my shoes as he continued his rant.

I vaguely heard a bell ring and felt someone shaking me. "Drake. Drake. Wake the hell up. I'm not carrying your ass inside. This school has way too many steps." I focused on him and grinned.

"You'd die before you even got past the first one." I laughed.

"Funny, I -" But before he could finish a jock walked by and slapped the back of my head.

"Freaks." He sneered.

"Go play in the street asshole." Joey yelled back. His potty mouth was amusing and came in handy whenever people wanted to say anything offensive to us. They'd be caught in a storm of colorful profanities. Before they could exchange too many more insults the other kids pushing behind us ushered us all into the school. Let the misery begin.

Joey was lazy when it came to class. I freaked out when he told me he was in the easier courses. I didn't think he'd be in advanced with me, but I hadn't thought about being separated.

I managed to convince him to change some of his classes. He was adamant about staying in easier Science and Math classes. But he agreed to actually work and got put in the same Social Studies and Writing classes as me. He had them different periods but after a long hour of arguing with the counselor, he got in. But still, the second half of my day, I spent alone. It was like this:

Together was:

1st period Writing
2nd period Social Studies
3rd period Art
4th period Lunch

Apart I had:

5th period Math
6th period Gym
7th period Science

We went off to our first classes and though some people messed with us. Joey quickly made them understand he wasn't about to deal with them all year. The real problem was art.

"Freak. You dye your hair that color for attention? Poor emo boy, go cut yourself will ya?" A big kid laughed. He had a letterman jacket on. I recognized the logo from the camp Elliot said he was going to on in it. Joey loved his bleached hair and glared back at him, probably a little hurt but didn't show it. He always helped me, I always tried to return the favor.

"At least we don't throw myself on top of other guys and call it fun, right Joey?" I smiled. Joey smirked and leaned towards me.

" Real suspicious if you ask me." We laughed and he turned red with anger and maybe embarrassment at the thought.

"Football's for men, girls like you wouldn't understand." He retorted.

"Which do you like more, the tackles? Or sticking your head by another kid's ass?" Joey asked innocently, teasing the boy some more. Suddenly he jumped up and the other kids tried to gather in a circle like there was a fight about to happen. But the teacher was standing by the door. She rushed in and yelled for all of us to sit down. She started in with a lecture about how it's the first day and how we should be ashamed of ourselves. The kid gave us one last look and whispered.

"We'll finish this later."

"Make sure you don't run bitch. Cuz I'll be waiting." Joey snarled back at him.

The boy jumped up again and the teacher yelled for Charles to sit. He did so I assume that was him. He turned around and slouched in his chair. I looked him over and saw that he really was huge and tan from the Summer. He had some muscle but he was mostly fat. Big and swollen everywhere, especially his hands. I imagined them punching Joey. I looked at him and tried to think how I would get him out of it or at least help him win.

"Like I'd ever like ignorant pigs like him." He whispered to me. I'd never considered being gay, I just never thought about it and had always looked at girls. But Joey was gay, and I wondered if he'd come out officially, or if in his mind he was out. I wasn't sure and I'd never seen him with another guy. But then again, I'd only known him one summer.

When lunch was over I slowly made my way out of the cafeteria. Joey put his arm around my shoulder.

"It's only 3 periods." He said trying to reassure me. Joey was no wordsmith without cursing. So he had to add it in a second later. "Goddamnit, I'm feeling real guilty now. We could burn the school down tomorrow if you want." I chuckled and knocked my head gently against his.

We probably did look like a couple but it's not like we weren't already outcasts. I looked down at my feet and his beat up sneakers and smiled. But when I looked up I saw him.


It was the first time in months and he looked like what I thought he would. Like every other jock. I didn't know him anymore. We saw each other at the same time and I half smiled and looked away towards Joey before I saw his reaction. I didn't want to see his reaction.

