I pulled on the baggy, ragged hoodie and boys jeans, hand me downs from Drake. My step father's clothes were way too big on me and my belt was a pick of baling twin wrapped twice around my waist. I glanced in the crack mirror at myself, at least I could almost pass for a boy. I had cropped my black hair off short, changing just past my pointed ears. My slanted green eyes caught the light and shone defiantly. I was a spit fire, and wild child caught in the slums of this demon run society. I wrapped my hands carefully, there was no room to mess up and break my hand here. My little brother, Tory, stuck his head in the room. He was a ten year old angel, all big brown eyes and floppy blond hair, I could never let anything happen to him. I fought to get the money to pay our demon landlord, so we didn't get thrown out on the streets, or worse, sold. Tory looked at me. "You can't be going out to fight again Cana, it's been one night! You have to go to school in the morning." He was worried about me. "Money doesn't appear out of thin air Tory, and Drake or Carla aren't going to bring any home." Carla, our ex- prostitute of a mother and an all round heroin addict, though she denies it. Tory sighed and flopped on my bed. "Can I sleep here tonight then Cana, it makes me feel safer." I softened, the little boy was all I had to live fore anymore. "Of course Tory, make sure you have all your homework done, and be in bed by eight, no latter, and no scary movies while I'm gone."

At seventeen I was what you might consider a beauty, athletic and strong from years in the underground fighting ring. My hair was raven's wing black and my eyes were green as the tress that no longer could survive in our polluted city. I had slightly pointed elvish ears, even though the elves were and extinct race now. I was a stunning five foot five and spunky as they come. I had learned to fight when I was young, knowing I'd have to protect myself in this part of town. My mothers reputation already reflected badly on me and made me a target. I walked out of my dingy room and into the small living room. Drake was sprawled out on the couch, already drunk watching some fuzzy sport on our cheap TV. Carla was getting ready to shoot up again, typical of her evening routine. I guess she used to be quite the beauty too, before the heroine and other drugs left her a thin haired skeleton of a women, half dead most the time. It was a matter of time before you over dosed and left Tory and I in Drake's incapable hands. I didn't see how a women who had such and angel of a son could let herself go so badly, it was like she stopped caring. Drake grunted at me as I walked toward the door. "Where you think you're goin so late girl?" I could smell his stale beer breath across the room.

"Out, I have something I need to take care of. Since when have you cared?" I was unable to hide the disgust in my voice.

"Whatever slut, be back before dawn, we have someone coming to look at you first thing in the morning."

I froze, in this society that could mean half a million things. I turned back to face Drake, wary. "What do you mean coming to look at me?" My heart caught with fear.

"I mean a demon is coming by to decide if a cutie like you will be good stock at the next auction, we can't afford this much longer, no matter how much money you bring in. Rents going up sweetie pie, and you're our most valuable possession to sell off." He sneered and held up my birth certificate. "I own you now, I decide if I sell you or not, and honesty that like kid is less trouble then you so we might as well keep him. Got to keep one of you little shits running around to keep getting the child support money."

I was frozen, scared out of my mind, horrible stuff happened to girls sold on the market. All thoughts of my evening match flew from my head and I turned to my sky high mother. "You're really gonna let him do this to your own daughter? After the childhood you suffered through you'd doom me to a worse fate?" I was angry, barely holding on.

She giggle and slurred her answer, she'd been drinking to. "Oh hush up Cana baby, and cute little thing like you will get all the attractive demons bidding on you, our baby's gonna be a demon concubine!"

I winced at her words and muttered under my breath. "Oh joy, you're proud I'll end up some demons sex toy." I turned and stormed out of the apartment. I felt bad for my opponent that night, I vented on her and she lost, badly. The little auburn girl fell on the ground, her face a bloody mess, she shouldn't have challenged me if she couldn't take it. I collected my winnings, five hundred and fifty three dollars, and kept them. I might need it to try and buy my freedom back. I was slow walking back to the apartment, I wanted to enjoy the stars while I still could. a shadow stepped out of a dark alleyway and into my path.