Joey was trading glares with another kid and suddenly grabbed my cheek and kissed it just see his reaction. He stared back in horror and took off. We laughed and watched him go. He reached Elliot who I was surprised to still see standing there. But the kid we scared put his hand on Elliot's shoulder and they both walked away with the kid yelling about how much we freaked him out.

"Priceless," we said in unison and ran out laughing as the bell rang again.

Elliot's POV

When I saw him, I was too surprised to move. Was that Drake? My Drake? With some random kid's arm around his shoulder? I hadn't heard from him all summer. I told him to call, but he never did. So he blows me off to be with some white haired kid?

He looks over at me and smiles almost like he's sad. But before I can blink he's turning toward the white haired kid with a bunch of make up on. The kid grabs Drake and kisses him. I'm about to run over there and demand an explanation. But he laughs. Like he's happy. Like he's better off. I feel an expression of hate cover my face but I can't stop it.

A kid named Alex, who I met at camp runs over and mirrors my face. He starts in about them and I try to walk away but he's got a hand on my shoulder, trying to keep up. He finally shuts up and runs off to class.

I walk into math and some girls giggle and smile at me and I try to smile back. Annoying. I walk quickly to the back and sit down looking out the window. The last bell rings and I silently sigh, knowing I can't focus on math problems. My best friend replaces me and I don't get a say? We'll see about that.

Some kids come in late and the teacher excuses them since it's the first day. The seats fill up and I put my stuff on the desk beside me, so hopefully they'll think someone is sitting there. The teacher is about to close the door until one last student slips in.

Drake. He smiles shyly at the teacher and scans the class. But all the seats are taken. All except the one next to me.

"Do we have to get another desk?" The teacher asks. I quickly grab my stuff and throw it on the floor and look up like my life depended on it.

"Here!" I say and point beside me. His eyes get a little big like he's scared of me. But I watch him walk over while he stares at the floor. He sits without looking at me but I just about drill holes through him with my eyes.

He looks different but the same. He keeps chewing on his lips which are red. He looks pale. What did he stay inside all summer? He always hated the sun. Probably got it from his mom. She always looked frail to me since she was so thin.

He had such girly eyes. They were a deep royal blue but had these almost turquoise looking flecks in them. I'd always try not to stare when he talked to me. He'd just laugh and say I'd zoned out again. But they were the only thing not average about him. So where else did he expect me to look?

He swallowed and looked over timidly. Not meeting my gaze he mumbled something. I'd always been patient with him in the past. I thought it funny how he'd trip over sentences when he was nervous. He'd barely talk around others. He'd just stand behind me tugging my shirt begging to go somewhere else. I loved that. That's how it was supposed to be. But it was different now, I leave one summer and now he won't look at me. White hair floats into my head and my face twists with anger.

"Who the fuck was that?" I ask impatiently not even bothering to whisper. He looked like a deer in headlines. I stare at him, demanding an answer. I wait for him to answer knowing I wasn't going to let him leave until I got one.

"Lo-Lower your voice!" he pleads with me in a whisper.

"Excuse you?" I say just as loud. "I'm talking to you. Answer me." I say to him, irritated.

"Mr.?" The teacher asks. He wants to tell me to be quiet but doesn't know my name. But I could care less. My attention is on Drake. He looks at the teacher, and everyone else. My patience is evaporating. He doesn't want to be alone, yet he doesn't want to be the center of attention. Same wishy-washy Drake. He quickly turns back to me, eyes all wide with fear.

"I'll talk to you after school." he says still whispering.

"Not with white hair hanging around." I spit.

"Boys!" The teacher yells again.

"Whatever you want." He says and leans as far away as possible. The teacher is standing in front of me. He's old and breathing heavy like he's about to pass out. At least class would be interesting then.

"Would you like to go outside and talk boys?" He threatens. "You won't even need to come back."

"No sir." Drake says before I can tell him that would be ideal actually. He walks back to the board and the rest of the kids turn with him.

"Still a kiss up." I whisper to him. He pauses a second and then smiles weakly and looks over.

"Still a troublemaker." he retorts. We both smile and I settle happily for now. Looks like it won't take long for things to go back to how they should be.

Drake's POV

I hadn't seen him that mad in a long time. The teacher started talking about rules like every teacher did on the first day of school. Completely boring. I looked over out the window and so often over at Elliot. He was drumming his fingers softly on the desk. He wore a look that said he obviously wanted this class to end.

He hadn't changed. He had short sandy blonde hair and hazel eyes that somehow matched his hair. He had a tan, no doubt from his summer camp. He was taller, definitely over six feet now. But some things never change.

He was still just as loud and stubborn. I'd never really thought about his personality. He was always just Elliot. But now that I actually talked to other people, I realized that his flaws I previously ignored, were so obvious. He was selfish. Plain and simple. We had good times and a lot of bad. I never wanted to go anywhere but he'd still drag me there. I'd stand behind him awkwardly. Tugging on him to try to get him to leave. I remember one time, I left by myself. He instantly came running after me angry and yelling. I remember apologizing. But it wasn't my fault.…

It suddenly hit me and I looked over at him deliberately this time. He was picking his nails looking bored. Elliot, I thought to myself, You never were a good friend were you?

Elliot's POV

The bell rang and Drake just about dashed out. I tried to grab my stuff but I hadn't noticed the time and my stuff lay out from digging for things to doodle with. I got up too fast and some of it fell on the floor. I cursed silently and looked up but he was gone. I felt irritation rise up again. I picked up my things as fast as I could and ran out. 2 periods left. I'd find him again.

Sooner than I thought, I smirked to myself. I walked over to him sitting on the bleachers. It was 6th period and we had gym together. He looked over and then closed his eyes and looked away.

"So you don't want to look at me now?" I asked him angrily. I sat down beside him and left no space between us. Drake was always a bit of a runner. He looked up and across the room almost dazed.

"You know I was thinking Elliot." He started. "You never were a really good friend." I grabbed his face and made him look at me.

"The hell is that supposed to mean?" I asked inches away from him.

"Look at your hand? Is this what friends do?" He said shakily, staring into my eyes. Him and eyes, they threw me off for a few seconds. I let him go and leaned back to look at him. I frowned at him and let the words sink in.

"What do you mean?" I said calmer now.

"You dragged me to places and had me stand there. We always went where you wanted. Ate what you wanted. Did what you wanted. I don't think that's really friendship. Everything was about you."

"Me? You're the one that never opened your mouth!" I argued back.

"I was scared of you leaving me." He replied close to tears.

"I know." He was clearly surprised by this.

"So what you just got off on it?"

"What? You're putting words in my mouth. I just meant I know you hate being alone."

"And you knew I hated all of those places. Selfish." I raised my hand up before I knew it and I heard him gasp. I stopped in the air and quickly pretended like I was only going to finger comb through my hair. But he'd seen my intentions. There was no way I could win this argument now.

Drake's POV

I jump up and start running down the bleachers and he slowly gets up. It's not like I have anywhere to go. I think nurse's office and suddenly look for the teacher. I didn't even notice the student reading the rules in the middle of the gym. I look over and barely see through the blinds that the Gym teacher is sitting in his office with the door closed. I rush over and pound on the door with my palm.

I hear him curse quietly and get up and come over to the door.

"Yes?" He slaps a fake smile on his face.

"I-I-I'm sick. I need to go to the nurse." I start to stutter badly.

"He seems pale too. I'll walk him there." Elliot comes up behind me and grabs my arm above my elbow. How did I not notice this behavior before? No, no this is worse. He smiles at the teacher who is short and fat and obviously dying to sit back down. He shoos us away, not caring where Elliot takes me. He drags me away before I can protest.

We're out of the gymnasium and he's dragging me towards the bathroom. I start yelling and he turns around and covers my mouth.

"I just want to talk to you. Stop treating me like some criminal!" We hear someone coming down the hall and he switches directions and drags me out the doors of the school. I struggle a bit and start yelling again and shaking. Why do I always have to shake, that's just embarrassing?