"Hey there cutie, lookin for a good time tonight, I'll pay whatever you want." He winked and moved towards me. I shot him my most coy smile and kicked him, hard, and where it counts. He swore and dropped to his knees, holding his tender crotch. I leaned down in his face, "I am not a whore, understand, now get lost scum"! He ran off into the night, wincing a little with every step, I had a killer kick. I leaned against the side of a building, contemplating my future, maybe I could kick the hell out of the demon slave buyer and run? No, I would be hunted once the money was paid and the papers handed over. Punishment for girl who ran from their owners was not pleasant. I worried about Tory, he was so young and innocent, I had worked so hard to keep him that way. The money, I would give it to him and explain that I had somewhere to go, he had to use it to take care of himself. I must have had over a thousand dollars saved up and stored under the loose floorboard in my room. He just had to use it carefully and not let Drake know. Of course that ruined all chances of being able to buy my freedom back, but which was mare important to me. Tory was my life, his little soul kept me going in my pits of hopelessness. I could take care of myself, Tory couldn't, the decision was easy, the money was his.

I walked home, and went up to my room, avoiding waking Drake and my mother. Tory was sprawled out on my bed, snoring softly. i almost wept when I saw how sweet he was, I would probably never see him again. I sat at my desk and wrote him a letter, explaining everything. He would still be asleep when the sale went down, I made sure of that, slipping a sleeping pill down his throat.

My dearest Tory, when you read this I will already be gone. I know you'll be angry, I know you won't understand. Know this is for the best my dear brother. I wish I could fix this so I didn't have to leave, but some things are unchangeable. I want you to take care of yourself for me, grow up big and strong. Don't let Drake bully you, if you need help go to Monica, she'll take care of you. I'm leaving you my money, you know where I hide it. Use it sparingly and only in emergencies, don't let drake know where it is. I know you'll grow up to be a fighter, just like me, stay strong and true. I love you forever, your darling sister, Cana.

I cried when I read the letter I was leaving him, he'd hate me. I cried when I thought about my best friend, Monica, I'd just vanish and she'd always wonder where the spitfire went. I fell asleep on the floor, crying like a baby, and didn't wake up until Drake drug me up by the hair.

"Wake you you little wench, the demon will be here any minute!" His breath still stank of stale beer. I stumbled up and glared at him. "Don't you dare wake Tory, I don't want him to know what's happening.

He sneered. "Ain't that sweet, the girl still wants the little whelp untouched by life!" He turned when someone knocked on the door. "Ah, the demon must be here early, I can't get rid of your big mouth soon enough." He went to answer it.

I hastily kissed Tory on the forehead and exited the room, closing the door behind me. Tears threatened again, but I held them back and walked proudly out into the living room. Drake stood there, a tall man stood beside him, snow white hair brushing his shoulders. "And you understand the terms of the contract, under no circumstances will the girl be returned without a full refund." His violet eyes were hard as amethyst chips.

"Of course, I wouldn't want the loud mouth bitch back, she only causes trouble around here." Drake was loud and I watched the demon flatten his pointed ears. I cleared my throat and glared at Drake. "Like I wanted to be stuck living with you, you're the trouble maker drunk!"

He looked furious. "Finally feel like speaking your mind now you can run like a dog with it's tail between it's legs girl?" He moved forward as if to hit me, the demon blocked his path.

"We prefer our merchandise undamaged, damaged lowers the cost any we don't like that. So let me go over a few things with you. The girl has never drank, smoked, or done drugs of any type, correct?"

"Yes, she is the princess of right, quite annoying."

"And she is untouched, a virgin?" His eyes were unnerving.

"I don't know, I don't follow her around all the time, she goes out alot at night and comes back with money, don't know where she gets it."

The demon furrowed his brow. He stepped up to me and sniffed, I squeaked and backed away. "Yes, she hasn't been defiled yet. Strange living with this man" He had muttered the last part under his breath and I smirked. "So about a price for this one, she is fit and well, and quite beautiful. I am will to offer ten thousand dollars, in cash mind you, and a new apartment in my bosses building."

Drake's eyes widened, he had never expected such a generous offer for the bitch. "Done deal sir, Cana is all your's for whatever you want." He took the money and counted eagerly, and the address to the new place.

The demon turned to me. "Come, we must leave." He grabbed my upper arm with a rather strong, clawed hand. I hissed and dug my heels in for a moment before remembering how this was going to work. I followed him to the car waiting out depart. Goodbye Tory, I glanced back at the building once.