"You're kidnapping me, do you know that? You're a kidnapper! You're crazy! Fucking insane." Surprisingly he doesn't say anything. He just runs over to his car and throws me in from the driver's side. I reach to open the door on the passenger side and he grabs my shoulder. Well it's closer to my neck than shoulder and shoves me down into the seat.

"Just stay still. Why the hell are you so difficult? If you'd stop ignoring me this wouldn't be difficult!"

We're face to face and it's dead silent.

"Are you going to talk now?" He asks calmly.

"No." The word comes out unsure and sounds like a stubborn child.

"Fine." He starts the car and speeds off.

Elliot's POV

Drake curls up on the passenger seat in the best fetal position he can make. I don't know how this happened. I just wanted to talk to him. I'm used to being the one protecting him, but now I'm the reason he's crying. Everything's just so messed up.

I drive to my older brother's house. He's a journalist and just left for Africa. The day before I get back from football camp he just calls and says see you in three months. I was at camp three months and he can't wait at least one more day to say bye to my face? Useless. He's just useless. Like this one. I look over to see Drake sleeping like a baby. One minute I'm a kidnapper who he's terrified of then, I'm suddenly trustworthy enough to sleep near with his back turned? Classic fickle Drake. Never made much sense to me.

We pull up to the house and I shake him awake. He gets out of the car still groggy from his name and grab his hand and rag him inside. He plops down on the couch and continues to sleep. He's got snot and drool all dried on his face. I sigh. I get a rag and wipe it off gently. It irritates me, but yet I'm just glad he's asleep. I stand there watching his eyes move around. He's dreaming, I think happily with a grin.

"Joey…."he mumbles. I'm pissed. I kick the couch hard. I'd just put him there with a cover and pillow all comfortable. Now sleeping was the last thing I was going to let him do.

Drake's POV

I jump up and look around the room I've never seen before. I take it in quickly. It's like an apartment but it's a house. It's small and comfy but well decorated. It's definitely not cheap looking. I look over and see Elliot standing there looking huge and intimidating. Angry again, I think.

"Whooo…the FUCK..is Joey?" His eyes are about to pop out of his heads and it's almost funny. But the veins protruding out his eyes and head make all the funny disappear. I realize this is his territory, he could do whatever he wanted here.

"A friend." I say slowly. I'm silently praying fro him to calm down.

"You don't have friends." He snaps. I suddenly feel a little stronger and correct him.

"I know, that's why I said 'A friend." A smile barely touches his lips before he grabs my shirt and holds me face to face inches away from him. He breathes in my face.

"Don't be a smartass, I've had enough of you acting crazy today." He hisses.

"I could say the same!" I yell back at him. I'm standing now, looking up at him so that we're only inches apart. I'm scared but I keep going. "What's wrong? Don't like it when I have opinions? Are you going to hit me now? Just let me go and go back to your friends, you have plenty. I don't need you anymore. I've got Joey."

He just stared back at me. I know I've hurt him and I feel bad, but I can't stop now.

"You- you, I don't even like you. But I-I love Joey." It came out sounding wrong and scrambled. Comprehension washed over his face. I'd thought he had already snapped, but that was him just processing. His face suddenly twisted up into what I could only describe as evilness and fury. He took a small step back and I thought he leaned back a little too, but that was just his arm.

Before I could move, his hand came around him slamming into my face. It threw my whole body off the couch and sent me crashing to the wooden floor. Landing on the my arm mostly. But I think I banged my head on the floor too. The pain and throbbing in my skull is getting more prominent with each passing second. He slapped me? But Jesus, that was way too hard to be classified as a slap. I think I taste blood.

I just lay on the floor in pain. Elliot stands there a few minutes, while I'm was too injured to move. He's looking at me with a completely apathetic face. Like he didn't just hit me.

"All I wanted to do was talk. Nice and simple." He hisses ominously. He starts walking over to me. "But I guess you don't like things easy. But that's fine by me Drake. That's fine by me."

Then I pass out.

I wake up in a dark room. Only a little light leaks in from the large window since it's blinds were mostly closed. Elliot is sitting beside me silently.

Maybe he wasn't too angry. Maybe this was a wake up call and he's realized he's a jerk.

I snuck a peek at him and senses I'm awake I guess. He looks down at me. He gently reaches down and turns my head away from him so he can touch the back of my head. He stops when I gasp because he hit the bruised part. His hands freeze, realizing it was bruised there too. He touched the spot again and I looked at him with confused eyes. What was he thinking? I didn't have to wonder for long.

"I'm not sorry." Elliot said in a low voice. I rolled away from him and looked at him with disbelief.

"Well that's reassuring. I'm glad you're not guilty." My voice was thick with sarcasm. I tried to pull myself up but half my body ached including my arm and leg. I wasn't getting away unless I could suddenly hop ridiculously fast on one leg. But then the throbbing in my head would probably make me black out again.

"I'm not sorry," he started slowly. "But I do regret it." He looked at his hands in his lap. He looked like how I felt. He sighed and covered his face so I couldn't see it. I thought he'd start crying. "I'm so tired." he mumbled.

He laid back on the bed with his feet hanging off still touching the floor. I thought maybe was a good time to leave, but he grabbed my wrist. Silently telling me to do the same.

I laid back too. Elliot had made it painfully clear that he liked everyone around to listen to him. It reminded me again of how different we were. I was usually the one who wanted to make everyone else happy.

Elliot's POV

I felt like a girl. My emotions were all over the place. But Drake always made me crazy. Especially now. We were both lying on our backs about a foot apart staring into each other's eyes. Neither of us saying anything. I was so calm at that moment with him there with me.

My mind was clear and I just wished we could stay here. In this dark room together. I felt my eyelids get heavier. I stopped fighting it eventually. The last thing I remember is adjusting my hand around his and looking into his eyes one last time. His beautiful, beautiful eyes.

I woke up to the sound of someone yelling.

"What the hell?!" An unfamiliar voice practically screamed. I looked over and saw that Drake was gone. I shot up and ran out to the living room. Drake stood there with the white haired kid, Drake was trying to shush him.

White haired kid was staring at his face, looking appalled. It did look bad. It was blue and purple and obviously painful. A few more bruises covered his entire arm. The rest of him was covered by clothing, but you could tell there were probably more.

Suddenly the white haired kid lifted his shirt to look for more bruises and irritation rose inside me.

"What are you doing here?" I spit at him with obvious distaste in my voice.
His head snapped up and he looked at Drake quickly. Drake looked down and away and mumbled something.

"I don't answer to violent shitheads."

"You do when you're in their house." I snapped back at him. He looked like he was going to say more but looked over at Drake with his messed up face and I paused for a second.

"Fine then. We'll leave!" The white haired kid grabbed Drake's hand and started to stalk out. I ran over and grabbed Drake's other hand.

"YOU get the hell out white hair. He's not going fucking anywhere." I say louder.

"My name's Joey and you can go screw yourself." His voice rising as well.

"Jo-Joey?" My voice comes out with disgust and I start to shake with anger. So white hair is this so called Joey, Drake loves so much. I see Drake's eyes widen, but I'm focused on Joey.

"What's it to-" Joey began. But Drake interrupts him.

"Shut up Joey." We both turned to Drake, surprised at his outburst. He let's go of Joey's hand and steps between us. Drake looks up at me, pleading with his eyes.

"I have to go now. But I promise I'll come back." He almost whispers.

"Drake?!" Joey asks. He sounds shocked.

"To here?" I ask. I feel my anger vanish into thin air.

"Yeah, like old times." He smiles, it looks forced. But I don't say anything, not wanting him to take back his promise.

"Everyday. Here. Without him." I move Drake over and stare into Joey's shocked face. He's tall as Drake but compared to me they both seem small. I intimidate him. He tries not to show it, but I see him shrink back a little. He doesn't move and tries to glare back, but there's no way he'd win.

Drake pushes him out the door and I'm about to say something but he turns on his heel and throws his arms around my torso. I instantly bring my arm's up to surround his slender frame, but he's faster. He slips out of my grasp and drags Joey to the car. I'm upset watching them leave together. But I smile and focus on Drake in the car. I still can feel him even if he was only touching me for a second. It's warm.

Drake's POV

"Holy shit." Joey was gripping the steering wheel tight, but his hands were shaking. He was speeding down the road away from Elliot's house. "What the hell is wrong with him?"

"I don't know he's never been so violent. I know he's kind of a jerk."

"No Shit Sherlock" Joey laughed bitterly. "Look at you! No argument could've been that bad. Did you dump him or something?"

"What? No! No. We aren't like that at all. I mean we're not gay. We're just-"

"Acting like a fighting couple." He scoffed. "Harmless jerk my ass. I thought he was going to pound my face in. Until you hugged him like that. Nobody just calms down from random hugs. You can't tell me that's not some kind of…relationship."

"Joey, god, you just don't get it. We've been together a long time and I know him. This is just the was he is. We've never done anything romantic like that." My head was pounding.

"Listen Drake-"

"Just drop it!" I snapped at him and laid my head on the passenger window. I had a headache and this arguing wasn't helping. "Sorry." I mumbled after a minute.

"Yeah." He responded quietly with his eyes focused on the road.

Joey and I've pretty much never had any off limit subjects. He wasn't used to me shutting him down. But I just didn't know what else to say. I didn't really want to defend Elliot or our… relationship.

Less than an hour ago I was calling Joey and whispering frantically in the phone. I'd begged him to come get me and he rushed over, once I put together the general directions of how to get to the area I was in.

I was planning to just leave quietly but the bruises must have been worse than I thought. I probably should've covered them. I should've known Joey was going to make a big deal out of it. I didn't know he was going to yell like that though. I guess anybody would be upset to see their friend like that. Anybody but Elliot. I forced the thought away and focused on pressing my head to the cold window.

The next day I skipped school. My whole body ached and I was tired. In the morning I heard my parents leave for work. Last night when Joey had dropped me off at home, I ran into my mom in the kitchen. When my mom saw my face she went crazy. She wanted to call the school and "the other kid's parents." But I told her I just fell off something and after some persuasion she was still suspicious. I wasn't about to show her the ones on my arm and leg. They let me skip school but said I had to go back tomorrow or go see the doctor if it was too bad.

So I decided to sleep. I was having a nice dream until I heard some banging noise. I sat up in my bed and looked over at my window. It was dark in my room and the curtains were closed. But I dragged myself off my bed with my warm comforter wrapped around me. I went to the window and opened the curtains without thinking about the sunlight. It hit me and I looked away for a second. When I turned back, Elliot was there.

"Open up." He said. If I didn't listen he'd probably break it in anyway. I sighed and unlocked the window. I pulled it up a little but I guess it wasn't fast enough for him. He slid his hand under the second I got it open a little and pushed it open in a split second. He pushed me back a little and stepped in. I was tired and just turned back to my bed while he closed the window.

"What do you want?" I asked as I got back in my bed. I looked at my clock. It was 1:00 pm. So he was skipping school again.

"You can't keep your part of the deal if you don't show up to school. So I came to get you." He said matter-a-factly.

"Because I look completely healthy." I said sarcastically. He strolled over and grabbed my bruised arm and looked at it. "Oww." I moaned.

"Stop whining." He said studying the bruises. I pulled my arm back before he could stop me. I rolled to the other side of my bed and wrapped myself up like a taco in my comforter.

"Go away." I called back at him. He seemed really calm today. Almost like his old self. I was lying on my bed not facing him and I didn't hear him move behind me. Without a word I heard him start walking. I instantly tensed up. I thought he was going to come over and do something crazy again. Instead, I heard my bedroom door open and he disappeared.

I sighed and relaxed into my bed. I rolled onto my back and closed my eyes. I listened for the front door to open. Assuming he was leaving. But he came back a few minutes later. I didn't move. I felt him standing over me, but I didn't want to look him in the eyes. I felt him grab the cover around me. Suddenly he pulled it off and threw it on the floor. I was cold, shirtless, and terrified of what he'd do next.

"You're bruises look worse today." He mused. He reached over and held up a few bags of ice and smiled. He put them on randomly, really not knowing what to do. Eventually he gave up and just left them for me to rearrange. He sat down on the other side of my full sized bed.

I don't know what possessed me to, or why I did it. But something about being in my room, feeling safe probably had something to do with it. What idiot would say something like this to someone who slapped the hell out of them yesterday?


"So…Joey says your gay." He opened his mouth to say something, and then closed it again and turned around.

"And what'd you say." That took me a second to process. I don't know what I had expected Elliot to do. I hadn't thought about it, but I also hadn't really expected a calm reaction when the words tumbled out my mouth.

"I-I said the truth. That you're not and he's wrong."

"So then why are we having this conversation?"

"I don't know." I replied my voice was getting quieter again. We went back to our awkward silence. Then Elliot got up and turned on my Xbox. It was a welcome distraction and we quickly immersed ourselves into the game.

We yelled at each other when we needed saving or needed the other to guard our back. We were lost in the game and even celebrated dancing around like idiots when we cleared one level and teasing each other when one of us died. It wasn't like old times, it was better. So much better.

Elliot's POV

I left Drake's house at around 3:00 am. We had did some random things and went back and forth between that and playing the Xbox. Eventually we just laid on the bed and watched TV. Then, we weren't watching TV we were just talking.

It was a bit shocking, that I didn't really know Drake that much. We had spent a lot of time together in the past doing dumb shit. But I had never really heard him talk about himself. But I think what was more surprising was the little things he knew about me. The things I liked and the things I didn't. It made me feel….?

I walked down the street. I had parked my car about a block away from Drake's house. It was dead silent and I found myself thinking about something in particular. Joey says your gay. It didn't really bother me. It probably should of. When Drake said it, he looked like he thought I was going to beat him up again. But it's not like I have a crazy temper.
It's just, I didn't know what to make of all these stupid thoughts and feeling. I'm not attracted to guys and I just like being around my best friend. That's natural. There's nothing wrong with that. Why am I reassuring myself?

I was at my car and my head was hurting. This is stupid. Forget thinking, I'm tired. I jumped in my car and blared the music enough to make a few lights turn on in some houses that were a bit too close. I sped off driving like a madman, but I needed to get home and sleep.

The next morning I woke up at six. A little less than three hours of sleep. Great. I sluggishly got ready for school and dragged myself downstairs. Dad was gone for work and mom was asleep. I made myself some cereal and then looked at it. Almost too tired to bring it to my mouth. I managed to finish it ten minutes later and after dumping it in the sink, I grabbed my stuff and trudged out to the car. It was getting cold. It was almost the end of September. Fall was half over, but it seemed more like winter to me.

I turned up the heat and pulled out the driveway. I got to a stoplight and glanced down at the time. Crap, it was earlier than I thought. All through this first week of school I had been avoiding someone. But I guess confronting them now would just be a one less thing to deal with. I sighed and drove a good fifteen minutes and then pulled into the school parking lot. I parked my car and left it running. I watched as all the kids stood out in the cold waiting for the doors to open.

I looked for Drake. He and that idiot Joey were standing out in front talking. I could see them laughing. Apparently, something was super funny. I thought about getting out. I decided not to, since I'd see him after school. But the sight of them together still pissed me off. I looked at my clock. Ten minutes until the doors open. I went back to staring at them and totally forgot about avoiding a certain someone.

I heard a loud banging on my window. Shit. I unlocked the door and they slid into the passenger seat. The strong smell of perfume hit me like a pile of bricks. I leaned away and slowly looked over. Just sitting glaring at me looking pissed as I felt, was the most annoying person in the world.

My girlfriend.